Programming the Perfect Porn-Star Partner

Welcome to Subliminal Wife Training, where we help husbands subliminally program their wives to be the porn-star lovers they’ve always wanted. Our customers are men just like you, who want more from their sex lives, but love their spouse enough to not want to spend money on scams like Ashley Madison or risky encounters with hookers.

She told me she was hornier than she’s been in a long time..I barely got it inside her and she exploded in orgasm!!!

Using the power of ultra and subsonic subliminally encoded audio files, we help wives overcome hangups with giving head, or frigidity, or religious indoctrination against anal sex. We give husbands the tools they need to unleash the inner nymphomaniac he knows his wife could be — or maybe used to be earlier in their marriage.

This file worked very effectively for me. I’ve been playing the silent version in the background during sex and my wife came harder and more vocally than ever before…and we’ve been married over 32 years.

Society places all sorts of pressures on a woman as she grows up. Her parents tell her “do this, don’t do that.” The church tells her “This is evil.” Her friends say “Ew, no I wouldn’t do that!” (Even though many of them do!). Her teachers tell her men are misogynistic scum. For 20, 30, 40 years a woman’s going to hear all of this, and it’s probably going to sour her mind to the many pleasures that good, old-fashioned sex and fun she can experience with her husband.

 My wife would go down on me once in a blue moon for a special occasion but things are much different now. In the 3 or so weeks since I’ve been playing the silent subliminal I’ve noticed a very nice difference. especially in the past week and a half or so.

Our newest files have a combination of seven different voices — six women and one man — all repeating affirmations that are completely invisible to her conscious mind. But her subconscious can hear it, and having no idea where these words and phrases are coming from, she begins to accept that they must be her own thoughts and ideas. Within about 6 weeks (on average), we see wives responding wonderfully to their new training.

The other day the wife came into our room and softly pushed me to our beds. She lowered my pants. What followed was exquisite. Oral was a no at one time, but not anymore.

Initiate Oral Sex


If you’re married, don’t you want your wife — the woman you love and cherish and have invested so much of your time and energy toward — to be a horny little cumslut for your cock? What would you rather have: a dozen porn clips that you have to beat off to in the garage when she’s not home, or a wife waiting for you in bed with a vibrator helping her get ready for a great night of sex? It doesn’t have to be a fantasy. Whatever you want your wife to do with you between the sheets, we’ve probably already got a file for that. And more are coming all the time.

Been playing silent Beg to Come each time we fucked the last 5 times. For 25 years my wife has been “Silent” during sex… Now she is starting to moan & pant while I bang her. Loud animal moans when she comes!

Addicted to Hypnosis

I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and what I’ve learned, both by training my own wife and in helping thousands of men train theirs, is that this can work miracles. It just takes time, exposure, and a willingness to try. You don’t have to tell your wife if you don’t want to — but a lot of men do (my wife knows she’s being trained. She loves knowing I’ve helped broaden her sexual horizons. Hell, she helps me write our files now!). It’s up to you. Step inside, and let’s get her training underway.

When we are back in the car, she asks if we can skip breakfast and go home for a fuck – she doesn’t know why but she is really thinking a lot about my cock in her pussy this morning. She never uses those terms, but they are right out of this file.

She still thinks it was all her idea….

Touch and be Touched

My custom script is working great. She touches herself in her sleep. She lets me touch her any time I want. She has stopped wearing panties to bed. Only a shirt. Normally it would be sweat pants. And tonight I get a text thanking me being such a good man and partner. We rushed home after work for sex as she was thinking about me all day. That has never happened before.



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