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We try to offer a lot of specialized training you and your wife can use to enhance your sexual enjoyment of each other, and help her become your perfect porn-star bedroom plaything. But sometimes there’s an itch you need scratching that I just haven’t thought of yet (or, more likely, haven’t had the time to write yet!). That’s where our Custom Sexual Behavior Subliminal Training comes to play. This is serious stuff.

Your wife is going to get a file with multiple women identifying themselves as HER. She’s going to get a file with a strong male voice (you could even use your own ACTUAL voice if you want!) that identifies itself as you. Together, all of these voices are going to bombard her mind with affirmations instructing her in specific acts, attitudes, and mindsets that YOU want her to learn. The effect is incredible.

It starts with Horny Right Now — every custom  is built onto this chassis. So you already have multiple tracks of women having loud, orgasmic sex. You already have multiple tracks of women expressing how hot, horny, and anxious to fuck you hitting her subconscious thousands of times an hour.

Next, YOU provide a script of up to 500 words that we will master into the subliminal. These will be the phrases and instructions she’s going to incorporate into her own mindset. She will associate what she is hearing as her own inner voice.

Next, give us a 100 word script that will be from YOU as her husband. Things like “Sharon loves having sex in the kitchen with Bob every morning” — or whatever your turn-on is.

Now… we normally use computer generated voices (four women, one man) for our subliminal files, and the standard custom sexual behavior is no different. Anyone who’s used any of our other files can testify to how effective that is. But, if you want, we can also record your scripts using actual live actresses, and let me tell you, the difference is outstanding. With every purchase you’ll get the Silent, Fire, Ocean, and Rain mixes,  but we’ll also give you the original unmasked version too, just so you can hear what she’s going to be hearing. Wow are the human voiced files erotic!

Also, if you want to replace the computer-generated male voice with a recording of your own, we can do that too. That will then *literally* put your voice in her head, and that’s pretty damned powerful too.

Please note: it takes at least a week to put a custom sexual behavior subliminal file together, and if you want human actresses in the file, another week to schedule/record them, too. So be patient. Good things come with time, and this is going to be so very, very good.


Additional information

Female Voices

Computer Generated, Human (+$100)

Male Voice

Computer Generated, Your own (+$25, please send us a 5-minute MP3 after ordering)

Background Music

Silent, Fire, Ocean, Rain (All included, free), Any commercial CD/Music (+$25) — we can add the subliminal to any of your favorite albums!


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