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Contests are Closed… Winners to be Announced on Friday

We have selected a random winner for the Win a Fleshlight contest. We had a LOT of orders, and the vast majority of you ordered three or more products, so a lot of possible entries. I’ve notified the winner, and am hoping to hear back from him before Friday, so we can report his selected toy in the victory report on Friday.

For the Best Review Ever contest, we had a fantastic turnout. I decided to include the slew of reviews that came in today too, which brought up the total number of reviews during the contest period to 24. Now my wife and I are going to go through them all and decide which ones we think are the best, in one of three categories:

  • The Best Review Ever
  • The Most Inspirational Review
  • The Most Revealing/Intimate Review

I think I already have a front-runner for one of those, but some of these reviews are so good, they make me hard just reading them. Honestly, it’s a massive turn-on for me to realize that my work has been helping so many men achieve the sex and sexual relationship with their wives that we’ve always dreamed of.

Stay tuned. I’m releasing more 3rd gen updates and Raw Audio files this week, and then we’re off to surgery on Friday. We’ll let everyone know who won the contests before I get knocked out!

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Also… did you know that Fleshlight is having a Halloween sale? Buy like, $125 worth of stuff, get a free extra skin for your light. Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Contests are Closed… Winners to be Announced on Friday

  1. Good luck tomorrow! You have a designated updater that can post and let us know how it went?

    1. Mrs. SWT will post an update for everyone, since I probably won’t be able to.

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