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2nd Generation Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss

staring 2We’re proud to announce our new, more powerful-than-ever version of Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss. You can read more about the product here, but here’s the lowdown on what you’re going to get here.

2nd Generation Files: We’re using a new, more powerful methodology to build our underlying subsonic and ultrasonic sublimimals, and multiple women’s voices.

Chorus: We used to have just one woman and one man’s voice. Now we have multiple women’s voices on each track. The combination of accents and vocal intonations will drive a sense of “everyone does this” in your wife’s mind, as she’ll constantly be hearing a chorus of women repeating the affirmations that she’s learning.

All foreground masks are included: Very often we received calls from folks saying “I hated Ocean Sounds… Can I get River Rocks instead?” Well, no more. Every purchase of our 2nd Gen files now includes all versions. This product comes with 4 files: Silent, Ocean, River, Rain.

If your wife has never performed oral sex on you, or the last time she did it was for your birthday… in 2008, then you need to try our newest version of Intro to Oral Sex. Tell her it’s a weight loss file that will help her meet her dieting goals (it will!), and watch as she starts acquiring the taste for meat that you’ve been craving!

Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss 2.0 is $24.99, and can be got right here.712[1]




22 thoughts on “2nd Generation Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss

  1. How do your products appear on your credit card billing statements or on Amazon Pay? I want to place an order but it would be awkward if Cock Worship or Subliminal Wife Training show up anywhere on my billing statement that my wife sees.

    1. Unfortunately, Amazon *does* include “Subliminal Wife Training” on their order history. It’s awkward and stupid, but we are working on getting that resolved.

      We have other ways of completing the order if you want to keep it on the down-low. The best option is to buy an Amazon eGift Card for the price of the product you want to buy (So if the file is $19.99, buy a $19.99 gift card) and then email us that card @, along with the name of the file you want. When we get the card, we’ll send you the link for the file. That way all the credit card/amazon order history says is “bought a gift card from amazon.”


      1. What does it appears as on your credit card?

      2. What does purchase appears as on credit card statement?

        1. We haven’t seen the credit card receipt, but we do know the Amazon Store receipt says “Subliminal Wife Training.” If you’re worried… buy a Visa Gift Card and then pay with that. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reply and creative solution. I would like to take advantage of the half off special for part of the order and order your new 2.0 file which is regular price. Can I take a screen shot of the shopping cart of my order and use those amounts to calculate the total gift cards and send those screen shots with the egift card? Also I live in Hawaii but I assume that all of the files will be accessed by a link so shipping isn’t an issue?

    1. Mahalo!

      Yes, screenshot of cart works perfectly.

      And also yes, all orders are delivered digitally, so no shipping required.


  3. Sent in the order a few hours ago. Anxious to try out the files tonight.

  4. The range of audible volume of the ocean sounds is quite broad. When I adjust it so the quietest section is audible, the loudest portions are bothersomely loud & she objects to the noise. This is the anal training product

    1. We’ve heard that before. Email me with your order number and we’ll replace it with the river rocks version, which has a more level sound factor. Future products all included all versions so you can pick and choose at will which volume levels work best for you.

  5. Do the “Horny Right Now with Inner Calm” and the “Touch and Be Touched” come with all 4 versions silent, ocean, river, and rain?

    1. Not currently. Sorry! We hope to have this fixed with the 2.0 releases, but they’re taking much longer to put together than expected. Technical snafus!

  6. So the files are downloaded from a link? And can be transferred onto any device, like an mp3 player? I am very anxious to try these programs, I just need to know how to implement them.

    1. Yes. They are mp3 files that you can download and place anywhere you can play such files. 🙂

  7. hey – I am writing to request the oral sex mastery file be made in to a silent file please.

    You have a product listing for “submissive slut” and “advanced watching porn” but there is no file there. These topics sound interesting to me. I would likely want them if they were made.

    1. Stay tuned. Exciting file changes coming soon. Whole new library!

  8. Can thiese be played on my smart phone?
    It sits on my night stand every night as I use it as my alarm clock. Playing this as she sleeps as well as around the house would be beneficial with phone and less obvious with silent mode

    1. Yes. All files are delivered as standard .mp3 audio file downloads.

  9. Was wondering if this is a download that I could play on my smart phone?
    I use it as an alarm so it could play as wife sleeps as well as playing it in various rooms(or travel) when we are together.

    1. Yes. All of our products are delivered as standard .mp3 audio file downloads.

  10. I bought a visa gift card but it says there are no payment methods in NY at this time. Is there a way to get around this? I want to start with one but will definitely order more with any success.

    1. Hi Dan,

      When you go to the checkout page, you’ll see an option “Pay with Amazon” — you have to click through there and perform the payment on the Amazon Gateway. Use the gift card as your payment option there, and it will bring you back to the site to download the files after the payment is processed. It’s a little odd, I know. Sorry about that!


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