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When SubliminalWifeTraining.com started, our first generation of files were combos of vanilla affirmations mixed in the file with sexual behavior modification files. We found that mixing the wide variety of the two sets of files led to very difficult file management and catalog maintenance issues. So now we have files that are very specifically targeted toward modifying your wife’s sexual appetites and mindset, and a second set of files that have very “vanilla” purposes. Their primary goal is to help her achieve a specific, normal, non-sexual task (like in this file: Lose Weight Now). But this file goes one step further, and is a true bridge between our old files and the new ones we sell today.

Lose Weight Now focuses on giving your wife 1000 affirmations an hour encouraging her to eat right, stick to small portions, avoid snacking, control her appetite, and all the other things her subconscious needs help with for managing a successful diet. In addition, though, she will also be hearing hundreds of affirmations assuring her that she is horny as fuck, slowly changing into a submissive cum-slut, and increasingly addicted to sex with her husband: YOU.

The more weight she loses, the more she’ll come to accept all the training within the file. She’ll realize she’s losing the pounds so she can be sexier, sluttier, and have even more fantastic sex with you, and then when you add our regular series of sexual behavior files, her mind and body will be primed to accept all her new training even more eagerly.

Affirmations in Lose Weight Now include:

Yes. I enjoy eating healthy food.
Yes. I eat a healthy diet.
Yes. I have an extremely high metabolism now.
Yes. Getting slim fast is easy.
Yes. People love my slimmer body.
Yes. I love losing weight.
Yes. I love my slim body.
Yes. I am a hotty.
Yes. I do not need to count calories.
Yes. I take care of my body.
Yes. My body is awesome. I love my body. I get sexier every day.
Yes. I deserve lots of sex. I want sex every day. I have always enjoyed sex.
Yes. I am a highly sexual woman. I will embrace my sexuality.
Yes. I am filled with erotic energy. My pussy gets wet when I think about sex. I am constantly renewing my erotic energy with sex.

We use four different women’s voices repeating the affirmations over and over, from different directions around your wife. A male voice gives her strong commands, exhorting her to embrace what she’s hearing. Two more women have loud, passionate orgasms in the background. The effect is undeniable.

Before subliminal masking, the product sounds like this:

As with all of our Gen-2 products, Lose Weight Now comes with four subliminal masking flavors: Roaring Ocean, Crackling Fire, Silent Subliminal, and Soothing Rainstorm.


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