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Dreamslut was one of the best selling products in our first generation files. We’re really excited to announce version 2.0! MAN this is a powerful file! Dreamslut 2.0 has everything the original had, plus more. With this file, your wife will start having vivid, erotic dreams every night, starring you. She will be instructed to dream and feel everything happening to her as though it was happening in realty. Underlying erotic noises will spur her body’s arousal, and incessant affirmations to masturbate in her sleep will drive her to shed her clothes and either start fingering herself every night, or wake up every morning horny as fuck and desperate for your cock.

We have added two new sets of instructions though. One, is an increasing desire to sleep naked. She’ll start undressing in her sleep. You may find she wakes up with her panties around her knees at first, or off altogether, but the longer she listens, the more she’s going to want to sleep naked. Her dream coaches are going to convince her that the erotic, slutty dreams she’s having every night would be better if she was already unclothed.

Second, she’s going to start realizing that if she’s having sexy, slutty dreams every night, waking up with her hand in her snatch, wet and cock-thirsty, that maybe she is a slut. And she’s going to realize that she loves being one.

Affirmations in this file (read by four different women, while multiple other women have loud, orgasmic sex in the background) include:

Yes. My dreams are real.
Yes. What I feel in my dreams I feel in reality.
Yes. My hands are wandering over my body.
Yes. I can feel my husband slide his cock into my wet pussy in my dreams.
Yes. I love how my husband’s cock feels in my dreams.
Yes. My dreams excite me.
Yes. My dreams are always sexy.
Yes. It is so easy to orgasm in my dreams.
Yes. I am going to wake up horny.
Yes. I will wake up needing sex.
Yes. My wet, aching pussy needs to be fucked.
Yes. I love fucking my husband in my dreams.
Yes. My hands play with my pussy in my dreams.
Yes. I can masturbate in my sleep.
Yes. I will masturbate in my sleep tonight.
Yes. Tonight I will dream about having sex with my husband.
Yes. I will wake up needing sex.

We include a male voice giving the affirmations as instructions. These seven layers will subliminally assault your wife’s subconscious every night as she sleeps, and she will be helpless to distinguish all these voices from her own. It is only a matter of time before she accepts the commands and begins experiencing and reacting to them exactly as they’ve been given to her.

They sound like this (before subliminal masking):

Dreamslut has a sole purpose and that is to encourage a massive expansion of slutty feelings through constant nocturnal arousal. Signs that it is working include increased masturbation, ditching her nightclothes in her sleep, and her waking you up needing a fuck. It comes with Silent, Ocean, Rain, and Fire masking, and is titled “Lucid Dreaming” for your privacy and convenience.

12 reviews for Dreamslut 2.0 — Dreamier, Sluttier, Masturbatier!

  1. deeperthings

    Bought this a couple days ago. I already have a 45 minute loop of my own design that has been running in the bedroom for months. It is beach sounds behind several short pieces of classical music that my wife really enjoys. It is saturated in ultrasonic subliminal and near ultrasonic paraliminals, as well as synchronized content morphcoded with the background beach sounds and volume masked by the classical music. It includes a fairly intense moan track. It got me a lot of action for the first month I used it, but has diminishing return on investment now.

    I added this 27 minute beach track to the play list two days ago saying it is a break from the music. This morning she was hotter than I’ve seen in a long time and nearly jumped my bones. 4 stars so far. Bit early to judge if it is this new addition or some other thing happening, but… hopeful.
    Well let you know how it goes.
    I wonder if it is possible to get a non-ultrasonic version to remix into the music tracks so that we can make this the only set of affirmations she is getting? I would also like to work an audible version into her trance tape. I can use confusion voices (like always) to distract her conscious mind while really delivering it powerfully to her subconscious. I pack about 4 hours of messages into a 16 minute trance for her. It makes the subliminals/paraliminals much more effective as they become a rehearsal of what has already been learned in trance.
    Please let me know what is possible.

    • Trainher

      We have actually had a couple of requests for the unmasked files in the last few days. I don’t see why we can’t work something out. Can you email me @ and I’ll arrange to get you the file.

  2. deeperthings

    Nothing more since the last review until today.

    I’ve been working overtime – early in to work and late back out. Yesterday the wife had the day off and spent it in her room listening to this one 30% of her time there. Today I’m off, but she needs to go in to work for 2 hours in the morning. I take her with the plan that after we would go for breakfast at her favorite Belge waffle place.

    When we are back in the car, she asks if we can skip breakfast and go home for a fuck – she doesn’t know why but she is really thinking a lot about my cock in her pussy this morning. She never uses those terms, but they are right out of this file.

    She still thinks it was all her idea….

  3. George (verified owner)

    “Honey,” she said. “i had a weird dream last night. I was in the office dressed not appropriately. I then ripped you clothes off and had wild passionate sex. is there something wrong with me?”
    No honey, next time you have one of those dreams feel free to enjoy yourself.

  4. SFM (verified owner)

    hi, just bought this. Is there anyway to check what the subliminals are actually saying in a track? i have audacity but am not sure how to check. Curious before i try it.

    • Trainher

      I am not familiar with how audacity works, but I know there is a Nyquist plugin that can transpose tracks up or down frequency ranges, called Silent Subliminal plugin. If you use that, you should be able to make a moderately successful transposition back down to the hearing range.

  5. SFM

    also, is there anyway i can change my user name on these reviews to sf or annon as for obvious reasons i dont want my actual name up, regards

    • Trainher


  6. Stephen (verified owner)

    How long does it take for the tracks to start working my wife has listened to the Dream slut 2.0, 7 times and still no response are we doing anything wrong?

    • Trainher


      Every woman responds to every file a little differently. We have seen occasions where a woman may start responding almost instantly, but this is very rare. On average, you will start seeing a measurable difference in your wife after about 3 weeks of constant listening. My wife responded very quickly to many of the files I experimented on her with, but a few she actually rejected, and at least one didn’t show any real change in her mindset for more than 6 months. I would say give it some time. Remember that it took her 20 years or more building the mental walls she has now. It may take a little time to pull them down.

      Happy training!


  7. Happyman

    Hey man, I’ve been using this one and have seen some really great results. I only have one huge problem with this file. I’m not sure if it’s been encoded differently or what, but unlike the new HRN or AMA etc, it’s VERY loud – you can actually hear hissing and sex noises if played at the same level as the others. Of course this isn’t great so I’m really hoping you can look at it because this file (as great as it is) is NOT silent 🙁

    • Trainher

      Thank you for the head’s up! We’ll take a look at this next week. If we end up remastering it, we’ll send new download links so everyone who’s ordered it can download it again. I’ll contact you directly after I get a chance to listen to it tonight


  8. Stephen (verified owner)

    My wife is now responding to the audio file thanks for producing these files I may in the future order a custom file for submission. Two thumbs up

  9. Happyman

    Any word on this? I’d really love to add a real silent version of this back into this mix – it was doing wonders!! 😀

    • Trainher

      WOW. The sex track on that was way too loud, wasn’t it? I don’t know how that happened, but we’ve remixed this file and it should be MUCH better now.

      I’ll be sending everyone who’s ordered this (all 218 of you!!!) an email tonight with a new download link.

      And Happyman, you get a special gift certificate for making us aware of the problem!


  10. Happyman

    Great stuff!! Just emailed you 🙂 Can’t wait!!

  11. Mr D. (verified owner)

    I have been playing the silent from under the bed for about 2 weeks now. I have noticed a few positive effects. First she stopped wearing panties to bed altogether. This is new and welcomed. Next, she started sleeping on her back with her legs spread wide almost exclusively. Even if she rolls over on her stomach or side it only lasts a few minutes, then she is back on her back with her legs spread. Throughout the 18 years we have been married she has been a side sleeper EXCLUSIVELY never a back sleeper. The coolest thing is that she moans and sighs all night long as if we were having sex. Still waiting for her to start masturbating in her sleep!

  12. Shawn (verified owner)

    Had to stop using. Was getting results, slow and steady, but at around 2-3 weeks she started having disturbing dreams, dreaming of or remembering childhood abuse.

    • Trainher

      Very sorry to hear that, Shawn.

      We have had some blog posts about this in the past, and will have another one soon. If your wife has made specific active mental barriers against a particular activity, many times you will find that trying to train her will have severe negative results. My wife, for instance, had made a vow to stop watching porn when she was younger, and when I tried training her with our porn series, it made her aggressive, angry and very NOT interested in sex with me. These kinds of blocks take a lot more time and open communication to try and start healing. For your wife, it may be that you want to approach her and spend some honest time having her open up and discuss the evils that happened in her past, all the time comforting her and showing her that you love her for herself, and not just for the sex with her. This will help her release those demons and begin trusting you in ways maybe she’s never been able to in the past, which can only further increase the effectiveness of further training. Ease her into programs gently, and be there to support her if she runs into an active wall, and I think you’ll see significant improvement.


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