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The winning entry in our Father’s Day 2017 idea contest, Bare Down There is a file with a simple body modification change: the longer your wife listens to this, the more she’s going to want to shave her pussy and keep it smooth and hairless all the time. She’s going to find the idea of shaving erotic, she’ll recognize that sex is better without more of her bare flesh exposed, and even the act of shaving itself will take on sexual meaning as it will drive her to want to masturbate every time she shaves — and every time she masturbates she’ll want to keep shaved. It’s a perpetual loop of arousal and hairlessness guaranteed to pique your interest and spice up an already super-spicy love life.

Bare Down There is the first of our third-generation products. Mastered with new hardware and software, the silent version of this file is the quietest we’ve ever produced. It also comes with 3 sets of voices, instead of two… it’s the first of its kind here at Subliminal Wife Training. Two tracks contain women in the role of “the wife.” This one plays affirmations like

My pussy feels so good when it is shaved.
I love having a hairless pussy.
I always keep my pussy smooth and hairless.
I feel sexy when I shave my pussy.
Having a hairless pussy makes me feel sexy.
I want to shave my pussy for my husband.
I want my husband to see my hairless pussy.

At the same time, another audio track has women moaning and saying the word “yes.” This has been proven incredibly powerful: it ties acceptance of her training deep inside her subconscious, and closely linked to her own libido. As she hears the moans and the word “yes” she will become aroused herself, and more accepting and compliant to receiving the ideas being fed to her unguarded mind.

In addition, another track has women speaking as the wife’s friends. A literal greek chorus in her head, reinforcing the ideas she’s being trained with as the acceptance and support of third parties around her. This track plays affirmations like

You will want your husband to fuck your shaved pussy.
You are going to love when your husband fucks your shaved pussy.
Having a shaved pussy is fantastic.
Shaving your pussy is the best.
You ought to shaving your pussy today.
Your shaved pussy is going to feel so soft.

Finally, a male track takes the part of your husband, and speaks in a firm, commanding voice. This is her instructor, her tutor, her master, and your wife’s subconscious will accept his commands without question, and in the process, associate the training with the man most likely to be this person in real life: you. She’s going to hear this track say things like

You have always wanted to shave your pussy.
Having a smooth pussy feels fantastic.
Your pussy feels so good when it is shaved.
You love having a hairless pussy.
You always keep your pussy smooth and hairless.
You sexy when You shave your pussy.
Having a hairless pussy makes you feel sexy.


When we mix these tracks together, the effect is amazing.  It sounds like this:

Bare Down There comes with four versions:  Silent, Ocean, Fire, and Rain. May all your tomorrows be smooth, hairless, and sexy as fuck.




3 reviews for Bare Down There – SHAVE

  1. FM (verified owner)

    Parenting can be the most challenging thing ever, as a parent I know the effects it has on my own wife and our sex life, and having her raised under a very strict religious parenting style I can tell you how badly this can impair a woman’s ability to feel liberated in her marriage. One of the more prickly issues was the rampant bush that forever adorned my wife’s pussy. Having been raised to believe that “any ‘landscaping’ was contrary to the grand design for marriage” this hedge had roots that went deep. 6 weeks of the shave file (played with a few others) and things are beginning to change, now granted I did start the snowball rolling inadvertently by suggesting (after several weeks of the file) that I really would appreciate it if she got a trim before a trip we were going on (thinking her hair), but her response was amazing. “Yeah, I was thinking of just shaving my pussy smooth, I’m sure we’d like that better anyway.” Thankfully for my jaw it didn’t hit the floor, only because of the fact it got hung up on my instant erection.
    Since then things have only escalated, with her reminding me to keep my beard trimmer charged so she could use it, adding things like “I never realized how easy this would be.” “Don’t you like it better?” and commenting during sex “I can feel everything!”

    Another amazing file, my only complaint is that this site has become my candy store, and I don’t know which one to order next.
    (Ever consider making a file to encourage squirting orgasms? “I’d buy that for a dollar!” – Bixby Snyder)

  2. Chuck

    To be honest, I don’t think I’ve played this file consistently enough yet to see any results, so I cannot really give a fair grade. I will say that in comparison to other files I’ve purchased (HRN 2.0 and 3.0 and Dreamslut) this is by far the most silent of them. You could play this on the highest volume on your iPhone and barely notice it unless you were very close to the speaker. This is a truly silent file. I will provide an update to this review if I see any developments.

  3. Louis (verified owner)

    My wife and I have been using hypno and subliminal training files for many years on and off some with her knowledge some without…All with her consent..I use an Android Phone lined in surround sound speakers… Silent files…volume way up til right before any noise is noticed (love the 3rd Gen. Files..very quiet)
    I ‘ve been running files one at a time on repeat 24/7 until I notice an affect…
    Bare Down There I ran for about 8 days before the wife asked me to help make her smooth..hehehe I was thrilled…I setup for the task..This was an erotic thrill for both..I tell you I watched her clit swell up and her puss started drooling before I even finished.The sex was outstanding and she even commented than she felt every little sensation magnified!…
    This was great..she had mentioned the experience to our daugher in-law (We live with her and our son)
    She told my wife she had gotten tired of her bush and wacked it off 2 days ago!!! and “Having it bare down there had her horny as hell she couldn’t wait to scrub her snatch on our son!!!” This told me the file works!!! The sound setup works!!! Everyone can be affected…(some sooner than others AND unintended…my lucky son)….Thanx SWT

    • Trainher (verified owner)

      Two for one! I should charge you double! :p

      Congrats and happy training!


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