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Happy Father’s Day! CONTEST WINNERS

I woke up this morning hard as a rock, aching and throbbing and for good reason. My beautiful wife’s lips were wrapped around the head of my cock and she was giggling and drooling as she rand her hand up and down the shaft. She giggles a lot, since the Bimbo training started. Needless to say, I let her finish her ministrations, and it wasn’t long before I exploded all over her and she cooed with delight. “I love it when you come on my face,” she sighed, still stroking me softly. “I love you. Happy Father’s Day.”

Since my day started so well, I thought I’d bring some joy into some of our customers’ lives today by announcing that we have picked THREE winners from our “pick our next subliminal” contest!

As part of our 2nd Anniversary Celebration, we asked our readers what subliminal files they’d like to see.

Reader Pete had the most popular suggestion, so he’s our first winner. He wanted a file that encourages his wife to shave her pussy and keep it shaved. Congrats, Pete! We’re working on that file now and should have it ready this week! When it goes live you’ll get a free copy and a coupon for another file of your choice!

Robert wanted to see a file that will help eliminate his wife’s inhibitions toward body modifications like piercings, and breast enlargements. So did Paul Q. Congratulations, Robert and Paul! That will be the file we work on next. You’ll both get a copy of this one plus one more of your choice for free!

Finally, Mike had my favorite idea of all… because my own wife has this hangup! He wants his wife to be more comfortable with receiving cunnilingus. Stay tuned! By the end of the month we’ll have a whole four-part series that is bound to make ANY wife eager and desperate to find out just how finger-licking good she really is! Congratulations, Mike, you’ll get the first file in that series for free, plus one more.

Winners — contact me at and I’ll set you up with your coupon codes!

As always, thank you everyone for your ideas and your patronage. It’s not too late to chip in and help replace this poor laptop that’s starting to fall apart on me. A couple fans have already contributed but here’s your chance to get even better (and more frequent) subliminal training files!


Have a happy Father’s Day everyone. I’ll chat atcha next week.


People waiting for customs: after a slight delay, our actresses are back on the case. We will send out individual emails updating your status on Monday.





5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day! CONTEST WINNERS

  1. Hi.

    I ordered six products but only half of them could be downloaded. The other three say forbidden.
    Order #2091
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for letting us know. We will regenerate the permissions and send you new download links.


  2. I want to know if a spanish option is available and if there is… will it be less affective? Thanks

    1. Sorry, friend. We only provide files in English currently.


  3. I got an idea for a file, one to train your wife to always want to have you cum inside her (obviously have her want to be on BC though until you want kids) or you would have a lot of kids you don’t want!

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