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New Product: Intro to Bondage.


Is your wife a 50 Shades of Gray fan? Has she ever been fascinated with rope play, or being blindfolded in bed? Do you want her to? Intro to Bondage is a perfect addition to any Trainer looking to add some submissive tendencies and curiosity about being tied up to his wife’s repertoire. Affirmations will encourage her to seek out BDSM-related erotica (there’s TONS out there, not just 50 Shades!), to imagine herself in the heroine’s strapped and orgasm-denied position, and get her creative (and other) juices flowing as she fantasizes about bondage.

Intro to Bondage comes in River Rocks, Ocean Sounds, and Silent Subliminal. It regularly sells for $19.99 but is on sale for $9.99 until 9/27.