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The long awaited return has come:

We are now offering fully customizable sexual behavior training files for your wife (or hell, for you too, if you want). Now you can add your wife’s name to the file playing, add your name, add up to 500 words of a custom script directing her subconscious to desire EXACTLY what you want her to.

Every custom file includes Horny Right Now, our best-selling arousal product. After that, what you want to do is limited practically by your imagination only.

Because our new mastering process can use human or computer-generated voices, if you want actual live actresses speaking the affirmations going into your wife’s head, you can get that too! Want to include an MP3 of yourself speaking commands directly into your wife’s brain? Even that can be included in this incredibly flexible, powerful training file.

FInally, while we always provide the silent, fire, ocean and rain masks with our products, with the custom product you can also have a commercial music CD of your choice as the background. Want your wife to start thinking about Anal Sex in the Woods while listening to Justin Bieber? Now it’s totally doable.

A note: it takes at least a week to put together our custom files, so if demand gets too high, we will take the product and mark it “out of stock” so it won’t be available until we get our backlog caught up.

If you have any questions about our custom sexual behavior training files, drop us a line @ We’re always here to help with answers and support.

Happy training!



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