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Now with 3rd Generation Recording/Mastering: All our Anal Sex Products

I’m particularly proud of the anal sex series, because the original Curious About Anal Sex was the first file I ever wrote and trained my wife with that neither of us had done before… it was one of the first true proofs I’d had that these files I was writing could actually help change perceptions and ideas about sex and make a healthy sexual relationship even better. When she started grinding her ass into my crotch in the kitchen one night, I thought, “that’s sexy. I wonder if that means…” and yeah, a few days later, it became ass-grinding in bed, and by that time I’d mustered enough courage to ask her if she wanted to try it, and hearing her moan, “Yes” was the sexiest thing I’d ever heard at that point in our lives.

Back then, it was just a couple of recorded computer voices up in a supersonic frequency range that the conscious mind doesn’t really process — but the subconscious does. It works so well because your wife will “hear” these voices in her head, and just automatically assign her own identity to them. With repeated listens she’ll feel like these thoughts are her own thoughts, and the new ideas are her own ideas and over time she’ll respond to the cues she’s being given as naturally as if she’d always been that way.

Now we’ve started using the 3rd generation of my recording techniques, and that adds a magnitude of power and effectiveness to them. First, we’ve put the affirmations both in a supersonic frequency range and a subsonic range. This actually resonates in her bones. She’ll literally feel these words within her. Next, we’ve added actual human voices to the affirmations. It’s a combination of both, and the emotional range of the human woman saying “Yes,” and “I accept my subliminal programming” and moaning in ecstasy is both ground-breaking and mind-blowing in its effectiveness. Finally, we’ve worked hard to clean up each file, making the “silent” files significantly more quiet than they were before (2nd generation files had a nasty way of hissing or popping, especially on lower quality equipment).

In this new format, we have four anal sex files, each for a different level of her training. You can get them separately, but we also sell them in a bundle that’s about 25% cheaper than buying them individually. The bundle is available right here: Anal Sex 3.0 Bundle. For the month of October, everything’s 20% off to help me raise money for my impending heart surgery, which brings it down to just $59.99!

Here’s a little more information about each of the files in the bundle:

Curious About Anal Sex encourages even the prudiest of women to give in and experience the raw animal pleasure that is anal.

Enjoy Anal Sex helps a wife to remember just how much she enjoys anal sex, and to start desiring it more and more.

Initiate Anal Sex will give your wife the drive, desire, and determination to grind her ass up against your cock whenever she can, because she’s going to want you to fuck her up the ass and she won’t want to wait until you’re in the mood for it.

Addicted to Anal Sex finally helps your wife realize the missing piece in her life: constant, raw, animal butt-fucking. Over time, it will turn her into a regular butt-slut, wanting anal sex even more than vaginal.

As far as my surgery goes, it’s scheduled for late October, about 4 weeks from now. I’m pretty damned nervous, but holy shit. The letters of support and comfort you guys have sent me has been…. awesome. I have received more well-wishes and emails asking how I’m doing from you guys than from my actual family. I think for that reason, I feel a lot better thinking of you as my family too.

Happy training everyone. If you haven’t gotten the Anal Sex files before, this seems like a great time to do it. Life’s fucking me in the ass right now. Should you be fucking your wife’s? 😀

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Updated Product: Enjoy Oral Sex 3.0

One of our most-requested, most appreciated files has now been updated with our 3rd generation recording techniques. Enjoy Oral Sex 3.0 is specifically for those wives out there who will give their husbands a blow job on their birthday, or special occasions, but they’re just not really into it.  This file changes her mood and attitude toward an act that she’ll do, but not enjoy. It teaches her that there is pleasure for her as well, and listened to over time, she’ll come to not only enjoy oral sex, but be an active, eager, energetic cocksucker.

Changes between this file and the 2nd generation include a much quieter “silent” mode, more real human voices affirming and instructing your wife, and two different subliminal layers just out of conscious hearing range.

Some of the affirmations in this file include:

Yes. Blow jobs are amazing.
Yes. Having my husband come on my face arouses me.
Yes. Sucking my husband’s hard cock makes me horny.
Yes. I am always thinking about sucking my husband’s cock.
Yes. I want to suck my husband’s cock more and more.
Yes. Sucking my husband’s cock is the best part of my day.
Yes. I love sucking my husband’s cock every day.
Yes. I will have oral sex tonight.

As with all of our gen-3 products, this file has multiple layers of voices; four different women repeating the affirmations, a male voice giving the affirmations as instructions that her mind will accept. Two tracks of women having loud, amazing sex will trigger your wife’s sexual response too, and the longer she listens, the hornier she’ll get. With all of her instructions being focused on sucking cock, it is just a natural, foregone conclusion that she’s going to end up giving head, and enjoying oral sex like a pro.

You can get the new and improved Enjoy Oral Sex 3.0 right here, for just $24.99: Enjoy Oral Sex 3.0

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Updated Product: Curious About Oral Sex 3.0

Oral Sex!

Oral sex is a natural part of the lovemaking experience. Most men love it because of the variety of sensations a woman can creatively apply to her lover’s body with a combination of her mouth, hands, and upper body, not to mention the wonderful lubricating effects of a warm, wet tongue.

Some women, however, are uncomfortable with the idea. Perhaps they were raised in a very restrictive culture, or they had a bad experience with a poor lover earlier in their adulthood. For whatever reason, your wife doesn’t like oral sex, and you’re not sure how to help her overcome this mental block.

That’s where Curious About Oral Sex comes in. This file warms a woman to the idea of oral sex. It encourages her to think about it, how natural it is, how much she can please you with it, and even to start fantasizing about taking you in her mouth. In time, she’ll come to appreciate the erotic thrill of making her husband blow his load orally — and you will too!

The file is just over 20 minutes long, includes the voices of four different women repeating the affirmations of sexual curiosity about oral sex, and a male voice, instructing your wife in how her attitudes and desires are changing. In addition, multiple tracks of women having wild, loud sex will subconsciously arouse your wife as she listens, and her body responds to the silent cues her conscious mind isn’t hearing.

You can hear a sample of what the file sounds like before we subliminally mask it here:


The file has been  named “Curious Orange” for your privacy and convenience. Your purchase includes all four “flavors” — Silent subliminal, soothing ocean waves, crackling fire, and gentle rainstorm. Curious About Oral Sex retails for $19.99. You can get it HERE:  Curious About Oral Sex

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What a day. Can’t wait for tonight though…

Because Dreamslut is now a 3rd Generation file!

Dreamslut 3.0 takes everything we did right in Dreamslut 2.0 and adds to it: better sound quality (even quieter and noise-free than before), more women — including four new human voices. An all-new “yes and moan” track statistically proven to be more powerful than affirmations alone. Supersonic and Subsonic subliminal frequency ranges. If you’re looking for a file that will edge your wife all night long, you’re looking for Dreamslut.

This file, along with Horny Right Now are our two best-selling files, and for good reason: they work. Men who train their wife with this file  see increased nocturnal masturbation, moaning in her sleep, she’ll start sleeping naked, and wake up needing a good fuck from you (in my wife’s case, she doesn’t wait. She’ll wake up at 3:00 in the morning with her hand buried in her pussy, realize I’ve been training her with Dreamslut, and wake me up too for a good fucking).

Because we’ve got everything 33% off for the rest of the month due to phenomenal sales, Dreamslut is only like $16.00 or something, instead of the usual $24.99. You can get it right here: Dreamslut 3.0.


In other news: we’re recording three new beta files for our testing cadre. Those files will go out tomorrow. I’ve got three customs I’m working on, and the rest of our product line is going to get the 3rd generation upgrade. Plus much, much more. God damn I’m exhausted. I hope she lets me sleep a little before she attacks me tonight!


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Bigger, Better, Hornier than Ever: HORNY RIGHT NOW 3.0

Introducing the newest, best-ever version of Horny Right Now, our best-selling product designed to slowly change your wife into an insatiable sex-craving slut. Now even better with:

  • Improved high-pass filtering (No more awful noise on the silent file!)
  • Two layers of subliminal masking (Double the voices, double the inaudible wavelengths!)
  • Recorded with human women’s voices (Real emotion in the vocal tracks = POWERFUL)
  • Intense new YES track (Over and over, women moaning and saying the word YES)

That, plus all the features Horny Right Now is already known for:

Hundreds of affirmations telling her that she’s horny RIGHT NOW. She needs to fuck RIGHT NOW. She needs to masturbate RIGHT NOW. Her ass craves a cock in it RIGHT NOW. Her fingers are itching to dig themselves into her sopping wet pussy RIGHT NOW. The sounds of women having powerful orgasms in the background. Strong commands informing her that this is how she is, how she has always been, and how she’ll be from now on: a horny, submissive cum-slut. Between that and the overlaying “Yes” affirmations, her subconscious mind will be overwhelmed and overcome by a need to have sex with her husband, as often as she can get it.

We have had scores of great reviews for this in the past. The most recent one came late last month:

Dear SWT,
My wife and I have used hypnosis/training files before voice as well as subliminal..
Been a couple of years now .
So I purchased this one a while ago..didnt tell her..hehehe…been playing the silent on surround sound in the bedroom…She woke up yesterday telling me about a dream she had where she wanted and needed to get off, But couldn’t find the privacy in her dream to act on it…I noticed her touching herself as she told me this dream!!!
She told me she was hornier than she’s been in a long time..I barely got it inside her and she exploded in orgasm!!!
please send me a copy of this script..

Horny Right Now comes with silent, roaring ocean, crackling fire, and soothing rainstorm files, all available via MP3 upon purchase. The files are named “Happiness Right Now” for your privacy and convenience. Regularly $29.99, it’s on sale this weekend for just $24.99. Gentlemen… Start her engines.

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Are You Ready to Rock? Are You Ready to BE ROCK HARD?

Ok so I listened to the file off and on couple times a day for the past week; once in the morning, once over lunch and on the way home. On wednesday in the shower as I listened to the file I realized I was becoming erect during my shower, this was exciting as I had planned on meeting with my sexy lil thing later that night and before she showed that evening I listened to it at least 4 more time. with in minutes of beginning I was all ready growing and after 45 min she commented on how big and hard I actually was. We spent the next hour or so enjoying the effects and I couldnt be happier! I have dealt with ED due to a back injury for several years and have taken pills used pumps etc with not always the best results. I do hope the effect is long term! from this guys point of view very much a success!

Most of the files I produce are for me, in that I want my wife to do something sexy, and I script a subliminal to program her mind just the way I like it. But Rock of Ages is ACTUALLY for me, and for any other man who finds that as he gets older, it’s a little more difficult to get the one-eyed trench-fighter in the battle of the sexes to rise to the occasion. Rock of Ages is designed to do everything those guy-throwing-footballs-through-a-tire pills are supposed to: give you harder, stronger, longer erections and make it easier to start growing when you need one. I can’t make your dick bigger, but I sure as hell can help make the dick you’ve got, a little better.

Rock of Ages uses our new 3rd generation mastering techniques, which includes a much cleaner, more quiet “silent” file, a custom-designed track with nothing but ladies moaning sexually and stating “Yes,” over and over, which is proven to make these files considerably more effective, and — for the first time ever! — the entire affirmation list is printed on the product page. Just click “More information” at the bottom of the page.

I think this is one of the best files we’ve ever produced, and I think it will end up being one of the most popular. We’ve got it on sale through the end of August, so if you want to have bigger, better, bolder boners for only $19.99, then you should click right here: Rock of Ages.


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New Product: Bare Down There

The winning entry from our 2017 Father’s Day Idea contest, Bare Down There has a simple concept at its core: once she starts listening to this file, your wife is going to want to start shaving her pubic area, and keeping it smooth, silky and sexy for you from now on. She’s going to remind herself that it’s more hygienic, that it feels so nice being smooth down there, and that she loves showing her hairless pussy to you all the time.

We’re using a new subliminal encoder, and we had beta testers review the silent files for us yesterday, as the first step toward improving the quality of all of our silent files. Some of the reviewers had this to say:

I just took a quick listen and peak at the silent file. It is definitely hard to hear.


Have been playing for the past 9 hours, seems to be completely silent.

Other features of the file include a brand new “yes” and “moan” track — this I love. Just listening to multiple women moaning and saying yes is enough to arouse anybody, and this has been proven to help root these commands deep into your wife’s sexual psyche as she comes to accept her training more and more.

Bare Down There is just $19.99 and is available right here: Bare Down There


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Give Her All She Can Take With Our New File: Swallow

Swallow. The name of the file says it all. For many men, the ultimate climax moment in a blow job is when his wife eagerly takes his load in her mouth and swallows every drop. But for most men, that seems to be just a porn fantasy, and when he does get oral, he finishes with a blast across his wife’s tits, maybe on her face, and when he does cum in her mouth, she spits instead of swallows.

That changes today.

Swallow is a perfect add-on to any oral sex training regimen. With constant affirmations teaching your wife that cum is delicious, all good wives love the taste of cum, and encouraging her body to discover arousal from the swallowing of your load, this file will make every oral sex encounter more exciting and significantly more fulfilling.

Affirmations are spoken by four different female voices, and a fifth male voice acts as a coach and surrogate for the husband. She’ll start understanding that her husband wants her to do this, and that any slutty feelings she acquires are in fact good, desirable, and how she should feel.

Affirmations include:

Yes. I am beginning to crave the taste of my husband’s come.
Yes. Swallowing come makes me horny.
Yes. Dirty sluts swallow come.
Yes. I love being my husband’s dirty slut.
Yes. I want to swallow my husband’s come all the time.
Yes. I will suck my husband’s cock right now.
Yes. I am becoming aroused thinking about my husband’s delicious, creamy come.

Mixed with sounds of women in heat, aroused and cumming themselves, it sounds like this (before subliminal masking):

Like all of our products, Swallow comes in silent, ocean, fire, and rain mixes. The files are named Serenity for your privacy and convenience. It runs for $19.99 and you can get it right here.

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New Bundle Pricing for Anal Products

After a long several set of months watching our Oral Sex bundle sell like crazy,  I thought to my self, “Self,” (that’s what I call my self), “You ought to have bundle pricing on all your products.”

To which myself answered, “No shit, Sherlock.” My self doesn’t take any crap from  anybody.

So this week we’re going to add discounted bundle pricing to all of our category packages. Today it’s the Anal Sex Bundle. For folks who’ve never tried any of the anal products before you can now get all four of them (Curious about Anal, Enjoy Anal, Initiate Anal and Addicted to Anal) for just $69.99 — $20 less than if you paid for them separately!

The Anal Sex Bundle comes with:

Curious About Anal Sex encourages even the prudiest of women to give in and experience the raw animal pleasure that is anal.

Enjoy Anal Sex helps a wife to remember just how much she enjoys anal sex, and to start desiring it more and more.

Initiate Anal Sex will give your wife the drive, desire, and determination to grind her ass up against your cock whenever she can, because she’s going to want you to fuck her up the ass and she won’t want to wait until you’re in the mood for it.

Addicted to Anal Sex finally helps your wife realize the missing piece in her life: constant, raw, animal butt-fucking. Over time, it will turn her into a regular butt-slut, wanting anal sex even more than vaginal.



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The long awaited return has come:

We are now offering fully customizable sexual behavior training files for your wife (or hell, for you too, if you want). Now you can add your wife’s name to the file playing, add your name, add up to 500 words of a custom script directing her subconscious to desire EXACTLY what you want her to.

Every custom file includes Horny Right Now, our best-selling arousal product. After that, what you want to do is limited practically by your imagination only.

Because our new mastering process can use human or computer-generated voices, if you want actual live actresses speaking the affirmations going into your wife’s head, you can get that too! Want to include an MP3 of yourself speaking commands directly into your wife’s brain? Even that can be included in this incredibly flexible, powerful training file.

FInally, while we always provide the silent, fire, ocean and rain masks with our products, with the custom product you can also have a commercial music CD of your choice as the background. Want your wife to start thinking about Anal Sex in the Woods while listening to Justin Bieber? Now it’s totally doable.

A note: it takes at least a week to put together our custom files, so if demand gets too high, we will take the product and mark it “out of stock” so it won’t be available until we get our backlog caught up.

If you have any questions about our custom sexual behavior training files, drop us a line @ We’re always here to help with answers and support.

Happy training!