Beg to Come

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This file is focused on training your wife to beg for an orgasm during sex.

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This file is focused on training your wife to beg for an orgasm during sex. The longer she hears this file, the hornier she’s going to get. With every listening she will be hearing woman after woman begging, “please let me come,” while voices of women having amazing sex are crying out in the background. She will start associating the sound with her own passions, and soon enough, she’s going to start saying it to you when she gets close herself. It won’t be long before you always hear her beg to come when you’re teasing her, toying with her pussy, or flat-out fucking her.

Affirmations include increased sexual appetite, a desire to call herself a “horny little cumslut,” and a never ending need to be fucked by her husband.

This product comes with all four “flavors” — silent, ocean waves, rainstorm, and crackling fire. It is named “Begin To Care” so that no suspicions are raised.



2 reviews for Beg to Come

  1. HeartOfTexas (verified owner)

    Been playing the silent New HRN & Dream 2.0 at night for the last 3 weeks…
    Been playing silent Beg to Come each time we fucked the last 5 times. For 25 years my wife has been “Silent” during sex… Now she is starting to moan & pant while I bang her. Loud animal moans when she comes!
    And yes… 5 times in 3 weeks is an improvement 🙂 hoping to get her up to 2-4 times a week.

  2. Sappergeek8 (verified owner)

    This file worked very effectively for me. I’ve been playing the silent version in the background during sex and my wife came harder and more vocally than ever before…and we’ve been married over 32 years.

    I’ve begun playing other silent files in the background during the day for her and look forward with great anticipation to their results!

    • Trainher

      It only gets better from here.

      Happy training!


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