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Once your wife enjoys giving head, the next logical step is start training her to initiate oral sex all the time — always thinking it’s her own idea. That’s the premise behind Initiate Oral Sex.




Once your wife enjoys giving head, the next logical step is start training her to initiate oral sex all the time — always thinking it’s her own idea. That’s the premise behind Initiate Oral Sex 3.0. This file is designed to continue building on the love of oral that we’ve established with Enjoy Oral Sex 3.0, and start establishing regular habits of wanting to give a blow job every morning, never go to bed without giving head, and always wanting to include oral sex as a regular part of every love-making session.

Initiate Oral Sex uses four female voices repeating their affirmations over and over on multiple tracks, while a male voice instructs the listener on how her attitudes and lifestyle is changing. In addition, your wife will be primed for more advanced training by being encouraged to always let you come in her mouth, and to enjoy the taste of your pre-cum. At the same time, multiple tracks of women having loud, orgasmic sex will keep your wife’s sex drive on high.

Some of the affirmations on this product include:

Yes. I always try to get my husband to come in my mouth.
Yes. I will give my husband a blow job tonight.
Yes. I dream all night of sucking my husband’s cock.
Yes. I initiate sex by sucking my husband’s cock.
Yes. I love the feel of my husband’s cock in my mouth.
Yes. I am daydreaming about sucking my husband’s cock.
Yes. I am getting horny fantasizing about my husband’s cock.
Yes. Everytime I wake up, I want to suck my husband’s cock.
Yes. I love the taste of pre come.

You can hear what that sounds like before we mask it subliminally right here:

The product comes in four “flavors:” Silent, Crackling Fire, Roaring Ocean, and Soothing Rainstorm. It has been named “Intro to Oration” for your privacy and convenience.


2 reviews for Initiate Oral Sex 3.0

  1. Mike

    My wife at one time was pretty good at oral sex. Of course even when it is bad it is good. She has lost interest over the years and the last time was about 8 or 9 months ago. When the new Oral Sex 3.0 came out, I immediately bought the bundle. While I played several of the oral sex subliminals during the night, I primarily played Initiate Oral Sex. I wanted to see if she would initiate it on her own without any prompting from me, hence the use of the Initiate subliminal. Also, I liked the unmasked sample at the product site. On the sixth day I was standing on a step ladder changing a light bulb and she comes to me, takes my pants down and proceeded to give me a small blow job. When I finished changing the light bulb she stopped and went to do other housework. About 3 hours later she came to me, took my hand and took me to the bedroom and proceeded to give me a proper blow job. She even swallowed. Afterwards she said she had been thinking of oral sex a lot lately. Thank you SWT.

  2. Guy

    This is not a review. I wanted to ask some questions but could not see your contact, so I am just posting here.

    I am planning to buy this “initiate oral sex .30.”
    1. My 2 year old daughter sleeps in the same room. Will this mp3 effect her? I plan on using the silent version.
    2. How long do I need to use this for permanent effect? I mean once I start seeing changes in her behaviour, should I stop playing it or continue to do?

    • Trainher

      I liked this question so much, I’m going to make it a blog post, just so others with these questions can see the answers.

      1. We have a 7-year-old and 1 year-old-daughter who spend time in the bedroom, too, and because of that, I took very specific cautions when I wrote these files. All of our products very specifically indicate that these are actions between a husband and a wife. Not a boyfriend, not a casual acquaintance, not every man she sees. Even things like Bicurious are geared toward “I like looking at sexy women *with my husband.*” A two-year old is going to have a real difficult time processing the signals she’s getting from these subliminals, because most of the key words in them are meaningless to her. But if she absorbs anything, it’s going to be that when she’s with her husband, she can perform these acts. In my mind, I don’t feel that’s wrong. If I could train my daughter to be a great wife for her husband, it would include that anyway, because I’d want her to service him just as thoroughly as my wife services me. So you have to use your own judgment there. Yes, it will probably affect her in some way. But is it wrong to allow her to form the opinion that “initiating blow jobs on her husband is good?” I don’t think so.

      2. It took your wife years to form the opinions and mindset she has now. It will take some time to change those attitudes. Once you see those changes, I would continue the training for at least another few weeks until it becomes habit. After that, you can just resume training anytime you see her progress start to lag — for my wife, if I realize I haven’t seen a particular action in a while that I’m craving, I’ll readd that file to her playlist and she usually resumes that activity within 2-3 days because she’s been so well trained. And her mind is always processing these things. I haven’t trained her with Dreamslut in months, but the other day she said, “Did you run Dreamslut on me last night? I had the hottest fucking dream and woke up soaking wet.” I smiled and said truthfully that I hadn’t… but that her training will always be deep in her, stirring that sexual kettle. “Well, you better fuck your slut then,” she said, ripping my pants off. “Because I’m horny as fuck!”

      Hope this answers your questions.


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