Intro to Masturbation With Love of Exercise, River Rock Sounds


Intro to Masturbation with Love of Exercise, Ocean Sounds helps bring a woman unaccustomed to loving herself to the point where she appreciates how sexy and beautiful her baby is, how good it feels touching herself, and a desire to bring herself to orgasm. It also includes bonus affirmations to stick to fitness goals, go to the gym regularly. and love exercising. Everything is subliminally masked behind soothing river rock sounds.


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I love watching women masturbate. It’s one of my favorite topics in that bookmarks folder on my computer named “Tasteful Art.” Imagine my delight, then, when I realized I had the power to help my wife become a compulsive masturbator? The file I started her with was this one.  Intro to Masturbation With Love of Exercise, Ocean Sounds helps bring a woman who has never masturbated — or maybe not masturbated since high school/college — to a place where she’s comfortable touching herself, and intrigued/aroused enough to start doing it.

Affirmations for this file include learning to appreciate and love her body; to luxuriate in the feel of her hands crossing her body; an understanding that masturbation is normal, natural and healthy; and an increasing sense of arousal when she thinks about masturbating. The file includes arousal sounds and triggers, with the constant encouragement to touch herself and enjoy a self-driven orgasm.

In addition, this file includes bonus affirmations that help create a love of exercise. While your wife is learning to love her body, she’s going to learn to love keeping it fit, getting it toned, and appreciating the sexiness of creating a more healthy, attractive figure.  Everything is masked underneath soothing river rock sounds.

For best results, play this file every night for three weeks. Unlike many of our other products, it can be difficult to determine if this file has been successful, because even if she starts masturbating, she may not tell you that she’s doing it. The next file in this series, Advanced Masturbation, brings her to a place where she will start masturbating nearly daily, and encourages her to let you know when she’s doing it.




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