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(Bimbo) Flash Sale!!

It’s raining platinum-haired, big-boobed, slutty bimbos here at Subliminal Wife Training, and I can’t possibly be the only man who loves having a brainless fucktoy going to town on his cock, so for this weekend only, the amazing Curious Bimbo is HALF PRICE!

This file has live actresses simulating sex, finding themselves falling into a mind trap as they “pretend” to become bimbos for their husbands… only to find that each time they do, it becomes easier and easier… and they really like it and giggle… omg… they find themselves actually becoming bimbos… with desires to get bigger boobs, paint their nails candy red, dress in skin tight dresses, and suck every cock-shaped object they can find.

With enough listens…. watch what happens to the lady in your life. Now you can do it easier, because until Monday it’s only $12.49!

Check it out HERE: Curious Bimbo.

2 thoughts on “(Bimbo) Flash Sale!!

  1. I tried a variety of the programs with some gains and some failures my struggles seems to be I have to run them in silent mode and she works different shifts. Sometimes I think she goes to work so she can escape her spousal duties but the subliminals I think are reaching her. This has been long battle and I been working with her on the oral for some time even to get the point of the advanced program. Its true I did see results but its limited. The oral sex I wanted is from start to finish with verbiage pertaining too how much she enjoys it. But in her mind its a prelude to sex and not much after arousal she would stop and want virginal sex and I think I made it clear to her what I like. I will be moving forward with the swallow soon. I think the slow results has to do with her age of 56 maybe the hearing is not acute or the change is too difficult. In the future i like to see a file that wold stop her from asking me Questions and not to have this attitude that a husband is some one to do all their shit for them. Put in a awareness that they need to show him respect by not wasting my time with boring conversation or the need to control my life with her agenda. P.S. i contributed

    1. It took your wife 50+ years to build the mental barriers to great sex… it will take some time to break those down. Have faith, keep training, and don’t give up. Even small progress is progress, and you guys have the rest of your lives to see even more changes for the good.

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