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Call for Reviews: Cock Worship is now 3rd Gen!

In upgrading our product library to the new 3rd generation methodology, I realized that none of the cock worship files have a single review. This isn’t entirely uncommon: the vast majority of reviews we get are for Dreamslut or Horny Right Now. But it surprised me because this is a file set I created not because I wanted more handjobs from my wife (well, ok, yeah, I do!), but because she gives AMAZING hand jobs, and I wanted to make a product that would give other men what I have: a wife who will routinely pull out her favorite massage oil, strip me down, and then make an evening out of seeing how hard she can make me, how much precum she can force from my cock as I quiver uncontrollably from her constant attention to it, and how big of an explosion she can make when I finally blow my load all over her.

I also realized that we don’t have a bundle for the cock worship files. SO… to remedy both of these situations, we’ve created a new Cock Worship Bundle where you can get Curious About Cock Worship, Enjoy Cock Worship, and Addicted to Cock Worship at one very low price! You totally need to go check that out. Our 3rd Generation recordings give you subliminal affirmations at both the supersonic and the subsonic levels. There are real human women repeating “yes” and moaning over and over to heighten your wife’s subconscious acceptance of everything she’s listening too, and the silent files are now nearly entirely silent — no more pops or hisses!

On top of that, we are going to host our (annual now, since we did something like it last year)  “Best Review Ever!” contest.

Here’s how it works:  Write a review of a product you’ve trained your wife with (of course, you need to have actually have purchased whichever product you review). Enter as many times as you like, the sky’s the limit! You have until 10/15 to enter (because I’m headed into surgery at the end of the week and we need time for judging!) and then we’ll announce the winners on the morning of 10/19.


We’ll give away a coupon for 1 free product of your choice to the reviewer who writes

  1. The Best Review Ever
  2. The Most Inspirational Review
  3. The Most Revealing/Intimate Review

In addition, everyone who writes a review will get a coupon for $5 off their next purchase — one for every review they write. If you write 10 reviews, you can get the new Cock Worship Bundle for free! (Oh, and did I mention, I sure hope someone writes reviews for those products!)

And that actually brings up an important point: be honest. These files don’t always work as well as we’d like. Some women respond more strongly to subliminal programming than others do. Some women respond very positively to certain affirmations and very negatively toward others (my wife, as you know, completely absorbed Oral Sex and Masturbation training, but utterly rejected Porn training). It’s ok to leave a 1-star review. Just be honest in your evaluation, and that in and of itself will help us build a better product in the future, because I use all of this feedback when I’m crafting new files.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend everyone, and if you don’t have the Cock Worship Bundle yet, get it while it’s still on sale!


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The long awaited return has come:

We are now offering fully customizable sexual behavior training files for your wife (or hell, for you too, if you want). Now you can add your wife’s name to the file playing, add your name, add up to 500 words of a custom script directing her subconscious to desire EXACTLY what you want her to.

Every custom file includes Horny Right Now, our best-selling arousal product. After that, what you want to do is limited practically by your imagination only.

Because our new mastering process can use human or computer-generated voices, if you want actual live actresses speaking the affirmations going into your wife’s head, you can get that too! Want to include an MP3 of yourself speaking commands directly into your wife’s brain? Even that can be included in this incredibly flexible, powerful training file.

FInally, while we always provide the silent, fire, ocean and rain masks with our products, with the custom product you can also have a commercial music CD of your choice as the background. Want your wife to start thinking about Anal Sex in the Woods while listening to Justin Bieber? Now it’s totally doable.

A note: it takes at least a week to put together our custom files, so if demand gets too high, we will take the product and mark it “out of stock” so it won’t be available until we get our backlog caught up.

If you have any questions about our custom sexual behavior training files, drop us a line @ We’re always here to help with answers and support.

Happy training!



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Make it the MOST Wonderful (Subliminal Training) Time of the Year!

Based on a suggestion from a customer, we now have a Christmas-Themed Subliminal Training Bundle! Our two most popular files are available masked behind popular Christmas music. You can now ensure that every time your wife listens to the Twelve Days of Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, or Silver Bells, she’s also being bombarded with affirmations that will drive her insane with lust, put much naughtier things in her head than sugar plums, and keep the heat up in your house no matter how cold it gets outside.

Over 45 minutes of music — 16 different classic Christmas songs — masking the libido-maximizing Horny Right Now, and the sexual-dream-stimulator DreamSlut, this is one of our most ambitious products ever. We think it will end up being one of our most successful too. I know that at our house, the wife wants to play Christmas music all the time. Now I can ensure she gets her high-quality subliminal training… and it’s all happening by her own request!

The Christmas Bundle costs a little bit more than Horny Right Now and DreamSlut do by themselves, because we are reselling a full copy of an actual audio CD, and every time a customer purchases this product, we need to buy a fresh one for them: there is no musical piracy here. You’re buying an actual Holiday playlist… just… modified. 

Christmas Bundle: Horny Right Now & DreamSlut can be yours for $59.99. Hurry! It will leave the store on 1/1/2017!



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New Product Line: Cock Worship

Just in time for Thanksgiving week, we are releasing our new Cock Worship products. If you love hand jobs more than she loves giving them, these are the files you’re looking for. Be warned: if you buy these, you’re going to want to buy some lube too. Your wife is going to be using a lot of it on you!

The files are:


Curious About Cock Worship is the first in our new cock worship line. This is for women who have never expressed interest in loving her husband’s cock beyond plain old intercourse. The file repeats over and over in her head that she’s curious about it, intrigued enough start daydreaming and fantasizing about her husband’s beautiful, hard cock, and soon enough, a driving need to stroke you to orgasm will eventually break down her barriers. It’s only a matter of time before she takes matters into her own hands, and then you’ll have her hooked! Curious About Cock Worship is available now for $19.99.

Enjoy Cock Worship increases that curiosity. The wife who’s just discovered (or been reminded) about how good making her husband come can feel herself, is going to start truly enjoying it. She’ll find herself dreaming about stroking your cock every night. She’s going to find bananas, remote controls, all sorts of objects in her hands remind her of your hard cock, and she’s going to want to get you off every night. The voices in her head are going to encourage her to try and make worshipping your cock her new-found favorite hobby. Enjoy Cock Worship retails for $19.99.

Addicted to Cock Worship is the ultimate trainer for a woman that you want constantly thinking about having her hands around your cock, sacrificing her body upon your cock, worshipping it every way possible. Her regular habit is going to become a hard core addiction. She’ll wake up needing to touch you, she’ll spend all day looking for time alone with you to get her hands or mouth or pussy on your cock, and she’ll dream all night about stroking your cock so much, she’ll wake up wet and horny — desperate to make you come. She will be utterly addicted to the feel of self-pleasure, and glad for it. All this is yours for just $24.99

All of our new files have seven tracks playing at the same time, in addition to the masking “flavor.” Four of the tracks are different women repeating the affirmations for each file. The fifth track is a male voice, “instructing” your wife by telling her she will start doing the actions in the affirmations. The final two tracks are women having loud, satisfying sex. The combination of all these voices and sounds are extraordinarily powerful in infiltrating your wife’s mind and psyche, turning her attentions toward the topics you’ve specifically targeted for her to learn.

All of the old files in our masturbation line are still available for sale, in the Legacy menu. They are all bargain priced at just $9.99.  Next week we will bringing a whole new set of files. Stay tuned, and if you want to hazard a guess as to what’s coming next, check out all the menu options in the catalog. We’ll have files for ALL of those soon!

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Make Her Love Women As Much As You Do: Bi-Curious Is Here!

When I had my first three-way this summer, it was pretty damn cool. It was everything I’d ever hoped it would be… minus one thing. I realized — as my best buddy pounded my wife and she gobbled my cock between moans of passion — was that I really wanted to be the dude in the middle, being sexed up by two women! And that’s why I wrote Bi-Curious. See, my wife was very interested in three-way sex (thanks to another file I will be releasing after the Bi series), but I didn’t realize she wasn’t into sex with women at all. Oops!

Bi-Curious is the file you’re going to want to start with when you’re contemplating setting up a three way, swinging, or any group activity. Maybe you want to get with her hot friend, or know a friend you’d like to get some benefits from. Start getting her interested in having sex with women,  with that little nudge “with you” and she’ll be primed for the future adventure when it comes.

I’m not sure if I’m going to do the “enjoy” or “addicted” line for this series, because I’m afraid of what happens if it’s so powerful she decides carpet-munching is all she ever wants again!? So for now, we’ve got curious. Just that tickle, desire, and itch-that-needs-scratching to start ogling women’s tits, thinking about having sex with a woman when she’s masturbating, and wondering if she should ask you what you think about her getting it on with another woman.

Let the adventure begin… It’s only $19.99 and comes with Silent, Fire, Ocean, and Rain masking.


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Never Underestimate the Power of Touch

Sorry for not releasing a ton of products this week. I also run a Donald Trump fan site, and business has been GOOD. Apparently that makes me an angry white guy with no college degree who hates women,  muslims, mexicans,  gays and Democrats. That is a lie.

I love women!

(All those other things are ok, too! :p )

Anyhoo… Tonight we are releasing our popular Touch and Be Touched product, now with our multi-voice, multi-track ultrasonics. Touch and Be Touched has a special purpose. Instead of directing your wife to take action on you, by sucking cock, or craving anal play, or wanting to masturbate, this file places her desires on your hands. Specifically, your hands on her body. Men who have wives who don’t like being touched, or who just don’t enjoy being fondled by their husbands will see marked changes as she starts wanting more and more intimacy and personal contact with you.

Affirmations like the following are littered throughout the file, which includes a desire to have breasts, stomach, ass, pussy and every erogenous zone on her body touched by her husband:

Yes. My body is beautiful.
Yes. I am a sexual woman.
Yes. I love my body.
Yes. I deserve pleasure.
Yes. I am starting to enjoy having my husband touch me.
Yes. I love it when my husband touches my pussy.
Yes. I want my husband to touch my pussy right now.
Yes. I enjoy waking up to my pussy being touched.
Yes. I love waking up with my pussy being touched.
Yes. I am easily aroused.
Yes. I am going to shave my pussy.

This is a perfect add-on to any of our other training programs, or can be used most effectively by itself on an all-night training regimen. With the new remastering, we now have four women’s voices repeating the affirmations over and over while two other women moan loudly and a male voice instructs your wife as to her new desires.

You can get Touch and Be Touched for just $19.99.


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Our Most Powerful, Life-Changing Program EVER: Curious Bimbo

LOTS of you have asked about this one in the past, and it was high time we tackled it. Holy shit did we tackle it!

There is a certain appeal to a woman who is big-boobed, heavily make-upped, horny as fuck, and dumb as a rock. They call women like that bimbos, and for many men, marrying a bimbo is like trying to catch and ride a unicorn: even if they existed, it just doesn’t happen. Until today. Our new file, Curious Bimbo is the perfect intro into a bimbo lifestyle for your wife, and is the most technologically advanced, powerful product we have ever produced. This thing will knock her intellectualism on its ass and convince her that being sexy, giggly, air-headed, and horny is just… the best thing ever.

With Curious Bimbo, your wife is going to start thinking about dyeing her hair platinum blonde, painting her nails and lips candy red. Oh, she’s going to have a thing about candy. Specifically, thinking about your cock like a big, yummy lollipop. You’ll know it’s working because she’s going to say a word she has never said before in reference to your cock. You’ll know it when you hear it.


She’s going to start giggling more,  be hornier and sluttier than ever. She’ll actually start thinking about getting bigger boobs. She’s going to want to masturbate all the time. She’ll love the fact that she is a horny little slut for you, because she’s a bimbo, and bimbos love being fucked by their husbands!

Now, here’s the best part: it may very well be *impossible* to turn an intelligent woman into a bubble-brained bimbo permanently. So we don’t even try. We go completely around her mind’s defenses by telling her that she wants to PRETEND to be a bimbo to please you sexually. And while that’s running, while her mind is accepting all the things she’s going to pretend to like and role-play to the extreme with you, guess what?

Her mind is still accepting the thousands of affirmations pouring into it every hour.

Look, we didn’t even use computer-generated voices for the female voices on this one. No, we needed real life women giggling and moaning and being just… happy to be bimbos repeating their affirmations over and over, and then we layered it into a SIXTEEN TRACK program. There are so many affirmations and laughs and moans and sex and a strong male voice telling her to “Listen. Learn. Accept. Obey.” It’s mind-blowing how powerful this file is. Take a listen!

Curious Bimbo comes with our traditional Crackling Fire, Roaring Ocean, Silent Subliminal, and Soothing Rainstorm flavors. Every file is named “Curious About Biology” for your privacy and convenience.

AND, as a special bonus. If you want the UNMASKED version of Curious Bimbo (so you can hear all 16 of these tracks in their majestic, sexy-as-fuck glory), you can  have that too (for a nominal fee, of course. This shit doesn’t write/act/record itself!)

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Make Her Love Screaming In Agony/Ecstasy With Our New Pain Line

This was a hard set of files for me to write and master, because I’m not much into sadomasochism. It’s a vital part of a healthy BDSM lifestyle, though, so that’s why I took the time to put together our new Pain line. These subliminal products will introduce your wife to loving being spanked, having her hair pulled, you name it, all the way up to craving your firm hand blistering her ass, your dominant fingers cruelly pinching her nipples to bring her into submission.


Curious About Pain is the first in our new pain line. It is an introduction to the topic for women who have no interest in being spanked, or otherwise hurt during sex. For whatever reason, a lot of women just don’t naturally get off on this. Your wife will start reading books like 50 Shades of Gray, and imagining herself in the sub’s role. She’ll start recognizing herself as becoming horny whenever she thinks about pain during foreplay. Her curiosity will grow until it becomes too much to resist. She’ll sway her ass at you, ask you to spank her, and like it. Curious About Pain is available now for $19.99.

Enjoy Pain increases that curiosity and turns your wife’s occasional flirtations with BDSM into a daily habit. She’s going to start thinking about wanting to submit to you sexually as a submissive slave. She’s going to be turned on by paddles, and nipple clamps, and all varieties of kinky interactions. She’s gong to start wanting to experience pain under your dominant hand every time you have sex. Enjoy Pain retails for $19.99.

Addicted to Pain is the ultimate mind-changer about pain. Your wife’s daily habit is going to become a regular addiction. She’s going to start identifying herself as a dirty horny pain slut. She’s going to start needing you to dominate her. She’s going to think of you as her master, and crave the times she earns a punishment that drives her pain-addicted body to orgasm. Every day and every night she’s going to be watching BDSM porn or waiting for the next moment she submit to you, and she’ll gladly admit that pain is her favorite vice of all.  All this can be yours for just $24.99

All of our new files have seven tracks playing at the same time, in addition to the masking “flavor.” Four of the tracks are different women repeating the affirmations for each file. The fifth track is a male voice, “instructing” your wife by telling her she will start doing the actions in the affirmations. The final two tracks are women having loud, satisfying sex. The combination of all these voices and sounds are extraordinarily powerful in infiltrating your wife’s mind and psyche, turning her attentions toward the topics you’ve specifically targeted for her to learn.


Don’t forget about our three contests going on this month, and stay tuned for this weekend, when we reveal our WILDEST, CRAZIEST, MOST INSANELY AWESOME PRODUCT EVER. I’m not even joking.

One hint.



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Your Wife is BOUND to Love our New Bondage Line!

Made my day — hell, my WEEK — when the wife texted me and said “I just bought us some new toys for the bedroom…” and then texted me a photo of a leather mask, rope, and the sexiest fucking bra I’d ever seen. It meant we were going to have serious fun just as soon as the Amazon guy got here, and that my new files were working. I had gotten her curious about bondage!

Our new bondage line is based exclusively around a curiosity, growing enjoyment, and then addiction to wanting to be tied up, bound, gagged, blindfolded, and used for sex. Strong submissive tones, these files lead directly to an acceptance and desire to become a husband’s sexual slave. For the purposes of laser-focusing the affirmations, though, they do not include any pain messages… those will be coming out in a different series this week). Basically these files focus on BD, and next weeks focus on SM. Put them together for the full experience.


Curious About Bondage is the first in our new bondage line. It is an introduction to the topic for women who have no interest in being tied up, or who have never even tried it before. It’s going to have her start fantasizing about it. Maybe pick up a “safe” book or film like 50 Shades of Gray that will generate a curiosity about the topic she’ll swear came right out of her own brain and libido. Suddenly she’s going to find the whole concept of bondage as being… erotic, something to try, possibly really enjoy.  Curious About Bondage is available now for $19.99.

Enjoy Bondage increases that curiosity and turns your wife’s occasional flirtation with bondage into an enjoyable habit that she’s going to want to pursue on a regular basis. She will start to understand just how sexually incredible being tied up is, and will begin craving that on a deep, subconscious level.  You’re going to find her start putting herself into self-bondage, and even begging you to take control of her body sexually. Better? She’s going to love every second of it. Enjoy Bondage retails for $19.99.

Addicted to Bondage is designed to help turn your wife into a full-on submissive slut. She’s going to be thinking about being tied up, blindfolded, gagged, spread-eagle, hog-tied — all of it, all of the time. She’ll find herself feeling out of sorts when she’s not bound and under your sexual dominance. She’s going to start calling you master, and thinking about how much she wants to be your slave. With extended play, this will permanently raise your wife’s desire and need to be your sexual plaything, tied up and completely surrendering her sexual pleasure to your control. All this can be yours for just $24.99

All of our new files have seven tracks playing at the same time, in addition to the masking “flavor.” Four of the tracks are different women repeating the affirmations for each file. The fifth track is a male voice, “instructing” your wife by telling her she will start doing the actions in the affirmations. The final two tracks are women having loud, satisfying sex. The combination of all these voices and sounds are extraordinarily powerful in infiltrating your wife’s mind and psyche, turning her attentions toward the topics you’ve specifically targeted for her to learn.