Do Our Subliminals Work? Take the Test!

Ready to see if our subliminal products work as well as I’ve been saying they work for the last two years? Here’s your chance!

What I have here is a fifteen minute *completely* vanilla, non-sexual, non-evil subliminal file. It is going to plant three words very deeply into your subconscious, and after you listen to this file for at least three hours, you’re going to take a three question test.

How well you do on that test will depend (obviously) on how well my subliminal programming infiltrated your mind.

So that’s the challenge:

  • Download and listen to this file continuously for at least three hours. Normally I would say it takes as much as three weeks before you’ll see definitive results, but I feel pretty confident with this one.

Download link:

  • Three hours! Just let it loop. Keep it at a comfortable level where you can hear the gentle rainstorm. Your subconscious should be picking up everything your conscious mind doesn’t.
  • Answer the following three questions. Don’t think too hard about the answers. Just the first thing that comes to mind.
    1. Name a drink you are suddenly craving right now.
    2. Name a fairy tale character.
    3. Name a store you haven’t shopped at in a while.
  • Now go to our results page to see how well this simple subliminal worked. For your safety and convenience, the full text of the subliminal is here too, so you can see we did you no harm.