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Updated Product: Enjoy Oral Sex 3.0

One of our most-requested, most appreciated files has now been updated with our 3rd generation recording techniques. Enjoy Oral Sex 3.0 is specifically for those wives out there who will give their husbands a blow job on their birthday, or special occasions, but they’re just not really into it.  This file changes her mood and attitude toward an act that she’ll do, but not enjoy. It teaches her that there is pleasure for her as well, and listened to over time, she’ll come to not only enjoy oral sex, but be an active, eager, energetic cocksucker.

Changes between this file and the 2nd generation include a much quieter “silent” mode, more real human voices affirming and instructing your wife, and two different subliminal layers just out of conscious hearing range.

Some of the affirmations in this file include:

Yes. Blow jobs are amazing.
Yes. Having my husband come on my face arouses me.
Yes. Sucking my husband’s hard cock makes me horny.
Yes. I am always thinking about sucking my husband’s cock.
Yes. I want to suck my husband’s cock more and more.
Yes. Sucking my husband’s cock is the best part of my day.
Yes. I love sucking my husband’s cock every day.
Yes. I will have oral sex tonight.

As with all of our gen-3 products, this file has multiple layers of voices; four different women repeating the affirmations, a male voice giving the affirmations as instructions that her mind will accept. Two tracks of women having loud, amazing sex will trigger your wife’s sexual response too, and the longer she listens, the hornier she’ll get. With all of her instructions being focused on sucking cock, it is just a natural, foregone conclusion that she’s going to end up giving head, and enjoying oral sex like a pro.

You can get the new and improved Enjoy Oral Sex 3.0 right here, for just $24.99: Enjoy Oral Sex 3.0

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Ring in the new year with your hot and horny wife!

Happy 2017 everyone! I hope ypu had mind-blowing sex this weekend to celebrate surviving 2016. I know I did!

We want to give every man the opportunity to come home to a wife desperately in need of his cock, a wife who wakes up every morning needing her pussy filled, a wife who craves the feel of her husband’s hard cock sliding into her mouth every day.

To help make that a reality we are having a New Year’s sale of our most successful, most popular products: Until my birthday (Jan 8), take $5 off of any of these files (or all of them!) Horny Right Now, Dreamslut, and Enjoy Oral Sex.

Horny Right Now works to raise your wife’s libido by forcing her mind to think about sex all the time. When she’s making breakfast, when she’s watching tv, when she’s working at her desk, as long as she’s listening to this file, her mind is being bombarded with affirmations about how much she wants to fuck you, how desperately she needs her cock in you, and how wet and horny thinking about all this sex is making her.

DreamSlut does the same thing, but is geared specifically for her sleep cycle. She’ll be dreaming about being fucked by you, dreaming about sucking your cock, she’ll start undressing in her sleep if she wears nightclothes to bed, and eventually will begin sleeping naked because her hands are going to be roaming all over her body — especially that wet, horny snatch every night. Expect her to wake up needing you deep in her sopping wet pussy a lot more with this one.

Enjoy Oral Sex will take your wife from a casual “only on your birthday” cocksucker into an enthusiastic and energetic nob-gobbler. Countless times every hour she’ll hear messages reminding her how much she loves having your cock in her mouth. She’ll remember how horny face-fucking you makes her, she’ll start thinking and drooling about sucking your cock all the time. Of all the files I ever wrote, this one made me the happiest, and it still does, because OMG.. sometimes you just need your wife’s head, mouth and lips wrapped around you, draining that ache away with delicious tongue and spit and hand and suction action, you know?!

For those of you following our personal exploits, know this: I have been training my wife on the Model Behavior line. Results are VERY promising! As soon as I have definitive success sign, I’ll (of course!) let everyone know!

Happy Training!



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Introducing Our New Oral Sex Line

If you take a look around our product catalog, you’ll see a whole new slew of categories in the menu. We are mastering/releasing 2-3 files a day for the next several weeks as we revamp our entire product line.  The first category in our new lineup is oral sex. So without further adieu: introducing the new oral sex line!

Check it out:

Here's our new Oral Sex Line

Curious About Oral Sex is the first in our new oral sex line. It is an introduction to the topic for women who have no interest in giving head, or who have never done it. It will get your wife thinking about it, wondering about it, and convincing herself that maybe sucking your cock isn’t such a bad thing. Curious About Oral Sex is available now for $19.99.

Enjoy Oral Sex increases that curiosity and takes a wife who might give blowjobs once or twice a year because you want it to truly enjoying it herself. As she listens to her training file, your wife will find herself thinking about sucking your cock more often. She’s going to realize that she gets sexual pleasure herself from pleasuring you with her mouth. She’ll want to include oral sex with your regular love-making more and more.  Enjoy Oral Sex retails for $19.99.

Initiate Oral Sex goes one step farther. This file takes her enjoyment of oral sex, and turns it into a regular habit. She’s going to want to start including blow jobs not only as part of your regular lovemaking, but she’s going to wake up wanting to suck your cock, she’s going to start wanting you to come in her mouth all the time, and she’ll be fantasizing about sucking you cock every time she masturbates. Initiate Oral Sex can be had for just $24.99.

Addicted to Oral Sex is the ultimate slut trainer. Your wife’s habit is going to be converted into a full-on addiction. She’ll dream every night about sucking your cock. She’ll wake up every morning craving the taste of your cock and come in her mouth. She’ll start acquiring a taste for your come, so if she hasn’t started swallowing every time she sucks you off, she will. The thought of sucking your cock will obsess her, and she will easily accept that this is the best, greatest addiction of all. All this can be yours for just $24.99

All of our new files have seven tracks playing at the same time, in addition to the masking “flavor.” Four of the tracks are different women repeating the affirmations for each file. The fifth track is a male voice, “instructing” your wife by telling her she will start doing the actions in the affirmations. The final two tracks are women having loud, satisfying sex. The combination of all these voices and sounds are extraordinarily powerful in infiltrating your wife’s mind and psyche, turning her attentions toward the topics you’ve specifically targeted for her to learn.

All of the old files in our Oral Sex Line are still available for sale, in the Legacy menu. They are all bargain priced at just $9.99.  The new oral sex line is going to be expanded by three more products soon, stay tuned for further updates!