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It’s difficult to tell when your wife comes sometimes, isn’t it? Research says that 80% of wives fake their orgasms. Come Harder will help your wife unleash her inner nymphomaniac. Her orgasms will become more powerful, more intense, more mind-blowing, and over time, increasingly addictive. Combined with our other products, she’ll find herself craving a good, hard come all the time.

This file’s entire intention is to focus your wife’s attention on how intense her orgasms can be. Whenever she’s masturbating, fucking you, or even dreaming about sex, she’s going to be thinking about just how powerful and overwhelming her orgasms are.

Affirmations in this file include:

Yes. I am becoming more orgasmic every day.
Yes. My body is learning to enjoy orgasms more and more.
Yes. I will have strong, intense orgasms every time I have sex.
Yes. Strong, powerful orgasms are the best.
Yes. My husband always makes me orgasm.
Yes. The orgasms my husband gives me are becoming more and more intense.
Yes. I am beginning to crave the orgasms my husband gives me.

Adding a strong male voice, and sex noises in the background, and it sounds like this (before subliminal masking):

As with all our products, you will receive MP3 downloads with Silent, Ocean, Rain, and Fire masks. The files are named “Be Stronger” for your privacy and convenience.



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