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Bicurious Updated to 3rd Gen, Review Contest Continues

We updated the Bicurious product to 3rd gen, today. Curious About Threesomes will be updated tomorrow. These files are best used together if you’re looking to start adding partners to your sexual play with your wife. Bi-Curious gets her to start thinking about other women sexually, and give her honest feelings of arousal and lust when she looks at beautiful, naked women, which she’ll begin feeling compelled to do. It won’t turn her lesbian, though, just give her a healthy love of of the female body, and the faintest sense that she should share that love with you.

Bicurious 3.0 is regularly $24.99, but everything’s on sale this week, so you can get it for less if you want.

We’re having a contest!

The 2nd Annual Best Review Ever contest is in full swing, and we are seeing some amazing reviews. If you’ve ever trained your wife with any of our products, leave an honest review (I will cry at sub 5-star ratings, but accept them as opportunities to improve things). We’re giving out three prizes, each one a free copy of any one product. In addition, every review you write gets you a $5 gift certificate off your next purchase. Write five reviews, get $25 off!

Also, if you are in the current beta test cycle, especially group C, please get your test results to me so we can start compiling them. Hasn’t been too promising so far in that group, sadly. :/


Happy training!



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