Advanced Oral Sex with Love of Exercise, Ocean Sounds

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Advanced Oral Sex with Love of Exercise, Ocean Sounds helps your wife transition from “Oral Sex on special occasions” to “Every day is oral sex day!” Bonus affirmations help encourage her to exercise more and stick with her fitness goals. Soothing ocean background masks the subliminals.



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Advanced Oral Sex with Love of Exercise, Ocean Sounds builds on the foundation started with Intro to Oral Sex. It is strongly recommended that you train your wife for at least three weeks with Intro first — if she has not already sucked your cock in the last three weeks, you need to “prime the pump” with the Intro file.

Advanced Oral sex changes a curiosity about oral sex into a love of sucking cock. She’s not just interested or intrigued, she’s going to really enjoy it. She’ll find she thinks about sucking your cock all the time. She may have dreams about sucking cock. She’ll wake up every morning feeling like she needs your cock in her mouth. She’ll be encouraged to experiment with tasting your cum,  and learning to love that too.

Affirmations include a love of sucking her husband’s cock. Loving the taste of his cock in her mouth. A growing appreciation of the taste of pre-cum and cum. Associating a cock in her mouth with sexual arousal. Dreaming and fantasizing about sucking cock. A desire to search the internet to learn about how to suck cock better.  My wife’s oral sex skills multiplied by 100 after I started playing this one.

Advanced Oral Sex includes our special CORE introduction, which conditions your wife to trust you more, become more aroused by you and throughout her day, and to initiate sex with you when she gets in the mood (which will be constantly moving toward “always”).

Added bonus: Affirmations on this file teach a love of exercise, a commitment to sticking to exercise plans, drive and determination to hit the gym regularly and achieve peak fitness expectations.


1 review for Advanced Oral Sex with Love of Exercise, Ocean Sounds

  1. The Dude

    I bought the 2 newest oral files on July 8th, and although I still had to initiate the “fun”, she said “we can either have a quickie or I can suck your dick in the shower!” That alone was results for me! So we continued fooling around in bed a bit and she started dripping, saying “that’s just from thinking about your dick in my mouth”. I’m not sure which of the 2 files it was, but definitely would recommend the all 3 combo.

    The Dude

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