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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Wow. I didn’t think that title would bring a lot of feels with it, but with the recent passing of Tom Petty, it hit a little harder than it might have.

My surgeon called yesterday and let me know that an emergency surgery had taken my slot in the schedule. My surgery has been pushed back 24 hours.


I respect a man who knows he can do one good surgery a day — I wouldn’t want to be under the knife if he had already exhausted himself with an earlier procedure. But it also means 24 hours of going through as many insane worst case scenarios as my brain can come up with (and as evidenced on this site, my brain has a vivid imagination!).

So, to reward my wallet for waiting 24 hours, I am rewarding your wives’ minds with 24% off our entire product line for the rest of the day (and up until 7:00 am tomorrow morning, CST).

I will have the contest winners announced tonight.


Happy training!