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Does your wife enjoy pain? Does she grind her ass into you, hoping you’ll spank it red and then fuck her hard? Do her hands roam over her nipples, twisting them to regain the crazy pleasure/pain that clamps or clothes pins give her? Does he get off on having you pull her hair, or drip hot candle wax on her naked body? Is she becoming a submissive painslut, ready to surrender her will to your dominance? She will, if you get Enjoy Pain.

Affirmations in this file are focused on being aroused by several specific types of sexual pain/pleasure as well an increasing connection between arousal and overstimulation. Heavy submissive tones aim her mind toward wanting to become your sex slave, and needing to submit to you in every way — especially sexually.

Some of the affirmations on this file include:

Yes. I am my husband’s submissive sex slave and I love getting spankings.
Yes. Pain is very pleasurable.
Yes. Pain arouses me.
Yes. I am getting aroused thinking about being slapped.
Yes. I want my husband to slap my ass.
Yes. I am so horny.
Yes. I am becoming a horny pain-slut.
Yes. Pain turns me on.
Yes. Hot candle wax is VERY arousing.
Yes. I love the sexual overstimulation of pleasure and pain combined.
Yes. I am submissive.
Yes. I will let my husband spank me.
Yes. I love surrendering control sexually.
Yes. A stiff brush feels amazing on my ass.

We use four different women’s voices repeating the affirmations over and over, as well as a dominant male voice instructing your wife in her new mindset. Then we add two “moan” tracks of women engaging in loud, orgasmic sex. This ties the lessons she is learning to her sexual impulses and arousal response. The more she listens, the more her body will tell her that she wants to be physically dominated, and that the sexual reward will be more than worth it.

Before masking, the file sounds like this:


Enjoy Pain comes with Silent, Fire, Ocean and Rain variations. The files are named “Enjoy Philosophy” for your privacy and convenience.


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