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New Product: Horny Right Now, With Inner Calm

I am surprised at how quickly my wife is responding. — EK


Maybe you don’t need your wife to do oral, or take anal, or she’s just never going to be into porn. Maybe all you want is to have a horny wildcat in the sack who’s always after your cock, and always wanting sex. That’s where the Horny Right Now with Inner Calm file works. The primary affirmations on the file encourage your wife’s libido to unleash itself in extreme ways. She’s going to be thinking about sex when she’s awake, dreaming about sex when she’s asleep, her pussy’s going to be wet all the time, and the only thing she’s going to know is that fucking you is the best remedy for her sex-crazed condition.

In addition, the special affirmations on top of this file work on helping her find peace, calm, and a zen-like relaxation — with a catch. The more peaceful and relaxed she gets, the more aroused she gets. The more aroused she gets, the more she needs calm and peace. And she will come to learn that the best way to relax and find peace is to orgasm!

This file, if used all the time, could turn your wife into a sex-crazed nymphomaniac, hungry for your cock 24/7. Be careful with how you use it.

Available in silent subliminal and ocean sounds. 

A week after playing the new ‘horny now with inner calm’ alongside the worships, we have had sex, where she was incredibly wet, 2 nights in a row, which has not happened in quite some time. — TheDude