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Updated Product: Enjoy Oral Sex 3.0

One of our most-requested, most appreciated files has now been updated with our 3rd generation recording techniques. Enjoy Oral Sex 3.0 is specifically for those wives out there who will give their husbands a blow job on their birthday, or special occasions, but they’re just not really into it.  This file changes her mood and attitude toward an act that she’ll do, but not enjoy. It teaches her that there is pleasure for her as well, and listened to over time, she’ll come to not only enjoy oral sex, but be an active, eager, energetic cocksucker.

Changes between this file and the 2nd generation include a much quieter “silent” mode, more real human voices affirming and instructing your wife, and two different subliminal layers just out of conscious hearing range.

Some of the affirmations in this file include:

Yes. Blow jobs are amazing.
Yes. Having my husband come on my face arouses me.
Yes. Sucking my husband’s hard cock makes me horny.
Yes. I am always thinking about sucking my husband’s cock.
Yes. I want to suck my husband’s cock more and more.
Yes. Sucking my husband’s cock is the best part of my day.
Yes. I love sucking my husband’s cock every day.
Yes. I will have oral sex tonight.

As with all of our gen-3 products, this file has multiple layers of voices; four different women repeating the affirmations, a male voice giving the affirmations as instructions that her mind will accept. Two tracks of women having loud, amazing sex will trigger your wife’s sexual response too, and the longer she listens, the hornier she’ll get. With all of her instructions being focused on sucking cock, it is just a natural, foregone conclusion that she’s going to end up giving head, and enjoying oral sex like a pro.

You can get the new and improved Enjoy Oral Sex 3.0 right here, for just $24.99: Enjoy Oral Sex 3.0

2 thoughts on “Updated Product: Enjoy Oral Sex 3.0

  1. got this file. Played silent file for last 7 days. but no response yet from my mrs. is there any trigger word to initiate oral action?

    1. The average response time for the wives our trainers train is 3-4 weeks. Sometimes it takes a little longer than that. Give it some time. She had her entire life to form the opinions she has, it may take more than a few days to change them.

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