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Best Month Ever!!

Can I tell you just how much you all rock?!!  In spite of my previous blog about SWT, I know he is grinning ear to ear that you helped make October the best month we have ever had on this site!  He would have some cocky, hilarious little expose he would put up with a coupon to thank you all for your loyalty to us, and to our products.

I DID try to put a coupon out there with that post, but oops–excuse the noob mistake–I forgot to give you all the code for it.   The code is thankyou.  Thank you for being such a great group of people who have taken our site from the little pop up it was just a year ago, to a really thriving, full fledged business.  Thank you for being there for a man who was let down by people who should have been there for him in the run up to the surgery, when he was frightened of so many things, but mostly, of leaving me here with our children and no way to assure our safety and well-being.  From the bottom of my heart particularly, THANK YOU for the outpouring of support in the aftermath of all this:  the offers of help, of emotional support, and the positive affirmations that even though it sucks right now (and it sucks, hard) it will get better and I can handle it.  Words fail–so enjoy the 25% off the entire site until November 23 as a means  of expressing my gratitude to you all! I have some plans for some black Friday fun and games, so stay tuned in the near future for announcements regarding those.

In the meanwhile, learning to format files means I need to have some material to practice with!  I am not able to access all of SWTs information for the site at this point, so if you have suggestions for files you would like to see become reality, shoot me and line and I’ll see what I can do about making it happen.

Happy Holidays and Happy Training, Folks!!



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Lifting the Veil

Hi All,

This is Melissa (missus SWT).  I have been delaying posting for over two weeks now, and I apologize.  Dave (SWT) passed away shortly after my last update in the early hours of the morning on October 25.  I don’t know what all he shared with you as a group, but I have been humbled with the outpouring of support you all had given him prior to the procedure, especially when family and friends couldn’t be bothered to call or check in on us, let alone take time to listen to him or offer help.  I have medical background–before I became a lazily content, well-trained housewife, I was employed in a cutting edge, level-one trauma center on the west coast.  I received a call from the hospital just after midnight and I could hear shouting and code alarms going wild in the back ground.  The RN wouldn’t tell me anything, of course–except that Dave’s condition had changed and I needed to get in ASAP. I woke up four sleepy kids, hauled them in to the car, and drove the 10 minutes from our hotel to the hospital.  When I got there the information was sparse from the staff–Dave had experienced a sudden run of ventricular fibrillation and while they were trying to cardiovert him back to a normal rhythm, his heart stopped completely. Apparently a staff doctor on that night was familiar with ECMO (a portable type of heart-lung bypass) and was able to get Dave on to that to buy them more time to get OR set up.

They took him to OR and after that, I have a lot of speculation as to what occurred.  In the medical conference which followed after, I was told his official time of death was called at 0307.  There was a lot of medical jargon bandied about, most of what had absolutely nothing to do with the reality of anatomy and physiology I understood, and when I asked questions I was stonewalled with a quick finality.  The surgeon’s practice has refused to contact me since that day, even to provide the medical excuses necessary for my two oldest to return to school. To give you an idea, I DID have a private autopsy conducted on SWT and I am currently awaiting the results of that, with an eye to pursuing medical malpractice.  My understanding is that this is NOT a first or second occurrence of the surgeons operating, and this makes me sick, not just for me, but for any other family that has suffered such a senseless, preventable loss.


So forgive me, this two weeks has been a blur of adjusting to a reality that I never truly entertained.  When SWT passed that morning, I didn’t just lose my husband.  I lost my lover, my best friend, and my partner in crime.  I lost a lifetime of our dreams, our hopes, and our plans–in the space of two hours. More than anything, I never realized how SWT and I were always “touching.”  He had a day job, and during the evening we were in close proximity as we worked on our site, but we were always connected in some way, no matter  how close or far apart we were. Sometimes text and g chat or silly little text  messages.  In the evenings it was long talks and snuggles and laughter while we did our thing, or talking from different rooms if we had separate projects going on.  Now he is gone, and the silence is absolutely deafening.  His things sit in our house, as if he will walk in the door at any moment–but the shadows fall, and lengthen, and I am faced with the reality that another day will pass without his cheerful “hey baby” and a sweet kiss when he walks in from work–that those days without him will now stretch to infinity.  I have two of everything in the world I now have no further use for, and the one thing I needed more than the oxygen I breathe is gone forever.  I am trying to learn how to grieve while honoring my four kids unique grieving styles, and hold what is left of my family together.  I feel that I should eulogize him more, but when trying to describe him, words fail.  I opted to have him cremated, as i will be returning home to the west coast as soon as school is over for the year, to avoid upsetting my kids more.  After finalizing arrangements, I was informed that my urn was available for engraving.  I picked a quote that I think embodies our marriage and our life together, and that is what I will share with you.  “Every once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a Fairytale.” He was my knight, my protector,my everything. My  existence was so much brighter for having him in it, and I just have still not accepted the reality that his amazing story has come to an end, and that mine must march on, so much less colorful and mundane without his vivid splashes of ingenuity, and humor, and irreverence for life and its constraints brightening up my more serious nature.


He had such affection for all of you as a group.  What started out as a random money making idea (Hey, is there a market for this?? Let’s find out!) Quickly became a passion as your success stories started to trickle in and he realized he was providing something that was not only wanted, but was truly helping the market he was tapping in to.  He loved sharing your stories with me, and we loved getting feedback from you and devising new scripts together based on your input.  I oftentimes wonder if we maybe knew what was going to happen.  We loved harder those last couple weeks, and we talked about things we have never before approached–things like the question of what would happen to SWT if he were to  die on the table, or sometime immediately following.  His overwhelming desire was to have me continue the site in his absence. I want to let you all know I’ve decided to do that. Ever since SWT came clean and admitted what he was doing to me, I’ve been instrumental in designing and testing the scripts.  I can’t believe I am doing this without my partner, but I would like to continue to provide you all feedback driven, high quality files that address many of the issues SWT and I overcame in our marriage to have a relationship that was (I am now finding out) the envy of so many people that knew us.  Please bear with me, SWT was my IT Geek Knight, and was the far more proficient of us at uploading files, managing coupons, etc.  I am still learning this side of the business and will be using the holiday breaks coming up to bring myself up to speed  on all of this, so I can begin rolling out files ASAP.  In the meanwhile, October was our best month overall in the history of the site!!  SWT is smiling, I know it.  I also know he’d roll out a coupon to celebrate and to thank all of you for your support!  I am  going to roll out a 25% sitewide coupon through Black friday (pssssst, there may be special deals on BF too) to give thanks.  Thanks for making our site such a fantastic success.  Thanks for anything you choose to be thankful for.  Remember to take a moment to give thanks especially for those important in your life, and if you can, take a moment to show them your affection.  Something I’ve learned in raw, painful clarity the last couple weeks is that tomorrow is NOT promised, so fill today with as much joy and love and sunshine as you can.


I am not going to post about our current “situation” here, but if you are interested in how we are doing, if we need assistance, etc–please feel free to contact me.  I will be manning the SWT email from now on, and I will be happy to give more details in a less public setting.  Thank you all for all your support!!



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SWT’s surgery update

Hi All,

This is SWTs wife, and I wanted to give y’all an update on him post surgery.  I apologize for not getting information out sooner–we were on the way to preop screening Thursday when we got the call the surgery had been postponed to yesterday due to an emergency case needing to be prioritized over his procedure.  He took a good long while coming out of anesthetic yesterday and while his heart has been “fixed” it is beating far too slowly and so he’s still requiring external pacing.  At this point the medical staff is looking at medication to stimulate his heart beat and if that fails, a permanently implanted pacemaker.

Regardless, his echocardiogram today showed excellent ventricular and mitral valve function.  So it’s simply a waiting game on the heartbeat.  We appreciate the well wishes and support you all have shown; it really has meant more to us than we can express.  As for the site–I was training (hahaha) on how to run everything but we ran out of time.  We’re hoping SWT is out of the hospital by Friday/Saturday this week, and then it will be a few days before he can resume limited work on the site for about 3 weeks.  Please be patient, we’ll be back to full throttle ASAP.


“Good” is relative, but he really does look worlds better from just 24 hours ago!

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She’ll Fall Deeper Than Ever With Our 3rd Gen Hypnosis Training Files

Last minute update before I go to bed for what I hope is not the last time ever. We’ve updated our erotic hypnosis training files to the 3rd gen mastering process. We’ve created an erotic hypnosis bundle, to save everyone money if they want to buy the whole set. I’ve got the list of winners from this month’s contests. And I have a special word for all my customers.

Hypnosis Files are 3rd Gen + Bundle Priced

Our erotic hypnosis files have all been upgraded to 3rd gen now, and in keeping with the new tradition, we’ve bundled them all up to offer special savings to anyone who wants to buy the full set. With the Hypnosis bundle, you’ll get:

Curious About Hypnosis – This file is for women who have never been hypnotized before, who believe it’s a load of hooey, or who are just not predisposed to ever wanting to try it. It will crack that solid veneer around her mind, just enough to get her interested. She may or may not come to you and specifically ask to be hypnotized, but eventually, she’s going to broach the topic with you. That’s when you know the file worked.

Enjoy Hypnosis – Enjoy Hypnosis is designed to give your wife an intense joy and love of being hypnotized for erotic purposes. It will reinforce the pleasure triggers that she’s been learning in Curious About Hypnosis, and she’ll start thinking about — and wanting — to be hypnotized daily by you. Every time she thinks about hypnosis, she’ll become more and more aroused. Over time, she may start thinking of herself as a hypnoslut, and will think fondly and often about how good her orgasms are when she cums while in trance.

Initiate Hypnosis –  The first file in our line that is designed for men who are looking for their women to be a little MORE dominant, instead of more submissive.  Oh, don’t worry. She’s still going to be horny as hell, and fantasize about your cock all the time, but with this file, she’s going to get it into her head that you want to be hypnotized, and she’s going to start thinking about how hot and sexy it would be to hypnotize you, and if you’re as much a fan of femdom hypnosis as I am, then Initiate Hypnosis might just be the file you’ve been looking fo

Addicted to Hypnosis – This is our most powerful hypnosis-based subliminal file, and it is designed with the sole purpose of getting your wife addicted to hypnosis. Our Addicted to Hypnosis scripts take her enjoyment of being hypnotized and starts to turn it into a compulsive habit that she’s going to want to indulge daily. She’ll ask you to hypnotize you, will feel unease anytime she’s not under trance, and will find herself going faster, harder, and more solidly into hypnotic trance every time you start to induce her. The sexual enjoyment she gets from hypnosis will increase as well.

Normally almost $100 for all four, the Hypnosis Bundle is just $74.99.


Winner of Fleshlight Contest

Trainer Robert H was the lucky winner, who wrote me saying “Give me a little bit of time to choose what toy I want so I can find a way to spring it on my wife.”

Take all the time you need, Robert! When he decides, he’ll get the sex toy of his choice from


Winners of Best Review Ever (2017) Contest

Everyone who submitted a review from 9/29 through 10/16 qualified to win this year’s “Best Review Ever” contest. The three winners we picked each get a copy of any file they want. Everyone else gets a $5 gift certificate for each review they submitted. To collect your rewards, email me directly at so I can send you your coupons. Without further ado, here were our three winners:

The Most Intimate Review of 2017 goes to Hawkeye, who was man enough to admit that the file he bought did exactly what it said it did..and that just wasn’t what he had been hoping for (I’ve made that same mistake before)!

Ok so I have to admit I was a little frustrated with the results on this – but only because I realized after the fact that my concept of cock worship was not hand jobs, but blow jobs!

I played the rain version overnight on repeat and got a hand job from my wife the first morning.

Nothing then for about a week although I had been playing the silent version during the day and rain at night. One thing I did notice during this week was my wife telling me more frequently than normal how much she loves me and values me, and how attractive she finds me. I’m wondering if this is a byproduct of the core package which I believe you said is now part of all the 3rd gen products, SWT.

The next thing I noticed was that my wife would start something but not follow through. So on Saturday morning the following week (after a night of rain) I got the first half of a hand job and then she told me, “you can do something about that.” I wasn’t going to let the opportunity get away so I said, “I’ll show you exactly what I can do about that!” And proceeded to fuck her. The next morning I got the first half of a blow job before she lost interest. So I’m getting the feeling that she was starting to respond to the subliminals but was not completely convinced yet.

This was followed by about a week or 2 of some of the most bitchy, nit picky fighting that we have ever had as a couple. This really took me by surprise because we always get along! We are that couple that everybody always uses as an example of the ridiculously happy marriage. I’m glad to say that we talked it out and are past it, but I’m thinking there was a blockage there that was keeping us from getting down and dirty, and the subliminals forced that to the surface so we would have to deal with it.

I’m coming up now on a month of 3-4 hours of silent every day when we get home from work, and at least 4 hours of rain at night when she is sleeping. A new development I’ve noticed in the last week is that she will just reach out absent mindedly while we are doing normal stuff – watching tv, doing the dishes, etc, and feel my dick. I’m wondering if she is checking to see if I have a hardon. I don’t normally walk around with a boner all the time, so she hasn’t grabbed me when I’m hard yet. I’m interested to see what happens when she does.

I have been playing everything without her knowledge, just out of curiosity to see what would happen, not because I feel like I need to hide anything from her. We already have a pretty healthy sex life, which includes D/s and hypno play so nothing about this would be a problem with her. I’m wondering if you would be alright with making the files that I have paid for available for me to play for her, without the subliminal encoding. I’d like her to be able to hear exactly what she’s hearing when I tell her that I’m playkng subliminals. She’s super detail oriented and I know that will be the first question she has. Plus, I think even just listening to 20 minutes of un-encoded cock worship affirmations would get her pretty hot and bothered!

Back to my original feeling of frustration. I read the description more carefully and I realized that she was doing all of the things that the file tells her to do. I was expecting BJs and getting upset that I wasn’t getting them. But, she is touching and stroking my cock much more frequently than before I started playing the subliminals, and I have a feeling we have worked through some of the things that were holding us back from enjoying sexy time more frequently. I’m getting an oral file and swallow, which I will add to the rotation, to get her into the mood to worship my boner the way I expect her to.

I realize this review got really long. Please feel free to edit in what way you see fit. Also, if I can get the un-encoded files as mentioned that would be really appreciated. Thanks and kick some ass on the 20th!


The Most Inspirational Review of 2017 goes to FM, whose wife has found a love of ditzy, brainless sex thanks to Curious Bimbo. FM is training his wife to be something truly special, and her response to the training files was wonderfully inspirational:

So we’ve been married for over a decade now, and while there have been brief flashes of the slutty bimbo hiding in my wife, nothing has brought it out… until I started playing this file and a couple of others around the house, after 2 weeks of exposure out of the blue she comes home with a pair of heels telling me how she wants to dress nicer because of all the things I do for her. Now mind you, this is a mother of 4 who hasn’t taken the time to dress for anything outside of pure practicality for almost 9 years. Calling our sex life slightly vanilla would be like saying Napoleon was slightly french. But once again after 8 weeks of the file she started asking me to “Please give me an orgasm so my mind will go blank again.” Last night was the greatest moment ever, after begging me to “Cum all over me.” and “Lick my pussy, and kiss me so I can taste my lust.” she exploded, soaking the bed when I asked if she was happy becoming my Bimbo Cumslut.

Trainher, I and all the other men who use this site cannot thank you enough for how you’ve truly helped our marriages.


And the hands-down winner of Best Review Ever (2017) goes to Louis, whose playing of Bare Down There got TWO wives to shave their pussies for their husbands!

My wife and I have been using hypno and subliminal training files for many years on and off some with her knowledge some without…All with her consent..I use an Android Phone lined in surround sound speakers… Silent files…volume way up til right before any noise is noticed (love the 3rd Gen. Files..very quiet)
I ‘ve been running files one at a time on repeat 24/7 until I notice an affect…
Bare Down There I ran for about 8 days before the wife asked me to help make her smooth..hehehe I was thrilled…I setup for the task..This was an erotic thrill for both..I tell you I watched her clit swell up and her puss started drooling before I even finished.The sex was outstanding and she even commented than she felt every little sensation magnified!…
This was great..she had mentioned the experience to our daugher in-law (We live with her and our son)
She told my wife she had gotten tired of her bush and wacked it off 2 days ago!!! and “Having it bare down there had her horny as hell she couldn’t wait to scrub her snatch on our son!!!” This told me the file works!!! The sound setup works!!! Everyone can be affected…(some sooner than others AND unintended…my lucky son)….Thanx SWT


Final Notes

It’s midnight, and my surgery is in seven hours. Since I found out about the hole in my heart and got a surgery date and let you guys know what has been happening, the support you’ve given me has been incredible. I am truly blessed to have found a community of men with similar interests and life experiences who care for each other and are willing to at least take the time and send an email asking how a comrade is doing. Thank you everyone. If the files I make have made your life any better, then I know that I can die on the operating table having done good in this world, and making a difference. And if the universe sees fit to let me make it to tomorrow night, then I know I’ve been given more time to keep doing what I’m doing, and try making more wives into the porn-star sex goddesses we all wish they would be.

Thank you everyone. It’s been a hell of a ride. I hope I’m still on it this time tomorrow.


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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Wow. I didn’t think that title would bring a lot of feels with it, but with the recent passing of Tom Petty, it hit a little harder than it might have.

My surgeon called yesterday and let me know that an emergency surgery had taken my slot in the schedule. My surgery has been pushed back 24 hours.


I respect a man who knows he can do one good surgery a day — I wouldn’t want to be under the knife if he had already exhausted himself with an earlier procedure. But it also means 24 hours of going through as many insane worst case scenarios as my brain can come up with (and as evidenced on this site, my brain has a vivid imagination!).

So, to reward my wallet for waiting 24 hours, I am rewarding your wives’ minds with 24% off our entire product line for the rest of the day (and up until 7:00 am tomorrow morning, CST).

I will have the contest winners announced tonight.


Happy training!

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Contests are Closed… Winners to be Announced on Friday

We have selected a random winner for the Win a Fleshlight contest. We had a LOT of orders, and the vast majority of you ordered three or more products, so a lot of possible entries. I’ve notified the winner, and am hoping to hear back from him before Friday, so we can report his selected toy in the victory report on Friday.

For the Best Review Ever contest, we had a fantastic turnout. I decided to include the slew of reviews that came in today too, which brought up the total number of reviews during the contest period to 24. Now my wife and I are going to go through them all and decide which ones we think are the best, in one of three categories:

  • The Best Review Ever
  • The Most Inspirational Review
  • The Most Revealing/Intimate Review

I think I already have a front-runner for one of those, but some of these reviews are so good, they make me hard just reading them. Honestly, it’s a massive turn-on for me to realize that my work has been helping so many men achieve the sex and sexual relationship with their wives that we’ve always dreamed of.

Stay tuned. I’m releasing more 3rd gen updates and Raw Audio files this week, and then we’re off to surgery on Friday. We’ll let everyone know who won the contests before I get knocked out!

Happy training,



Also… did you know that Fleshlight is having a Halloween sale? Buy like, $125 worth of stuff, get a free extra skin for your light. Check it out!

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Trainer’s Notes

Happy Friday the 13th!


A few notes to remind everyone about everything going on here at Let’s ignore the whole “SWT is going into heart surgery on Thursday” part, though, because that scares the hell out of me.


2nd Annual Best Review Ever contest closes on Monday. Everyone who submits a product review (regardless of how many stars you give it), gets a $5 gift certificate for a future purchase. Three winners will be selected, and they’ll all get a coupon for 1 free product of their choice.

Yay, We Sell Fleshlights! contest is underway and closes on Sunday night at midnight. Every single product purchased between 10/12 and that date gives you one entry (bundles count as 3 or 4 entries, depending on how many products are in the bundle), and on Monday one entry will be selected. The winner gets the Fleshlight sex toy of their choice, to celebrate our becoming affiliates with their sales network.

Raw Audio

By popular demand, we are making the complete audio collection of our unmasked files available for sale. What you’ll get there are the vocals and sound effects, plus the entire affirmation list for each file we sell. So far, I’ve uploaded Anal, Cock Worship, and Group Play files. I’m going to try and get them all up by end of the weekend. Each file is just $19.99… and most of you won’t want these or need these, but for some of our trainers, they use hypnosis and other audio manipulation techniques in their training, and these files will be valuable for them. Check them out in the Raw Audio category.


Would any of you be interested in having a discussion forum for the site? We could host it here, or put up a Reddit subreddit for it, or create a Fetlife group discussion. Let us know at If I survive the surgery, we’ll look into doing this, so our trainers can start better sharing their successes, struggles, and training methods.


Have a great weekend!


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Get Your Wife Addicted to Sex Toys, and Win a Free Sex Toy! (Plus, Bundle Pricing!)

Hey Everyone! Huge news today!

First: the entire Sex Toy product line has been upgraded to our 3rd Gen recording methods. That means MORE human voices moaning and whispering “yes” to your wife’s psyche; quieter silent files hitting on more subliminal frequencies; and more interlaced affirmation tracks making every single file an order of magnitude more powerful than our last version. How do I know? Well, my wife used to be against watching porn (I’ve blogged about that here and elsewhere) and she was never really into using sex toys at all.

But now?



Whoops! She gave away our big news! We’re now authorized affiliates of Fleshlight. If you want sex toys for yourself or your wife, we can help you out with that. Which leads to BIG NEWS ITEM #2, a new contest!  WIN THE SEX TOY OF YOUR CHOICE WITH ANY PURCHASE THIS WEEKEND!

Wow! Ok, so let’s break everything down.

Sex Toy Bundle

First and foremost: You can get the entire set of our four sex-toy subliminal training products (Curious, Enjoy, Initiate and Addicted) for just $74.99 — which is $20 less than buying them separately. In fact, with the “help me pay for heart surgery” sale we’re having, the bundle is even cheaper than that right now, so go check it out! Sex Toy Bundle 3.0 is available now!

My Favorite Toy

It’s no secret I’m a HUGE fan of the Fleshlight and the funny part is… by itself, it’s just ok. But when my wife is milking my cock for all it’s worth with it, hot holy damn that feels amazing. Well, we’ve made a marketing deal with Fleshlight. Whenever I say good things about them (like now) they’ll send me a little bit of money if anyone listening ends up buying one. That’s win/win for everybody. And the best part? They sell toys for women too, so if your wife listens to the sex toy files and comes to you asking if you’ll get her one, you can click this link right her:

And I’ll get a little “thank you” cut in the mail. 🙂  I’ll put a link to their site somewhere over on the sidebar too, but probably not until after my surgery.

Contest: Win a Fleshlight!

And so then here’s the final item. Since the sex toy line is brand new, and since I’m now officially “selling” Fleshlights, I figured we could consummate this deal with a contest. From now until 11:59 pm, Sunday night, 10/15/2017, anyone who purchases anything on our site will be entered into a contest to win the sex toy of their choice on the Fleshlight site. You’ll get one entry per product you buy — and don’t worry, bundles are worth the total number of files in each one, so the Sex Toy Bundle will get you four entries, for instance. I’ll contact the winner Monday morning to find out his address and what toy he wants, then we’ll announce the winner on Thursday when we announce the winners of the Best Review Ever contest. That contest, by the way, is still going on, and ends Sunday night too. We’ll send out the $5 gift cards to everyone who submitted a review during the contest period on Monday, after the entry period ends.


So much busy, so many opportunities to win, and so many ways to train your wife. Let’s get to it.


Happy training,






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The Watch Porn Series is now 3rd Gen – and Bundle Priced!

It’s getting cold outside. Fall is here, and winter is coming. That means you’re going to want to start cuddling up with your wife and sit on the couch and watch a nice hot porno with her while she strokes your cock and whispers how hot those two lesbians look in your ear. And to help you achieve that dream scenario, we’ve updated all of our Watch Porn subliminal wife training files with our new 3rd generation mastering methods. To make it even better, we’ve bundled all three of them into a nice “Netflix and Chill” training package… if by “Netflix” you mean Xhamster, and if by “Chill” you mean “Fuck like rabbits.”

You can get all three individually, but the Watch Porn Bundle 3.0 will give you the three files listed for just $59.99 (even lower right now while everything’s on sale!). With the bundle you’ll get ALL of the files that come with:

Curious About Porn 3.0 – Curious About Porn has special affirmations designed to do three things: instruct your wife about the fact that watching porn is natural, it’s something everybody does, and that she’d probably enjoy it if she watched it.

Enjoy Watching Porn 3.0 – This file will take any casual viewer of porn and turn her into regular connoisseur.  She’ll wake up feeling like looking up porn, she’ll spend time on her phone, computer, and pretty much everywhere else either searching for x-rated videos, or fantasizing about how hot and horny she’s going to be when she finally gets a chance to pop one in to watch.

Addicted to Porn 3.0 – Addicted to Porn file takes a regular enjoyment of watching porn and transforms it into a more-than-daily habit that is impossible to break. With regular listening, your wife will start watching (or wanting desperately to watch when she can’t) porn every morning when she gets up, every lunch break, every evening, and every time she has sex with you.


There’s only one week left in the “Best Review Ever” contest. Come review some of the products, get a $5 off coupon for each review left, and the chance to win the product of your choice! All reviews need to be written by 10/15, so we can judge and announce winners on 10/19.





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Common Subliminal Wife Training Questions: How Long Does it Last, Does it Affect Children?

Guy wrote, over on the Initiate Oral Sex 3.0 product page:

This is not a review. I wanted to ask some questions but could not see your contact, so I am just posting here.

I am planning to buy this “initiate oral sex .30.”
1. My 2 year old daughter sleeps in the same room. Will this mp3 effect her? I plan on using the silent version.
2. How long do I need to use this for permanent effect? I mean once I start seeing changes in her behaviour, should I stop playing it or continue to do?

These are great questions, that get asked a lot. I thought I’d take some time to share my reply, and see what everyone else thinks about it too.


Many men ask about how children in the room might be affected by subliminal training directed at the wife. What I tell them is how I’ve handled it in my home, having two young girls of my own, one of whom still sleeps in our bedroom. Short answer: girls listening to these files WILL be affected. That’s why I have tried to very carefully craft every subliminal I sell to be an act I would not have a problem with my daughter performing ON HER HUSBAND ONLY. We get emails all the time from folks asking if we’ll sell scripts aimed at girlfriends or hookups, and the answer is always, “No.” I don’t want someone to use this on someone who isn’t already in a committed, long-term relationship with their partner.

All of our products very specifically indicate that these are actions between a husband and a wife. Not a boyfriend, not a casual acquaintance, not every man she sees. Even things like Bicurious are geared toward “I like looking at sexy women *with my husband.*” A two-year old is going to have a real difficult time processing the signals she’s getting from these subliminals, because most of the key words in them are meaningless to her. But if she absorbs anything, it’s going to be that when she’s with her husband, she can perform these acts. In my mind, I don’t feel that’s wrong. If I could train my daughter to be a great wife for her husband, it would include that anyway, because I’d want her to service him just as thoroughly as my wife services me. So you have to use your own judgment there. Yes, it will probably affect her in some way. But is it wrong to allow her to form the opinion that “initiating blow jobs on her husband is good?” I don’t think so.

As far as how long it takes for the effects to become permanent? Subliminal programming has one significant variable: Exposure time. The more she’s exposed, the more profoundly it will change her. Most women take about 3 weeks of listening 6-8 hours a day to see dramatic change in personality. Some women respond much quicker, others more slowly. Once you start seeing the change you’re training her for, keep up the training until it becomes habit. Give it 2-3 more weeks, then stop training and see if she continues the activity. If not, pick it back up and keep training.

It took your wife years to get the mindset she has now. It will take time to change those attitudes.  After that, you can just resume training anytime you see her progress start to lag — for my wife, if I realize I haven’t seen a particular action in a while that I’m craving, I’ll re-add that file to her playlist and she usually resumes that activity within 2-3 days because she’s been so well trained. And her mind is always processing these things. I haven’t trained her with Dreamslut in months, but the other day she said, “Did you run Dreamslut on me last night? I had the hottest fucking dream and woke up soaking wet.” I smiled and said truthfully that I hadn’t… but that her training will always be deep in her, stirring that sexual kettle. “Well, you better fuck your slut then,” she said, ripping my pants off. “Because I’m horny as fuck!”

Hope this answers your questions.