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Give Her All She Can Take With Our New File: Swallow

Swallow. The name of the file says it all. For many men, the ultimate climax moment in a blow job is when his wife eagerly takes his load in her mouth and swallows every drop. But for most men, that seems to be just a porn fantasy, and when he does get oral, he finishes with a blast across his wife’s tits, maybe on her face, and when he does cum in her mouth, she spits instead of swallows.

That changes today.

Swallow is a perfect add-on to any oral sex training regimen. With constant affirmations teaching your wife that cum is delicious, all good wives love the taste of cum, and encouraging her body to discover arousal from the swallowing of your load, this file will make every oral sex encounter more exciting and significantly more fulfilling.

Affirmations are spoken by four different female voices, and a fifth male voice acts as a coach and surrogate for the husband. She’ll start understanding that her husband wants her to do this, and that any slutty feelings she acquires are in fact good, desirable, and how she should feel.

Affirmations include:

Yes. I am beginning to crave the taste of my husband’s come.
Yes. Swallowing come makes me horny.
Yes. Dirty sluts swallow come.
Yes. I love being my husband’s dirty slut.
Yes. I want to swallow my husband’s come all the time.
Yes. I will suck my husband’s cock right now.
Yes. I am becoming aroused thinking about my husband’s delicious, creamy come.

Mixed with sounds of women in heat, aroused and cumming themselves, it sounds like this (before subliminal masking):

Like all of our products, Swallow comes in silent, ocean, fire, and rain mixes. The files are named Serenity for your privacy and convenience. It runs for $19.99 and you can get it right here.

2 thoughts on “Give Her All She Can Take With Our New File: Swallow

  1. Hey SWT,

    I just bought two of your products (Dreamslut 2.0 and HRN). I’ve got a couple of quick questions:

    1) How loud should they be? I’ve been playing (using silent only) through my iPhone and I cannot turn it up higher than around 3 or 4 before the clicking becomes noticeable. Is this loud enough to work if I play it overnight? If we are watching TV or listening to music, is this high enough to work or should I turn it up more?

    2) I probably should’ve asked this before purchasing, but will these work with someone who I am not married to? We have been in a relationship together for many years (and will get married someday soon) but we aren’t married yet. Will this have an adverse effect on the results?

    3) I really like the idea of swallow, but do any of your products give suggestions to get cummed on (face or boobs)? Do any encourage her to get on her knees when giving a BJ? And do any encourage her to shave her pussy? I would really like products that did any or all of those.

    Thanks for your work. The first morning after playing Dreamslut my partner woke me up by playing with my junk. I hope to have more results in the future!

    1. Bobby, all silent files should be played at the same volume as you would regular music. Playing through a cellphone speaker will not be ideal because many of them just don’t have speakers that play the supersonic frequencies well.

      All of our files are geared toward wife and husband play. They will certainly still work on any woman, but if she is not considering you her husband or future husband, she may manifest these changes with you.

      Our 3rd generation files remove the annoying hisses and pops the 2nd generation silent files had.

      We do have a product called Bare Down There which is a specific directive to shave. Look in the body modifications category in the catalog. As far as the other ideas… Not yet, but someday!


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