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Well, here we are back up and running!  I apologize, as I was running the black Friday sale I started getting messages the site was down.  When I contacted GoDaddy the first tech told me that it was a DNS propagation issue and that if the site wasn’t back up by Sunday, to call in again.  Sunday morning rolls around, I realize SWT isn’t up and I call in, to be told that the original tech was 100% incorrect, somehow auto renew had been turned off for our annual billing options.  Hm.  So a tidy sum of money later for “restoration” fees and the page is back.  I appreciate all the emails of concern and offers of help SWT being down generated.  I just can’t say it enough:  You guys are AWESOME!!!  The black friday sale was a bust, and I apologize.  To all of you who wrote to me, trying to play in the game, I’ll be sending you all emails with coupon codes for your time and energy.  Some of your responses had me rolling on the floor as I read them.

Confession time, now:  SWT and I enjoyed an amazing, amazing sex life.  He tried the files on me for efficacy and to see if he could modify my behaviors or prompt me to do things in different ways in the bedroom.  The subliminals we tested on me were the jalapeno that adds that perfect dash of heat and spice to an amazing salsa.  I’m dying here.  I’m 2500 miles away from my friends and my family.  When SWT died, literally all physical intimacy–hugs, kisses, hand holding, EVERYTHING– died, too.  It’s been seven weeks and there are days I feel like rolling around in my front yard meowing, seeing if that will attract any attention.  My girlfriends all tell me “Get some toys!  No Shame!!” and believe me you, I’ve been introduced to a couple sites that certainly sparked…hmmm. I don’t know.  I will say they were extremely colorful and eye-opening, and I was pretty sure I had seen it all.  Besides, as good couples know, it’s not just about the “O”, it’s just as much the leading up to it that makes or breaks a sexual encounter.  Toys have their place, and it’s a mindblowing one–but it’s not replacing a partner outright.  At least not in my book.

Anyway, I digress.  I am devoted to you all, and to making SWT run with envelope pushing, effective files.  However, my devotion stops short of enduring the kind of frustration testing those files would leave me in, with absolutely no outlet.  This is where I need my community to rally around again and help me.  I need beta testers, badly.   If you are interested in testing files for me, email me.  Let me know what kind of files you would be willing to try–and would you be flexible in deviating from your typical file type if I were to be rolling something out that I really needed an efficacy check of?  I will select people and place them in groups.  Not every group will test every file; you’ll be given a group number or letter and I’ll assign file testing (and given files) based on that.

This will also be my last public interaction with the site through early January.  I am exhausted.  My life behind the SWT face is in turmoil as I try to tie up loose ends, and bring the business under my name for future  transactions.  My kids are grieving and the two oldest are having really hard times without their dad right now.  I am running around trying to be everyone to everybody, all the time–and to get all the side business done, too. Therefore, I’ve decided that I am going to take a month’s leave starting December 10.  SWT and my wedding anniversary is December 19, we would have been married 8 years.  Then comes Christmas, and the second month (to the day) since he passed.  January 8 is his birthday.  He would have been 49.  I still get head spins when I think of how young he was, and how much life we had in front of us.  We were together for almost 9 years in total (We officially started dating on Feb 14, 2009.)  I am 36.  I never planned for this, everybody.  I still can’t fathom that in the blink of an eye, he will have been gone from my life longer than he was in it.  That at my age, I can live another lifetime and a half from this moment, until it is time to be with him again.

I need time to focus on myself, and to be there for the kids and try to salvage what I can for them from the wreckage that has become this year’s holiday season.  I need to sit down and spend some quality time with the sound mixing software we use to generate the files, and bring myself up to speed.  More than anything, I just need to be able to stare in to space and let the emotions roll through me, without having to worry that they are ill placed and inconvenient for the moment at hand.

In the meanwhile, I will still be active behind the scenes.  I’m working through a crazy huge pile of emails. I WILL get to yours, and respond.  If it takes a bit I apologize, but I am literally sorting through 2 months of digital correspondence.  I really love reading your emails.  So, to that direction, even though I am swamped, keep sending suggestions in, or personal anecdotes.  Send me an email if you’re interested in being a beta tester.  I will be updating emails and making some changes while I’m on leave, so keep an eye out for those.


Happy Holidays, everyone!  Be safe and I can’t wait to see you in the new year!!  xoxoxoxo


Coupon: Jollyholidays (25% off) Now-December 26


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Black Friday Announcement

Hi Everyone,

I apologize for the extended absence, my mom is in town for the holiday week and I’m trying to use the time to get as much wrapped up, neatly as I can, before I am back to doing this all solo.  I wish SWT, in his infinite wisdom, had at least had the foresight to magic up a maid for me before checking out!  The nerve, I tell you!!

I’ve been watching sales from my phone, and it seems like the thankyou coupon is getting good use.  I’m so glad! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you all:  Your continued support of our site, and the many emails and private comments I have gotten expressing both condolences and the offers of help as I learn to navigate this all on my own–it’s beyond what words can adequately express, and I wake up, every day, humbled and grateful for all of you.  Due to the amount of paperwork, calls, running around, etc–that dealing with the early aftermath of death entails, I’m still going to be AFK for extended periods.  I apologize.  I will respond to your emails as quickly as time allows.  I want to make sure that I can provide thoughtful answers to your questions, not just hastily scribbled emails in the five minutes between appointments.

Now, on to Black Friday.  So guys, while the rest of the world is going crazy fighting over discounted flat screen TVs and Isotoner slippers and whatever else all the big box stores decide to have on offer for the busiest shopping day of the year? I want to do something a little more fun than just standing in line, hoping you get the item you’re wanting.  If you end up standing in one (or many!!) of those lines fear not, you can still log in to the site and play the little “Truth or dare” game I have in mind, to win great discount coupons good for any file on the site.  The answers to the questions can be submitted both by private email or comment,  depending on which you prefer.


Are you ready to play?  Here goes…


SWT had a fetish that I had NEVER heard of, before we got together.  I didn’t exactly run in innocent circles prior to our meeting, either.  It has been briefly touched on at various times in this site.  What absolutely revved SWT’s engine, guys?  Look “Deep in to your mind” and the answer might make itself clear.


Sex is a passion of mine, outside the bedroom as much as in its confines.  I can read data until I am blue in the face,  but it still doesn’t give me a big picture in the same way talking to you all does.  What is your favorite sex position/act?  Why?  What one thing does your wife just not do that you wish she would, or does she not do enough to satisfy you?


When you see your wife getting attention from another guy, does it make you hot, crazy jealous, or something in between?


What one thing could your wife do to make you feel more empowered in your sexual relationship with her?


Are you and your wife currently “e-intimate?”  Do you send each other dirty little messages over the course of the day,  to let each other know how much the other turns you on?  This was something SWT and I did regularly; it led to many a locked door and late dinner time when he got home in the evenings and we’d made each other so crazy that “hands off” until bedtime simply was not going to happen.  If you do this, tell me about it–are you satisfied?  Do you wish your wife would be a little more racy in her texts of affection towards you?  If you don’t, would this be something you’d like to see a file for?


The rules of engagement are this:  I’ll be accepting answers to all questions from 12a-midnight (PST) Friday, November 24.  Each question will have several responses selected to receive coupons for any file on the site, the discount value will be between 50-80% off of the product of your choice. In addition, anyone who purchases a file on black Friday will  be entered into a drawing to receive a coupon code for a FREE file.  The codes can be saved for future releases of new products.  The winner of the free file also has the option to redeem that coupon code for 50% off of a custom file once that option becomes available again.


One last parting thought:  I’ll be making some big announcements over the next week or so, including how you can get newly released files for free, so stay tuned!


Have a wonderful holiday and as always, Happy Training! I hope to see you all on Friday! 🙂

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Best Month Ever!!

Can I tell you just how much you all rock?!!  In spite of my previous blog about SWT, I know he is grinning ear to ear that you helped make October the best month we have ever had on this site!  He would have some cocky, hilarious little expose he would put up with a coupon to thank you all for your loyalty to us, and to our products.

I DID try to put a coupon out there with that post, but oops–excuse the noob mistake–I forgot to give you all the code for it.   The code is thankyou.  Thank you for being such a great group of people who have taken our site from the little pop up it was just a year ago, to a really thriving, full fledged business.  Thank you for being there for a man who was let down by people who should have been there for him in the run up to the surgery, when he was frightened of so many things, but mostly, of leaving me here with our children and no way to assure our safety and well-being.  From the bottom of my heart particularly, THANK YOU for the outpouring of support in the aftermath of all this:  the offers of help, of emotional support, and the positive affirmations that even though it sucks right now (and it sucks, hard) it will get better and I can handle it.  Words fail–so enjoy the 25% off the entire site until November 23 as a means  of expressing my gratitude to you all! I have some plans for some black Friday fun and games, so stay tuned in the near future for announcements regarding those.

In the meanwhile, learning to format files means I need to have some material to practice with!  I am not able to access all of SWTs information for the site at this point, so if you have suggestions for files you would like to see become reality, shoot me and line and I’ll see what I can do about making it happen.

Happy Holidays and Happy Training, Folks!!



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Guys, I started this month off with a sale hoping to earn a little extra money for the Christmas present I’d decided to get the wife (she’s been a *very* good girl (and, appropriately enough, a very NAUGHTY GIRL TOO) this year for Santa!). Between that killer sale and the release of Horny Right Now this week, August has just topped the charts as our best month ever. More sales than any other month. More total products sold, and even more stunningly, more total $$ than any other month, including Christmas’ 2016’s record-breaking month.

The green line is same-period sales, year-prior. The little lines at the bottom are units sold, which is hard to measure in the same graph as $$.

Because I won this month, everyone wins. Right now, and through the end of August, take 33% off everything in the store (except those danged Customs!). Now you can get the entire Anal or Oral bundle for the price of just two individual files!

It’s just going to get better, men. The 3rd Gen Dreamslut is coming soon, and a host of new files that we are beginning testing of this weekend. I just wanted to end August by thanking all of you for helping make this the Best Month Ever.


(Also, apparently it’s #AnalAugust… so if you haven’t tried our Anal line…  maybe now’s a good time to start!

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Happy Father’s Day! CONTEST WINNERS

I woke up this morning hard as a rock, aching and throbbing and for good reason. My beautiful wife’s lips were wrapped around the head of my cock and she was giggling and drooling as she rand her hand up and down the shaft. She giggles a lot, since the Bimbo training started. Needless to say, I let her finish her ministrations, and it wasn’t long before I exploded all over her and she cooed with delight. “I love it when you come on my face,” she sighed, still stroking me softly. “I love you. Happy Father’s Day.”

Since my day started so well, I thought I’d bring some joy into some of our customers’ lives today by announcing that we have picked THREE winners from our “pick our next subliminal” contest!

As part of our 2nd Anniversary Celebration, we asked our readers what subliminal files they’d like to see.

Reader Pete had the most popular suggestion, so he’s our first winner. He wanted a file that encourages his wife to shave her pussy and keep it shaved. Congrats, Pete! We’re working on that file now and should have it ready this week! When it goes live you’ll get a free copy and a coupon for another file of your choice!

Robert wanted to see a file that will help eliminate his wife’s inhibitions toward body modifications like piercings, and breast enlargements. So did Paul Q. Congratulations, Robert and Paul! That will be the file we work on next. You’ll both get a copy of this one plus one more of your choice for free!

Finally, Mike had my favorite idea of all… because my own wife has this hangup! He wants his wife to be more comfortable with receiving cunnilingus. Stay tuned! By the end of the month we’ll have a whole four-part series that is bound to make ANY wife eager and desperate to find out just how finger-licking good she really is! Congratulations, Mike, you’ll get the first file in that series for free, plus one more.

Winners — contact me at and I’ll set you up with your coupon codes!

As always, thank you everyone for your ideas and your patronage. It’s not too late to chip in and help replace this poor laptop that’s starting to fall apart on me. A couple fans have already contributed but here’s your chance to get even better (and more frequent) subliminal training files!


Have a happy Father’s Day everyone. I’ll chat atcha next week.


People waiting for customs: after a slight delay, our actresses are back on the case. We will send out individual emails updating your status on Monday.





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Happy Birthday!

As a man, it is our desire to want a wife who is willing to do anything we wish in bed. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of men, this is not the case. In my own situation, my wife was a wonderful lover, but I wanted more from her than she was comfortable giving.

With these words, I started blogging about my experiments training my wife with sexual programming through subliminal messages. That was in January of 2014, and let me tell you, those were some crazy times. I didn’t know what I was doing, had never worked with ultrasonics before, and was armed only with a horny dream and a seed of idea. Less than a year later, my wife was giving me oral sex, we’d tried anal for the first time, and she regularly masturbated and watched porn, much to my voyeuristic delight.

So on June 1st, 2015, I opened this site, and began sharing my files with the readers of that blog, and anyone else interested in subliminally training their wives. This month marks’s 2nd birthday (anniversary? Whatever) and we want to celebrate this month with you!

For the rest of the month, both our famous Oral Sex Bundle and our Anal Sex Bundle is on sale for only $49.99. That’s $20 off the regular bundle price, and a boatload off the cost of buying all those files separately. No coupon code necessary.

We’re fundraising for a new computer and sound studio to make our files even better and more powerful. So far we’ve raised enough to pick up one of the new pieces of software we want to get, but we can use more help, and we’re willing to give away the entire store — really! — for your financial support. Check out for more information about that opportunity.

Finally, I want to know… What’s the next subliminal file you want us to produce? We are FINALLY moving to a location closer to my work, which means we can start spending more time in the studio (apologies to the people currently waiting for their custom files… they’re coming!) — and that means new standard files for everyone. Please leave a note in the comments below about what you want to see us make a file for, and if your idea is the one we pick, we’ll send you a copy for free, along with one other file of your choice!


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Ring in the new year with your hot and horny wife!

Happy 2017 everyone! I hope ypu had mind-blowing sex this weekend to celebrate surviving 2016. I know I did!

We want to give every man the opportunity to come home to a wife desperately in need of his cock, a wife who wakes up every morning needing her pussy filled, a wife who craves the feel of her husband’s hard cock sliding into her mouth every day.

To help make that a reality we are having a New Year’s sale of our most successful, most popular products: Until my birthday (Jan 8), take $5 off of any of these files (or all of them!) Horny Right Now, Dreamslut, and Enjoy Oral Sex.

Horny Right Now works to raise your wife’s libido by forcing her mind to think about sex all the time. When she’s making breakfast, when she’s watching tv, when she’s working at her desk, as long as she’s listening to this file, her mind is being bombarded with affirmations about how much she wants to fuck you, how desperately she needs her cock in you, and how wet and horny thinking about all this sex is making her.

DreamSlut does the same thing, but is geared specifically for her sleep cycle. She’ll be dreaming about being fucked by you, dreaming about sucking your cock, she’ll start undressing in her sleep if she wears nightclothes to bed, and eventually will begin sleeping naked because her hands are going to be roaming all over her body — especially that wet, horny snatch every night. Expect her to wake up needing you deep in her sopping wet pussy a lot more with this one.

Enjoy Oral Sex will take your wife from a casual “only on your birthday” cocksucker into an enthusiastic and energetic nob-gobbler. Countless times every hour she’ll hear messages reminding her how much she loves having your cock in her mouth. She’ll remember how horny face-fucking you makes her, she’ll start thinking and drooling about sucking your cock all the time. Of all the files I ever wrote, this one made me the happiest, and it still does, because OMG.. sometimes you just need your wife’s head, mouth and lips wrapped around you, draining that ache away with delicious tongue and spit and hand and suction action, you know?!

For those of you following our personal exploits, know this: I have been training my wife on the Model Behavior line. Results are VERY promising! As soon as I have definitive success sign, I’ll (of course!) let everyone know!

Happy Training!



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Lucky Dog Contest Winner!

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

We had an amazing turkey day here. The SWT site didn’t though. Due to a web-hosting issue, we were getting weird timeouts all day, and most of Friday. Nevertheless, it has been a fantastic November.

Highlights of the month:

We released our most powerful, most fun file ever: Curious Bimbo. Designed to help a wife discover a love and desire for bimbofication modification!


We held three contests! (Two of them are still going on):

The “Coupon Contest” is going on all month, and EVERYONE WINS! All you have to is use the special coupon code, and you win $10 off any order, which would make any one of our legacy products free! So far, there have been 59 winners here!Just add coupon code WINNER10 at checkout.

The “Best Review Contest” is going on all month, too. For this one, we will select the best review left for any one of our products at the end of the month, and the winner gets a $100 Amazon Gift Card (or Visa Gift Card if they don’t shop at Amazon). So far, we’ve had some stellar reviews, and you can read some of them here.

And that brings us to the “Lucky Dog Contest.” Anyone who bought a product from November 1 through the 24th qualified to win a $100 gift certificate to the SWT store. We’re proud to announce that the winner of the Lucky Dog Contest is John G, who bought several files, including the best seller of the month: Dreamslut 2.0! Congrats, John! We’ve sent you an email with the winning details!

We’ll be kicking the audio editing system back into gear on Monday, after I sleep off all this turkey, so be on the lookout for more amazing files from here until Christmas. Have a fantastic rest of of the weekend, and happy training!



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Giving Thanks (with Contests!)

Wow. Just wow.

I want to take a minute to thank all of the visitors to this site. Many of you read my blog when I was just beginning this adventure of learning how to program my wife with subliminal training. Many of you saw as this site came to life, then started to prosper, then had the payment processing problems, and then last year I kinda dropped off the map for like… 8 months. :/

It has been a rocky ride, and most of that has been my fault, but you know what? You guys have been GREAT. I have a few regular customers who write on a regular basis and we share training stories and ideas. Some of my customers have left just… glowing reviews and those drive me every day to create new, better products for all of you.

This is November, the Thanksgiving month. And I am absolutely thankful for all of you, because without you, well… I’d still be happy as hell with a wife who meets my carnal needs in every way… but I’d feel a lot less fulfilled. You guys made October our BEST month ever, and I want to share the wealth.

So here is the November Thanksgiving feast: THREE CONTESTS!

Easiest Contest Ever: The Coupon Contest!

Congratulations, you win! Use coupon code WINNER10 to take $10 off any product in the catalog — even legacy products (which means, yes, you can have 1 free product if you want. You win!) Coupon is good all month, so if you already own all our files, just wait. More are coming.

Lucky Dog Contest!

Every single person who orders at least one product between now and Thanksgiving (11/24) will be entered in the contest. Winner gets a $100 gift certificate for anything in the store. I will post the winner’s name and how to get the certificate on Thanksgiving. One entry per product ordered, so this contest IS skewed toward my more frequent purchasers. #sorrynotsorry (they pay the bills!).

Best Review Contest!!

Because we’ve been remastering and re-releasing our entire product line, most of our reviews are now on legacy products, so here is HUGE contest: it’s worth REAL MONEY! Every single review left for products between now and the end of the month (11/30) will be entered to win a $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD or VISA GIFT CARD (Winner’s choice). Legal rules say I have to say “No purchase necessary to enter” — but obviously you need to have purchased a product to review it, so, hey, go use that $10 coupon and review one of the legacy products if you need to, you cheap bastards! :p

Anyway… Thank you guys so much.


Happy training!



PS: This was my favorite uploaded product image pic of the month. This encapsulates everything you’d ever want from a hypnotized slut, right?!?


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We just had our 1000th order! Wow! When I first started programming my wife with these subliminals, I never thought I would have the kind of successes I’ve seen — and never in a million years did I think I’d be able to help out this many men with bringing out the porn-star sex goddesses they’ve always wanted their wives to be.

But sure enough, just this weekend we passed order number 1000! To thank you all and to celebrate this great milestone, we’re offering 15% off every order. Just use coupon code HAPPYHUSBAND at checkout, and we’ll take 15% off the entire cart.  Offer is valid through Friday, September 30.

Wait… you want an even bigger discount, for bigger orders? DONE! Try our new big-spender discount: Coupon BUNDLEBONUS will take a huge 25% off your entire order — as long as your order is $100 or more. All this as my thanks for your business.

Thank you all for your support, and for sharing your stories with me. It has been awesome hearing about how your wives are learning to love new behaviors, and how your sex lives and marriages are improving through the power of subliminal programming.

I can’t wait until we get to order 10,000!