Intro to Hypnosis With Weight Loss

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If you want your wife to become interested in erotic hypnosis, start planting the seeds of trance and susceptibility deep in her mind before you start. Intro to Hypnosis will unlock the doors in her mind, and give her the desire to surrender her will to yours.

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Erotic hypnosis is the best, isn’t it? Slowly inducing your wife into trance, creating arousal, planting triggers, giving suggestions, and transforming her into whatever you can imagine. OMG, it’s amazi… what? You haven’t hypnotized your wife?

Well, my friend. This is the file for you.

Intro to Hypnosis with Weight Loss will start to tickle your wife’s interest in being hypnotized. Specifically, she’s going to start becoming curious about erotic hypnosis. Her imagination is going to start dwelling on being brought under, and reaching orgasm in trance. Curiosity will transform into desire. The longer she listens to the file, the more interested in being hypnotized she’ll become. At the same time, affirmations are telling her how easy it will be to slip into trance, how susceptible to hypnosis she is, how unable to resist her mind will be. She’s going to associate trance with arousal, and any hypnosis you perform on her will be a significantly sensual experience for her.  She will be so primed for hypnosis, even if it’s her first time, you may find she falls more deeply than any other subject you’ve tried it on before.

This file comes with bonus weight loss affirmations. Lose weight while she loses her willpower. It’s a beautiful thing.



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1 review for Intro to Hypnosis With Weight Loss

  1. great idea

    i tried to purchase this and it would not process. is there another way i can purchase it? or is their a new version coming out soon?

    • Trainher (verified owner)

      We are completely revamping the site in the next few weeks. Let us finish that, and then try again, it should work!

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