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What a day. Can’t wait for tonight though…

Because Dreamslut is now a 3rd Generation file!

Dreamslut 3.0 takes everything we did right in Dreamslut 2.0 and adds to it: better sound quality (even quieter and noise-free than before), more women — including four new human voices. An all-new “yes and moan” track statistically proven to be more powerful than affirmations alone. Supersonic and Subsonic subliminal frequency ranges. If you’re looking for a file that will edge your wife all night long, you’re looking for Dreamslut.

This file, along with Horny Right Now are our two best-selling files, and for good reason: they work. Men who train their wife with this file  see increased nocturnal masturbation, moaning in her sleep, she’ll start sleeping naked, and wake up needing a good fuck from you (in my wife’s case, she doesn’t wait. She’ll wake up at 3:00 in the morning with her hand buried in her pussy, realize I’ve been training her with Dreamslut, and wake me up too for a good fucking).

Because we’ve got everything 33% off for the rest of the month due to phenomenal sales, Dreamslut is only like $16.00 or something, instead of the usual $24.99. You can get it right here: Dreamslut 3.0.


In other news: we’re recording three new beta files for our testing cadre. Those files will go out tomorrow. I’ve got three customs I’m working on, and the rest of our product line is going to get the 3rd generation upgrade. Plus much, much more. God damn I’m exhausted. I hope she lets me sleep a little before she attacks me tonight!