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This is the ultimate file in our sex toy line up. If you want to find your wife stuffing her twat at every opportunity with a dildo, or vibing the hell out of her clit for a mind-blowing orgasm, this is the file for you. Addicted to Sex Toys will take your wife’s habit of enjoying sex toys to a whole new level. Be warned, though — she might end up loving her dildo more than you! (Just kidding. We’ve got files for that too!)

Affirmations in this file include:

Yes. I will masturbate every night with my vibrators.
Yes. I love the way sex toys feel when I fuck myself with them.
Yes. I love the way it feels when my husband fucks me with a sex toy.
Yes. I am addicted to the feel of a dildo sliding into my pussy.
Yes. Every time my dildo slides into my pussy it feels better and better.
Yes. It is very easy to orgasm with a dildo in my pussy.
Yes. Masturbating with a dildo is the most natural thing in the world.
Yes. I love being addicted to my dildo.

Every file has four women repeating these mantras, two other women having loud, appreciative sex in the background, and a strong male voice instructing your wife in her new mental habits. It sounds like this when unmasked:


The product comes with four “flavors” — silent, roaring ocean, crackling fire, and soothing rainstorm. The files have been named “Addicted to Tolstoy” for your privacy and convenience.



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