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Product Announcement: Touch and Be Touched

Based on suggestions from one of our favorite readers, Touch and Be Touched has a special purpose. Instead of directing your wife to take action on you, by sucking cock, or craving anal play, or wanting to masturbate, this file places her desires on your hands. Specifically, your hands on her body. Men who have wives who don’t like being touched, or who just don’t enjoy being fondled by their husbands will see marked changes as she starts wanting more and more intimacy and personal contact with you.

Affirmations like the following are littered throughout the file, which includes a desire to have breasts, stomach, ass, pussy and every erogenous zone on her body touched by her husband:

My body is beautiful.
I am a sexual woman.
I love my body.
I deserve pleasure.
I am starting to enjoy having my husband touch me.
I love it when my husband touches my pussy.
I want my husband to touch my pussy right now.
I enjoy waking up to my pussy being touched.
I love waking up with my pussy being touched.
I am easily aroused.
I am going to shave my pussy.

This is a perfect add-on to any of our other training programs, or can be used most effectively by itself on an all-night training regimen. Additional affirmations on the file include a new “Subliminal Acceptance” script that helps women accept their training more readily.  As well, we have thrown in the Lose Weight Now bonus affirmations, so wives can be told it’s a simple weight loss management file. Now, the more weight she loses, the more she’ll want you to touch her body!

Touch regularly sells for $19.99. It’s on sale until the end of September for just $9.99. It comes in Silent Subliminal, Ocean Sounds, and River Rocks flavors.

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