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New Product: Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss, SIlent

By popular request: our Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss line has been recorded with no background sounds. It’s now just a silent subliminal. Don’t play it too loud: even if you can’t hear it, it’s there, and it can be very disruptive for people with sensitive hearing!

Like all the other files, Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss, Silent is $19.99. Check it out today!


4 thoughts on “New Product: Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss, SIlent

  1. Hi
    I am not so sure about subliminals – tried some – did not see any action.
    Help me understand the best way forward with your system?
    If yours are good then i will need a discount as i am planning to purchase 3 or 4 titles!!

    1. I was in the same boat, Michael. That’s why I created this site. Our users have had really good results — with the occasional failure too. Every woman is different, and some will respond well to one kind of training and not at all to others (my own wife is a perfect example of that).

      For best results, place the file where she’s going to hear it constantly (I play mine in the bedroom every night over speakers on the nightstands), and give it 4-6 weeks. Many women show definite change within 10 days, but for most, it takes about a month or more.

      We can totally work out a discount for you if you want to buy in bulk. Email me at and I’ll set you up with a coupon!

  2. Payment methods…?

    1. Our credit card processor is Amazon. We also accept Paypal, Google Wallet, and Amazon Gift Cards — these all require manual order processing, but it’s pretty painless. Just let us know what you want to order @, and how you want to pay, and we’ll get it all set up.

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