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Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Training to You!

Happy Birthday, everyone! I hope you got woke up with a world-class blowjob this morning. There’s really nothing in the world like it. If you aren’t getting as much oral sex as you’d like, congratulations! My birthday present to you is to add a new bundle-price for our complete oral sex line!

With our new Oral Sex Bundle you can get all four of our oral sex products at a significant discount: it basically comes out to a “buy three get one free” deal. Check it out here!


For those of you who already have our oral sex files, check out this week’s NEW FILE:


That’s right! This long-awaited product is finally ready. Using a bevy of real women, eagerly chanting their affirmations, Curious About Threesomes will encourage your wife to start thinking about wanting to have sex with you and another partner at the same time. She’ll start fantasizing about sandwiching you between another woman, about watching you fuck another woman while you pleasure her, and about all the exciting joys of three-way sex.

Experimenting with the test version of this file helped me get into my first three-way this summer. Regularly this will go for $19.99, but we’re putting it on sale for just $14.99 this week to celebrate my birthday.


As always, we love hearing about your successes and challenges when training (email us at  Have a great week, everyone. I’ll talk to you later!

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  1. I purchased this two days ago. wish me luck. i’ll report back with any updates

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