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OMG! Product Recall!

Jimminy Cricket. Who would have thought there would be a product recall for a subliminal product? Well… it’s true. An astute customer with good audio equipment alerted us to the fact that our beloved Dreamslut 2.0 product had been mis-recorded, and the “silent” version was anything but.

We have re-rerecorded the entire track and replaced the old one in the store — but if anyone out there who ordered this product in the past wants an updated version of the silent version, just send us an email ( and we will send you a new download link for free.

For everyone else, we’ve put Dreamslut on sale — just $14.99 through Valentine’s Day. Buy it today, start playing it tonight, and watch your wife’s libido grow night after night… You may have an insatiable lover on your hands before she even gets your wine, chocolate and flowers on the 14th!



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