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When we introduced Dreamslut 2.0 as one of the cornerstones of our 2nd generation product line, we knew we had something special. Now, here comes Dreamslut 3.0, an even more powerful file, with better production quality (less noise), stronger arousal triggers, and more of everything that makes this a must-have for every wife trainer.



When we introduced Dreamslut 2.0 as one of the cornerstones of our 2nd generation product line, we knew we had something special. Now, here comes Dreamslut 3.0, an even more powerful file, with better production quality (less noise), stronger arousal triggers, and more of everything that makes this a must-have for every wife trainer. With this file, your wife will start having vivid, erotic dreams every night, starring you. She will be instructed to dream and feel everything happening to her as though it was happening in realty. Underlying erotic noises will spur her body’s arousal, and incessant affirmations to masturbate in her sleep will drive her to shed her clothes and either start fingering herself every night, or wake up every morning horny as fuck and desperate for your cock.

This morning she was hotter than I’ve seen in a long time and nearly jumped my bones.  – Deeperthings, October 24, 2016

There are three core instruction sets being programmed into your wife’s psyche with this file. First, she’s going to feel indescribably powerful urges to masturbate in her sleep, and if she doesn’t, she will wake up needing sex more and more. She’ll dream about sucking your cock, fucking you, fucking you with another girl in the room, being fucked by another man while she sucks your cock — it’s a never ending pornfest going on in her dreamscape, with constant hints and urges to snake her hand down and indulge in the feelings welling up within her increasingly wet pussy.

“Honey,” she said. “i had a weird dream last night. I was in the office dressed not appropriately. I then ripped you clothes off and had wild passionate sex. is there something wrong with me?” – George, November 24, 2016

On top of that, she will be instructed with a growing desire to sleep naked. She’ll start undressing in her sleep. You may find she wakes up with her panties around her knees at first, or off altogether, but the longer she listens, the more she’s going to want to sleep naked. Her dream coaches are going to convince her that the erotic, slutty dreams she’s having every night would be better if she was already unclothed.

 First she stopped wearing panties to bed altogether. This is new and welcomed. Next, she started sleeping on her back with her legs spread wide almost exclusively. Even if she rolls over on her stomach or side it only lasts a few minutes, then she is back on her back with her legs spread. Throughout the 18 years we have been married she has been a side sleeper EXCLUSIVELY never a back sleeper. The coolest thing is that she moans and sighs all night long as if we were having sex. – Mr. D, April 19, 2017

Finally, she’s going to start realizing that if she’s having sexy, slutty dreams every night, waking up with her hand in her snatch, wet and cock-thirsty, that maybe she is a slut. And she’s going to realize that she loves being one.

Affirmations in this file (read by four different women, while multiple other women have loud, orgasmic sex in the background) include:

Yes. My dreams are real.
Yes. What I feel in my dreams I feel in reality.
Yes. My hands are wandering over my body.
Yes. I can feel my husband slide his cock into my wet pussy in my dreams.
Yes. I love how my husband’s cock feels in my dreams.
Yes. My dreams excite me.
Yes. My dreams are always sexy.
Yes. It is so easy to orgasm in my dreams.
Yes. I am going to wake up horny.
Yes. I will wake up needing sex.
Yes. My wet, aching pussy needs to be fucked.
Yes. I love fucking my husband in my dreams.
Yes. My hands play with my pussy in my dreams.
Yes. I can masturbate in my sleep.
Yes. I will masturbate in my sleep tonight.
Yes. Tonight I will dream about having sex with my husband.
Yes. I will wake up needing sex.

We include a male voice giving the affirmations as instructions. In addition there are human woman affirming “yes” and moaning in arousal. There are other women experiencing loud orgasms in the background. These layers layers will subliminally assault your wife’s subconscious every night as she sleeps, and she will be helpless to distinguish all these voices from her own. It is only a matter of time before she accepts the commands and begins experiencing and reacting to them exactly as they’ve been given to her.

They sound like this (before subliminal masking):

Dreamslut has a sole purpose and that is to encourage a massive expansion of slutty feelings through constant nocturnal arousal. Signs that it is working include increased masturbation, ditching her nightclothes in her sleep, and her waking you up needing a fuck. It comes with Silent, Ocean, Rain, and Fire masking, and is titled “Best Sleep Ever” for your privacy and convenience.

9 reviews for Dreamslut 3.0 – Dreamiest, Sluttiest, Masturbatiest Ever

  1. Sam (verified owner)

    Bought Dreamslut 2.0 last month, and just upgraded to Dreamslut 3.0. I have been very impressed with the results so far. My wife is typically very prude when it comes to sexual contact, with infrequent sexual encounters. The first night with DSL2 my wife was affected – my wife woke up, pussy soaked, and we had amazing sex. Middle of the night sex is rare, so it was not likely coincidence. We had a roll in the hay a second time in the morning, which is even more rare. Using with DSL2 over the last month, and DSL3 for the first time last night, I have woken up many times – my wife panting, moaning, and her hand buried in her pussy under the covers, furiously rubbing. Been switching off with Bimbofication – she has been more flirty, and even wore some lingerie for sex, showing it off, which she never does either. Very excited to see what happens next!

  2. Sam (verified owner)

    Have to write in again. I think my wife is particularly susceptible to subliminal messaging. She came to bed at 4am and I woke to turn on the training files. I played version 3 of the Curious Oral, Enjoy Oral, Dreamslut (x3), and Horny Right Now, that left my wife moaning, touching herself a little, and progressively getting closer to me. It wasn’t enough for her to want to start making out though before I had to get up at 630. I took a shower, and when I came back, she was awake, and naked under the covers, and told me I’d better shut the door. She had also spent some time turning herself on – she was very wet. She doesn’t usually give blowjobs but she took me in her mouth a little and then was ready for sex but I asked her to suck me some more, and surprisingly she did, with enthusiasm and I almost exploded in her mouth. Then we had sex, and she was happy this morning.
    I will say that I use a simple Photive speaker connected to my phone with a cord (not bluetooth) that supports up to 20khz in sound, and I play the version 3 files at around 9 out of 10 volume (and the v2 files around a 6 or 7) – they are about 99% silent but we have some very light background noise with an air filter and rain sound machine. Highly recommend these files! Keep them coming SWT. Thanks!

  3. Mr. DL (verified owner)

    I have purchased several of these subliminals including Dreamslut 2.0. They all have met with some level of success not perfect but with persistence and patience deliver as advertised. But, DAMN!!! This one is over the top!!! I did not expect results like this!! Within two or three days, the wife was moaning so much at night I thought she was having nightmares HA! I have been checking the old dip stick and wow, she is so wet every night that there is no problem getting in all the way in on the first stroke! Not to be too graphic, but she is actually leaving wet spots in her sleep BIG ONES!! Not to mention that If I want some in the middle of the night I can just get it. ‘No questions asked’, she is revved up and ready to go. No, its too late, too early, I want to sleep stuff. This is life changing! Dream Slut 3.0 is a dream come true!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  4. Michael (verified owner)

    If you need proof silent subliminal files work, buy Dreamslut 3.0. These days my wife is super resistant to anything sexual other than plain vanilla intercourse. However, when dreamslut is playing during her REM sleep phase, she is twitching and moaning and on a few occasions I am pretty sure has orgasmed in her sleep. Morning sex used to be pretty rare with my wife, but now it is a regular occurence thanks to her sweet dreams!

  5. Mike (verified owner)

    Been playing Dreamslut 2.0 for about 6 weeks. I couldn’t tell much difference except my wife was more open to sex and also overall nicer to me. When 3.0 came out I thought I would try it and see if things got better. After about 2 weeks of 3.0 at about 2 in the morning, my wife took my hand and placed it on her clitoris and started rubbing it with my hand. It is a nice way to wake up. After I realized what was happening I also got into it and we had a great lovemaking session. The next morning she told me that she wasn’t sure she was even awake when it happened. It just felt so good. She felt it was almost like she was dreaming. We have been married for 20 years and that has never happened before. It can only be as a result of Dreamslut. I think 3.0 definitely helped the Dreamslut file and it seems to help all the files you have upgraded so far. Keep up the good work and good luck to you. You have made a difference in the world.

  6. Wally

    I’m writing about Dreamslut 2.0. This was my third file I have purchased, but I got IMMEDIATE results when I started this file. My wife started sleeping restlessly, which is something she NEVER does. As the nights continued, she started moving more and moaning in her sleep. I would catch her hands drifting to her breast and pussy as she touched herself. SHE WAS MASTURBATING IN HER SLEEP! I was convinced when she started letting out small gasps as she pleasured herself. She was quick to respond when I offered a “helping hand”!

  7. Chuck (verified owner)

    I’ve been playing Dreamslut 2.0 and 3.0 for a few months now and I’ve only seen small results with this file. She remembers her dreams more often now, but they haven’t been precisely “sexual” yet. She mentioned awhile back that she was having a lot of dreams where she was naked or topless at work. This got me excited but she found some of those dreams anxiety provoking, especially because she works with children so naked dreams at work wasn’t that exciting to her. I think I’ve noticed some subtle hand motions and other actions at night, but nothing as dramatic as some of the other reviews here. I am hopeful with more playing and a better sound system (I just bought a bluetooth speaker to connect to my phone overnight) I’ll get better results. I’m curious in general, how do you all utilize the file. What volume do you play it at? Do you use your phone or some other sound system?

  8. BB

    There is zero doubt this file works. First night she was moaning in her sleep and seemed to cycle through sex dreams all night. I could even see her “assume the position” just a few minutes into the subliminal. Her dreams must have been seriously kinky as she had her arms up like she was shackled to the bed post. She woke up in a fantastic mood, but she wouldn’t say exactly why other than that she had “some really nice dreams”. After 3 weeks of dreamslut 3.0, even after 4 days of not playing it, she was still moaning in her sleep and touching herself. I would definitely pay $20 to give myself sex dreams like that all night every night like she’s getting. I’m getting the raw end of the deal! haha

  9. FM

    For me this was the file that started it all off. I got this file and played it for my wife for about 8 weeks with no real changes and then one week everything just clicked. I happen to be coming to bed extra late (she goes to bed before I do which leaves me opportunity to leave the files playing) I came in to find her spread out across the bed, hands slick furiously buried between her legs moaning and writhing in what was obviously ecstasy. The next morning I find her wide awake in amazingly good spirits. I asked her how she slept and if she had any good dreams, she smirked at me a little and said “oh no nothing really,” since then this has almost become a running joke between us, she refuses to admit it and I refuse to come out and ask her point blank (to use the word repressed to describe her sexuality before SWT would be a vivid understatement). However that being said the results cannot be argued with. It extends well beyond her dreams and it’s started showing in her day-to-day life, I am frequently sexually accosted by her in the most delightful ways.

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