Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss 2.0


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“I had never had oral sex with my wife in the six years we were married. Last night, she blew my mind — and a whole lot more!”  — MS

Oral Sex!

Oral sex is a natural part of the lovemaking experience. Most men love it because of the variety of sensations a woman can creatively apply to her lover’s body with a combination of her mouth, hands, and upper body, not to mention the wonderful lubricating effects of a warm, wet tongue.

Some women, however, are uncomfortable with the idea. Perhaps they were raised in a very restrictive culture, or they had a bad experience with a poor lover earlier in their adulthood. For whatever reason, your wife doesn’t like oral sex, and you’re not sure how to help her overcome this mental block.

That’s where the Intro to Oral Sex set of affirmations come in. This file warms a woman to the idea of oral sex. It encourages her to think about it, how natural it is, how much she can please you with it, and even to start fantasizing about taking you in her mouth. In time, she’ll come to appreciate the erotic thrill of making her husband blow his load orally — and you will too!

As an additional bonus, special affirmations have been added to this file that encourage you and your wife to pay attention to what you eat. While she’s acquiring a taste for cock, you both will be acquiring a love for exercising: staying fit, committing to your workouts, and meeting your training goals. I dropped two pant-sizes hitting the gym while my wife was learning to love my cock!

How to use this trainer:

Because some women have spent their entire lives thinking that oral sex is wrong, it can take several weeks before you’ll start seeing changes in her mental outlook. One of our customers saw results in five days, but the average is three weeks. Our recommendation is the standard Nightly Listen: place a MP3 player or computer with speakers on your bedside tables, and play the file at a volume where the river rock sounds are not distracting.

We always recommend ethical usage of the file: Let your wife know what the file is for: that it will help with her oral sex hangups, and it will help her lose weight. Then just play the file on loop for the entire evening, every night. Within a few weeks, she will start teasingly reference a desire to suck your cock. Shortly after that, she will initiate oral sex with you.

That’s an important process: Always let her initiate. Her mind is being changed to accept and enjoy giving head. Always let her start the act, because that reinforces the new belief that this is her idea.

This is a 2nd Generation subliminal file. It utilizes subsonic, ultrasonic, and multiple voices. One purchase gets you four different versions: silent, ocean waves, gentle river, and rain storm.


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