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Infiltrate Her Mind With Our Subtle Vanilla Affirmations

The winner of our $100 Best Comment Contest winner will be revealed tomorrow night. In the meantime:

Everyone who remembers the first generation of our Legacy products knows that those files mixed vanilla affirmations like “Lose Weight” or “Love to Exercise” with our more devious sexual affirmations. When we started making the Gen2 files, we went to more specialized affirmations: so just a straight sexual affirmation only.

We have finally released two of our most popular vanilla affirmations in the Gen2 format, but with special modifications. In addition to exhorting your wife to exercise more or eat less, they also pound her brain constantly with sexual images of you, a desire to become a submissive slut for you, and overwhelming waves of arousal. The more she listens, the hornier she’s going to get, and never realize it, because she will be so happy with her weight loss/exercise goal successes.


The first files in this set (many more are coming) are:

Lose Weight Now focuses on giving your wife thousands of affirmations an hour encouraging her to eat right, stick to small portions, avoid snacking, control her appetite, and all the other things her subconscious needs help with for managing a successful diet. In addition, though, she will also be hearing hundreds of affirmations assuring her that she is horny as fuck, slowly changing into a submissive cum-slut, and increasingly addicted to sex with her husband: YOU.

Love to Exercise  gives your wife 1000 affirmations an hour encouraging her to exercise every day, stick to her training goals, find sexual satisfaction (and constantly increasing arousal) with every exercise session, and all the other things her subconscious needs help with for trimming and toning her body into a sexual dynamo. The more she exercises, the more she’ll come to accept all the training within the file. She’ll realize she’s losing the pounds so she can be sexier, sluttier, and have even more fantastic sex with you, and then when you add our regular series of sexual behavior files, her mind and body will be primed to accept all her new training even more eagerly.


All of our new files have seven tracks playing at the same time, in addition to the masking “flavor.” Four of the tracks are different women repeating the affirmations for each file. The fifth track is a male voice, “instructing” your wife by telling her she will start doing the actions in the affirmations. The final two tracks are women having loud, satisfying sex. The combination of all these voices and sounds are extraordinarily powerful in infiltrating your wife’s mind and psyche, turning her attentions toward the topics you’ve specifically targeted for her to learn.