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We just had our 1000th order! Wow! When I first started programming my wife with these subliminals, I never thought I would have the kind of successes I’ve seen — and never in a million years did I think I’d be able to help out this many men with bringing out the porn-star sex goddesses they’ve always wanted their wives to be.

But sure enough, just this weekend we passed order number 1000! To thank you all and to celebrate this great milestone, we’re offering 15% off every order. Just use coupon code HAPPYHUSBAND at checkout, and we’ll take 15% off the entire cart.  Offer is valid through Friday, September 30.

Wait… you want an even bigger discount, for bigger orders? DONE! Try our new big-spender discount: Coupon BUNDLEBONUS will take a huge 25% off your entire order — as long as your order is $100 or more. All this as my thanks for your business.

Thank you all for your support, and for sharing your stories with me. It has been awesome hearing about how your wives are learning to love new behaviors, and how your sex lives and marriages are improving through the power of subliminal programming.

I can’t wait until we get to order 10,000!



  1. Hi! I am extremely happy for you and your businesss… I have purchased a few of your files now and have already seen quite a change (hasn’t been 3 weeks yet so i’m encouraged by this! 😀 ) My question is, before purchasing any new files etc, I would LOVE to know if there is any special way to play these files – what I mean is, do you simply play a file for 3 weeks overnight and then you can move onto the next or do you then loop in the next file etc etc… I have Intro to Mas, Advanced M & Drmslt (yes i’m abbreviating 😉 and paranoid 😛 ) – would love to know how best to proceed for maximum results THANKS again!!! 😀 Can’t wait to see what’s coming next !! 😀

    1. Intro to Mas is simple: you’ll know it’s time to move on when you catch her masturbating. That file takes a woman who’s never done it before, and gives her the curiosity and desire to try it. She may still be very shy about doing it in front of you, so you might have to just look for signs that she’s been doing it — extra time in the shower, having to change her underwear when she wakes up in the morning, things like that. Advanced Masturbation converts that curiosity you’ve piqued in her and turns it into true enjoyment. She’s going to start masturbating more frequently, and may start giving you hints that she’s doing it (my wife started texting me at work, telling me what a naughty girl she was being). Basically, the #1 thing you’re looking for in those two files are a beginning and an increase to her finger-fucking herself all the time.

      Dreamslut heavily encourages sexual dreams. So, I would do this: play intro and dreamslut in combination for at least three weeks — or the first time you get the evidence that she’s been pleasuring herself. Then slide Advanced Masturbation into the loop — and you can either keep playing Intro to M to help reinforce it, or pull it out of rotation. At that point, it’s done its job.

      You’ll know Advanced Masturbation and Dreamslut are working the first time you wake up in the middle of the night and find her fingerfucking the shit out of herself… pretend you’re still sleeping, and enjoy the show, or pretend to not notice what she was doing… if she’s still horny as fuck and too embarrassed to continue in front of you, it’s very likely you’re in for some great midnight sex!

  2. …oh and if you could let me know the affirmations for the two files (into and advanced mas) that would be AMAZING 😀 Love your work!

    1. If you want to take a look at what the affirmations of Intro to Masturbation look like, take a look at the sample affirmations for our new file Curious About Masturbation. This is the next-gen version of Intro to Masturbation, which is being moved to our “legacy” closet this week as the new masturbation line goes live.

      Some of them go like this:
      I love my body.
      My body is sexy.
      I love running my hands up and down my body.
      Feeling my body is sexy.
      I will feel my body now.
      My tits love to be touched.
      I am touching my tits.
      I will love touching my tits.
      My nipples get hard when I touch them.
      I love touching my nipples.
      I want to touch my nipples.
      My pussy is beautiful.
      My pussy feels good when I touch it.
      Touching my pussy is natural.
      Touching my pussy feels right.
      I will touch my pussy.
      I am going to touch my pussy.
      I am touching my pussy.
      I love my pussy.
      It feels so good to touch my body.
      I want to masturbate.
      Masturbating feels good.
      Masturbating is normal.
      Everyone masturbates.
      I’m going to masturbate right now.
      I deserve to feel pleasure.
      I deserve to masturbate.
      I am going to love masturbating.

  3. Wow! Thanks so much!!! Can’t thank you enough for being so responsive and giving me your advice 😀 It is truly valued 😀 I’m thrilled that you’re updating your line to be even more powerful. You have a lifelong customer in me! Thanks again and I wish you nothing but success in reaching that 10,000! 😀

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