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Call for Reviews: Cock Worship is now 3rd Gen!

In upgrading our product library to the new 3rd generation methodology, I realized that none of the cock worship files have a single review. This isn’t entirely uncommon: the vast majority of reviews we get are for Dreamslut or Horny Right Now. But it surprised me because this is a file set I created not because I wanted more handjobs from my wife (well, ok, yeah, I do!), but because she gives AMAZING hand jobs, and I wanted to make a product that would give other men what I have: a wife who will routinely pull out her favorite massage oil, strip me down, and then make an evening out of seeing how hard she can make me, how much precum she can force from my cock as I quiver uncontrollably from her constant attention to it, and how big of an explosion she can make when I finally blow my load all over her.

I also realized that we don’t have a bundle for the cock worship files. SO… to remedy both of these situations, we’ve created a new Cock Worship Bundle where you can get Curious About Cock Worship, Enjoy Cock Worship, and Addicted to Cock Worship at one very low price! You totally need to go check that out. Our 3rd Generation recordings give you subliminal affirmations at both the supersonic and the subsonic levels. There are real human women repeating “yes” and moaning over and over to heighten your wife’s subconscious acceptance of everything she’s listening too, and the silent files are now nearly entirely silent — no more pops or hisses!

On top of that, we are going to host our (annual now, since we did something like it last year)  “Best Review Ever!” contest.

Here’s how it works:  Write a review of a product you’ve trained your wife with (of course, you need to have actually have purchased whichever product you review). Enter as many times as you like, the sky’s the limit! You have until 10/15 to enter (because I’m headed into surgery at the end of the week and we need time for judging!) and then we’ll announce the winners on the morning of 10/19.


We’ll give away a coupon for 1 free product of your choice to the reviewer who writes

  1. The Best Review Ever
  2. The Most Inspirational Review
  3. The Most Revealing/Intimate Review

In addition, everyone who writes a review will get a coupon for $5 off their next purchase — one for every review they write. If you write 10 reviews, you can get the new Cock Worship Bundle for free! (Oh, and did I mention, I sure hope someone writes reviews for those products!)

And that actually brings up an important point: be honest. These files don’t always work as well as we’d like. Some women respond more strongly to subliminal programming than others do. Some women respond very positively to certain affirmations and very negatively toward others (my wife, as you know, completely absorbed Oral Sex and Masturbation training, but utterly rejected Porn training). It’s ok to leave a 1-star review. Just be honest in your evaluation, and that in and of itself will help us build a better product in the future, because I use all of this feedback when I’m crafting new files.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend everyone, and if you don’t have the Cock Worship Bundle yet, get it while it’s still on sale!


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(Literally) Broken-Hearted

Long-time followers of this site remember when I used to blog about my training sessions with my wife. They read as I tried various methodologies with her, placed speakers in various parts of the house, and began the process of generating the file library that we offer here at this site. They’ll recall hearing about how my wife found out she was being trained, and even though she went bat-shit insane at the idea, she realized I had been doing it to try and save our relationship. She accepted more training, and she’s been a partner in the business ever since, helping write some of the scripts and allowing her mind to be an open book when new files are being developed.

Since the site went “commercial” I’ve posted less and less about our personal lives, but it’s cropped up here and there. Earlier this year I mentioned that my ability to put files out was being hampered by a 150-mile (each way!) commute, and then early this summer I posted about our need to build out a better recording studio (spoiler: you guys ROCK, and we got nearly everything we needed!). But other than that, we’re pretty private folk and keep to ourselves. If I’m not mentioning what’s going on at home, it’s because everything’s going the way it ought to.

That changed recently.

Back in the middle of summer, I had what seemed like a really bad allergy attack. Except, it didn’t go away. The wheezing and coughing and sneezing turned into something like pneumonia as a deep clogging blech just filled my lungs and made me hack and cough all day lung with tons of productive phlegm and gross crap coming out every time. I was shorter and shorter of breath up until the point where I became literally winded just getting up to go to the bathroom or pick up one of my kids.

Then at work, one day, I was at a meeting, and I fell asleep at the meeting. Mind you, this is something I just don’t do. Not only that, but when it was my turn to speak, I couldn’t think of the right words to say… and not because of lack of preparation, but because I couldn’t remember how to say the right words. I would start saying something, realize it was the wrong thing and try to restart the sentence mid-word, which made it sound like I was stuttering. I texted my wife, “I’ve developed a stutter.”

Then, my eyes got jittery. By that, I mean I would look at a stationary object, like a coffee cup, or a pencil… and it would be moving all zig-zag and crazy like. Like this:

At that point, my wife had had enough. She rushed to my work, came and got me, and said, “We’re going to the urgent care.”

When we got to the urgent care, I told the doctor what I’ve just told you, and he said, “My God, man. Why are you here? You need to be at the ER. Stat!” (Stat is a medical term meaning, “Wizard is about to die.”)

They rushed me to the hospital, where I got tested for an aneurism (nope!), a possible allergic reaction to a new allergy medicine (nope, but ironic, right?), or a stroke (nope) or… and hey, why isn’t my blood pressure going down even though they’ve got me on a ton of blood-pressure medicine?

So they tested my kidneys to see if they weren’t processing my medicines right (nope!) and then they tested my heart to see if it was… oh. shit. Why is that valve…broken? Not just broken, but… shredded?

From somewhere in the bowels of the hospital they summoned a cardiologist to come and explain to me that I had an actual broken heart. My four-cylinder engine had a broken gasket, and blood was going the wrong way down a one-way street.

For those who are medically minded, I have what is known as a “flayed mitral valve.” For those who aren’t, think about it this way: there are 4 chambers in the heart, and when your heart beats, it’s really pushing blood in or out of one of those chambers. The mitral valve is the connection from one chamber to another. It opens, blood shoots through, and it closes, preventing blood from regurgitating back into the old valve. There are little strands of muscle and tissue that do the opening and closing called chordae. Except my chordae are torn in several spots, and the valve doesn’t close right, and every three-or-four times my heart beats… blood backwashes the wrong way.

Left untreated, my broken heart is going to kill me.

Now, I have a morbid, morbid sense of humor. That part of me says I should just jump out right now and say “Before I die, though, the Oral Sex Bundle has been updated with all-new 3rd generation files! Get it today!” But that would be crude. Funny, but crude.

My wife is terrified. We have pretty good insurance, but there’s a big deductible that started to come down hard on me for the hospital stay I had in July. We have pretty good insurance, but the rest of that deductible will come due when I have heart surgery on October 20th to try and repair it. We have pretty good insurance, but that doesn’t negate the fear and anxiety that comes from knowing that in little more than a month, a surgeon is going to slice me open, stick metal tools into my chest, and literally try to cross-stitch my heart back together.

What this means to you:

We’re going to keep pushing out the 3rd generation product line, upgrading all our old files as quickly as possible, but there won’t be any new files coming out in the next 30 days. We’re going to stop accepting custom orders for the time being, but we will bust ass trying to close out the open custom orders still in the queue (and apologies to you guys, thanks for your patience).

If I die…

If I die the site will go on. I’m training my wife in something new this month: how to do the mastering of our files. She will continue putting out new files, and will reach out to our core of beta testers to do all of the testing that I originally used her for. I hope you treat her right… you all owe her a little bit for the hoops her brain learned to jump through on your behalf. :p

In the meantime, I’ve put a site up asking for folks to help cover the costs of the hospital stay, the hotel costs for my family while I’m in the hospital (it’s half a state away from where we live) and the loss of income from being out of work for 3-4 weeks (!) after surgery (best case scenario).

For those of you who don’t care about any of that shit and are just here for the mind-fuckery, you can help just by buying something, and to make that easier for you to do, I’ve put Everything in the store on sale for 20% off. Sale price will be reflected on every item.

For those of you who care, but want to donate without being a part of some crowd-sourcing mumbo jumbo, you can always just send us a Paypal to

And if you want to help out with the, then please send me an email (either the our our official email here, and I’ll send you the link. Because we’ll be sharing that campaign with the general public, we want to try and keep it separate from the business here, as I’m sure many of you understand.

Whether I die or not, I want every one of you to know that I am constantly humbled and amazed at your support. The testimonials we get are mind-blowing. The letters and correspondence we get from folks offering audio engineer advice is gratefully accepts, and we always get folks encouraging us, offering to help, extending hands of friendship and I am overwhelmed with this community every day — even though we’re all degenerate perverts, we’re good people. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And now the morbid humor part of me wants to end by saying, “And since life slammed it up my ass this summer, be on the lookout for our next 3rd generation updates: the anal sex line!”







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Guys, I started this month off with a sale hoping to earn a little extra money for the Christmas present I’d decided to get the wife (she’s been a *very* good girl (and, appropriately enough, a very NAUGHTY GIRL TOO) this year for Santa!). Between that killer sale and the release of Horny Right Now this week, August has just topped the charts as our best month ever. More sales than any other month. More total products sold, and even more stunningly, more total $$ than any other month, including Christmas’ 2016’s record-breaking month.

The green line is same-period sales, year-prior. The little lines at the bottom are units sold, which is hard to measure in the same graph as $$.

Because I won this month, everyone wins. Right now, and through the end of August, take 33% off everything in the store (except those danged Customs!). Now you can get the entire Anal or Oral bundle for the price of just two individual files!

It’s just going to get better, men. The 3rd Gen Dreamslut is coming soon, and a host of new files that we are beginning testing of this weekend. I just wanted to end August by thanking all of you for helping make this the Best Month Ever.


(Also, apparently it’s #AnalAugust… so if you haven’t tried our Anal line…  maybe now’s a good time to start!

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Bigger, Better, Hornier than Ever: HORNY RIGHT NOW 3.0

Introducing the newest, best-ever version of Horny Right Now, our best-selling product designed to slowly change your wife into an insatiable sex-craving slut. Now even better with:

  • Improved high-pass filtering (No more awful noise on the silent file!)
  • Two layers of subliminal masking (Double the voices, double the inaudible wavelengths!)
  • Recorded with human women’s voices (Real emotion in the vocal tracks = POWERFUL)
  • Intense new YES track (Over and over, women moaning and saying the word YES)

That, plus all the features Horny Right Now is already known for:

Hundreds of affirmations telling her that she’s horny RIGHT NOW. She needs to fuck RIGHT NOW. She needs to masturbate RIGHT NOW. Her ass craves a cock in it RIGHT NOW. Her fingers are itching to dig themselves into her sopping wet pussy RIGHT NOW. The sounds of women having powerful orgasms in the background. Strong commands informing her that this is how she is, how she has always been, and how she’ll be from now on: a horny, submissive cum-slut. Between that and the overlaying “Yes” affirmations, her subconscious mind will be overwhelmed and overcome by a need to have sex with her husband, as often as she can get it.

We have had scores of great reviews for this in the past. The most recent one came late last month:

Dear SWT,
My wife and I have used hypnosis/training files before voice as well as subliminal..
Been a couple of years now .
So I purchased this one a while ago..didnt tell her..hehehe…been playing the silent on surround sound in the bedroom…She woke up yesterday telling me about a dream she had where she wanted and needed to get off, But couldn’t find the privacy in her dream to act on it…I noticed her touching herself as she told me this dream!!!
She told me she was hornier than she’s been in a long time..I barely got it inside her and she exploded in orgasm!!!
please send me a copy of this script..

Horny Right Now comes with silent, roaring ocean, crackling fire, and soothing rainstorm files, all available via MP3 upon purchase. The files are named “Happiness Right Now” for your privacy and convenience. Regularly $29.99, it’s on sale this weekend for just $24.99. Gentlemen… Start her engines.

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We are sacrificing profits to try and bring back the sun! From now until the sun comes back (probably an hour?), EVERYTHING on the site is 50% off! (Except custom files. Those things are moon-proof, and wizards).

I’m going to go hide in a cave with my wife and get some superior oral while I pray for the sun to return.




The sale gods have heard our prayers. The sun has returned, and prices are back to normal. Thank you for helping us save the earth!



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Let’s Make Her a Little More Curious, Shall We? SALE!

Are you ready to end the summer with a bang? Is it time to start training your wife with a new behavior or sexual desire? You can start this weekend, and make her curious about all sorts of things, because we’ve put every “Curious” product on sale through the end of Monday! Take 15% off Curious About Oral Sex, Bi-Curious, Curious Bimbo or any of our 15 different Curious training files, and enjoy seeing the changes that come.

Our Curious line is designed for women who have never tried — or possibly never even contemplated a particular sexual act before, either because of religious indoctrination, parental rules, or any of a variety of reasons. My wife had set anal as a definite NO when we got married. Three weeks into Curious About Anal and she was pressing her ass against my cock when we were going doggy style. Five weeks into it, she asked me to press my finger against her bud. Eight weeks in, we popped her anal cherry.

All it takes is time and exposure. These files expose her to the idea that something is all right to try. They remind her that in today’s society, it’s not taboo to have great sex with her husband any more. They tickle her mind over and over again with tantalizing thoughts, naughty fantasies, and constant encouragement to at least try something new. Nine times out of ten, once they try it, they’re going to like it.

If you’ve wanted her to do something new and exciting, but she’s just not into your ideas, here’s your chance to put those ideas where they can do the most good: deep inside her subconscious. And for this weekend only, do it for 15% off. What are you waiting for?!


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Too Hot? Hot Damn! Take 25% Off Everything, Man!

I just found what I want to get the wife for Christmas, and wow. I’m going to need some extra cash. So to help you help me help myself to some hot Christmas lovin’ in December, I’m going crazy and putting EVERYTHING on sale! (Well, except for the customs of course. Those are hard to make!)

The store has been updated, and everything in it will show a 25% reduction, which will carry through on your cart. Think of it as an endless “buy four get one free!” sale!


ALSO:  I have a new beta test opportunity coming up this weekend. If you want to be a part of it, send an email to and let me know. This product is designed for YOU. The MAN. If you have ED, **let me know** because this product is designed to try and help with that, and I will prioritize you guys in line for the beta. First 25 respondents get the silent file for FREE!

Happy Training, and happy August. Damn, I should have a summer stripper file that makes the wife want to jut around naked whenever she gets too warm…. hmmm………


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(Bimbo) Flash Sale!!

It’s raining platinum-haired, big-boobed, slutty bimbos here at Subliminal Wife Training, and I can’t possibly be the only man who loves having a brainless fucktoy going to town on his cock, so for this weekend only, the amazing Curious Bimbo is HALF PRICE!

This file has live actresses simulating sex, finding themselves falling into a mind trap as they “pretend” to become bimbos for their husbands… only to find that each time they do, it becomes easier and easier… and they really like it and giggle… omg… they find themselves actually becoming bimbos… with desires to get bigger boobs, paint their nails candy red, dress in skin tight dresses, and suck every cock-shaped object they can find.

With enough listens…. watch what happens to the lady in your life. Now you can do it easier, because until Monday it’s only $12.49!

Check it out HERE: Curious Bimbo.