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Isn’t your wife even curious about anal sex?  Has she never given in to your desire for a little back door action? That’s where Curious About Anal Sex comes in. With this subliminal wife training program, even the prudiest of women will give in to the urge to feel the raw animal pleasure that is anal.

Anal sex is a natural part of the lovemaking experience. Most men love it because the ass has much stronger muscles than the vagina, and so offers him an amazingly tight fit when fucking. For many women, anal sex is extraordinarily pleasurable too, because the walls of the g-spot are just on the other side of the rectal walls.

A lot of women, though, have been raised believing that anal sex is evil, unwholesome, or sinful. For a number of environmental reasons they won’t even consider having anal sex, let alone admit they might like it.  For whatever reason, your wife doesn’t like anal sex, and you’re not sure how to help her overcome this mental block.

That’s why you need Curious About Anal Sex. With the power of subliminal programming, we will bombard your wife’s subconscious with message after message of affirmation, teaching her a new lifestyle, and new concepts toward sex. With extended listening, your wife will find herself becoming more and more curious about anal sex, she’ll start thinking about pushing her butt against your cock, and she’ll become more and more open to trying it out. The messages she’s receiving will convince her that she might even like it!

The file is about 20 minutes long, includes the voices of four different women repeating the affirmations of sexual curiosity about anal sex, and a male voice, instructing your wife in how her attitudes and desires are changing. In addition, multiple tracks of women having wild, loud sex will subconsciously arouse your wife as she listens, and her body responds to the silent cues her conscious mind isn’t hearing.

You can hear a sample of what the file sounds like before we subliminally mask it here:


The file has been innocently named “Curious About Analytics,” and your purchase includes all four “flavors” — Silent subliminal, soothing ocean waves, crackling fire, and gentle rainstorm.

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