Dreamslut 2.0 — Dreamier, Sluttier, Masturbatier!

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Dreamslut was one of the best selling products in our first generation files. We’re really excited to announce version 2.0! MAN this is a powerful file! Dreamslut 2.0 has everything the original had, plus more. With this file, your wife will start having vivid, erotic dreams every night, starring you. She will be instructed to dream and feel everything happening to her as though it was happening in realty. Underlying erotic noises will spur her body’s arousal, and incessant affirmations to masturbate in her sleep will drive her to shed her clothes and either start fingering herself every night, or wake up every morning horny as fuck and desperate for your cock.

We have added two new sets of instructions though. One, is an increasing desire to sleep naked. She’ll start undressing in her sleep. You may find she wakes up with her panties around her knees at first, or off altogether, but the longer she listens, the more she’s going to want to sleep naked. Her dream coaches are going to convince her that the erotic, slutty dreams she’s having every night would be better if she was already unclothed.

Second, she’s going to start realizing that if she’s having sexy, slutty dreams every night, waking up with her hand in her snatch, wet and cock-thirsty, that maybe she is a slut. And she’s going to realize that she loves being one.

Affirmations in this file (read by four different women, while multiple other women have loud, orgasmic sex in the background) include:

Yes. My dreams are real.
Yes. What I feel in my dreams I feel in reality.
Yes. My hands are wandering over my body.
Yes. I can feel my husband slide his cock into my wet pussy in my dreams.
Yes. I love how my husband’s cock feels in my dreams.
Yes. My dreams excite me.
Yes. My dreams are always sexy.
Yes. It is so easy to orgasm in my dreams.
Yes. I am going to wake up horny.
Yes. I will wake up needing sex.
Yes. My wet, aching pussy needs to be fucked.
Yes. I love fucking my husband in my dreams.
Yes. My hands play with my pussy in my dreams.
Yes. I can masturbate in my sleep.
Yes. I will masturbate in my sleep tonight.
Yes. Tonight I will dream about having sex with my husband.
Yes. I will wake up needing sex.

We include a male voice giving the affirmations as instructions. These seven layers will subliminally assault your wife’s subconscious every night as she sleeps, and she will be helpless to distinguish all these voices from her own. It is only a matter of time before she accepts the commands and begins experiencing and reacting to them exactly as they’ve been given to her.

They sound like this (before subliminal masking):

Dreamslut has a sole purpose and that is to encourage a massive expansion of slutty feelings through constant nocturnal arousal. Signs that it is working include increased masturbation, ditching her nightclothes in her sleep, and her waking you up needing a fuck. It comes with Silent, Ocean, Rain, and Fire masking, and is titled “Lucid Dreaming” for your privacy and convenience.

12 reviews for Dreamslut 2.0 — Dreamier, Sluttier, Masturbatier!

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