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Get Your Wife Addicted to Sex Toys, and Win a Free Sex Toy! (Plus, Bundle Pricing!)

Hey Everyone! Huge news today!

First: the entire Sex Toy product line has been upgraded to our 3rd Gen recording methods. That means MORE human voices moaning and whispering “yes” to your wife’s psyche; quieter silent files hitting on more subliminal frequencies; and more interlaced affirmation tracks making every single file an order of magnitude more powerful than our last version. How do I know? Well, my wife used to be against watching porn (I’ve blogged about that here and elsewhere) and she was never really into using sex toys at all.

But now?



Whoops! She gave away our big news! We’re now authorized affiliates of Fleshlight. If you want sex toys for yourself or your wife, we can help you out with that. Which leads to BIG NEWS ITEM #2, a new contest!  WIN THE SEX TOY OF YOUR CHOICE WITH ANY PURCHASE THIS WEEKEND!

Wow! Ok, so let’s break everything down.

Sex Toy Bundle

First and foremost: You can get the entire set of our four sex-toy subliminal training products (Curious, Enjoy, Initiate and Addicted) for just $74.99 — which is $20 less than buying them separately. In fact, with the “help me pay for heart surgery” sale we’re having, the bundle is even cheaper than that right now, so go check it out! Sex Toy Bundle 3.0 is available now!

My Favorite Toy

It’s no secret I’m a HUGE fan of the Fleshlight and the funny part is… by itself, it’s just ok. But when my wife is milking my cock for all it’s worth with it, hot holy damn that feels amazing. Well, we’ve made a marketing deal with Fleshlight. Whenever I say good things about them (like now) they’ll send me a little bit of money if anyone listening ends up buying one. That’s win/win for everybody. And the best part? They sell toys for women too, so if your wife listens to the sex toy files and comes to you asking if you’ll get her one, you can click this link right her:

And I’ll get a little “thank you” cut in the mail. 🙂  I’ll put a link to their site somewhere over on the sidebar too, but probably not until after my surgery.

Contest: Win a Fleshlight!

And so then here’s the final item. Since the sex toy line is brand new, and since I’m now officially “selling” Fleshlights, I figured we could consummate this deal with a contest. From now until 11:59 pm, Sunday night, 10/15/2017, anyone who purchases anything on our site will be entered into a contest to win the sex toy of their choice on the Fleshlight site. You’ll get one entry per product you buy — and don’t worry, bundles are worth the total number of files in each one, so the Sex Toy Bundle will get you four entries, for instance. I’ll contact the winner Monday morning to find out his address and what toy he wants, then we’ll announce the winner on Thursday when we announce the winners of the Best Review Ever contest. That contest, by the way, is still going on, and ends Sunday night too. We’ll send out the $5 gift cards to everyone who submitted a review during the contest period on Monday, after the entry period ends.


So much busy, so many opportunities to win, and so many ways to train your wife. Let’s get to it.


Happy training,






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Bicurious Updated to 3rd Gen, Review Contest Continues

We updated the Bicurious product to 3rd gen, today. Curious About Threesomes will be updated tomorrow. These files are best used together if you’re looking to start adding partners to your sexual play with your wife. Bi-Curious gets her to start thinking about other women sexually, and give her honest feelings of arousal and lust when she looks at beautiful, naked women, which she’ll begin feeling compelled to do. It won’t turn her lesbian, though, just give her a healthy love of of the female body, and the faintest sense that she should share that love with you.

Bicurious 3.0 is regularly $24.99, but everything’s on sale this week, so you can get it for less if you want.

We’re having a contest!

The 2nd Annual Best Review Ever contest is in full swing, and we are seeing some amazing reviews. If you’ve ever trained your wife with any of our products, leave an honest review (I will cry at sub 5-star ratings, but accept them as opportunities to improve things). We’re giving out three prizes, each one a free copy of any one product. In addition, every review you write gets you a $5 gift certificate off your next purchase. Write five reviews, get $25 off!

Also, if you are in the current beta test cycle, especially group C, please get your test results to me so we can start compiling them. Hasn’t been too promising so far in that group, sadly. :/


Happy training!



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Call for Reviews: Cock Worship is now 3rd Gen!

In upgrading our product library to the new 3rd generation methodology, I realized that none of the cock worship files have a single review. This isn’t entirely uncommon: the vast majority of reviews we get are for Dreamslut or Horny Right Now. But it surprised me because this is a file set I created not because I wanted more handjobs from my wife (well, ok, yeah, I do!), but because she gives AMAZING hand jobs, and I wanted to make a product that would give other men what I have: a wife who will routinely pull out her favorite massage oil, strip me down, and then make an evening out of seeing how hard she can make me, how much precum she can force from my cock as I quiver uncontrollably from her constant attention to it, and how big of an explosion she can make when I finally blow my load all over her.

I also realized that we don’t have a bundle for the cock worship files. SO… to remedy both of these situations, we’ve created a new Cock Worship Bundle where you can get Curious About Cock Worship, Enjoy Cock Worship, and Addicted to Cock Worship at one very low price! You totally need to go check that out. Our 3rd Generation recordings give you subliminal affirmations at both the supersonic and the subsonic levels. There are real human women repeating “yes” and moaning over and over to heighten your wife’s subconscious acceptance of everything she’s listening too, and the silent files are now nearly entirely silent — no more pops or hisses!

On top of that, we are going to host our (annual now, since we did something like it last year)  “Best Review Ever!” contest.

Here’s how it works:  Write a review of a product you’ve trained your wife with (of course, you need to have actually have purchased whichever product you review). Enter as many times as you like, the sky’s the limit! You have until 10/15 to enter (because I’m headed into surgery at the end of the week and we need time for judging!) and then we’ll announce the winners on the morning of 10/19.


We’ll give away a coupon for 1 free product of your choice to the reviewer who writes

  1. The Best Review Ever
  2. The Most Inspirational Review
  3. The Most Revealing/Intimate Review

In addition, everyone who writes a review will get a coupon for $5 off their next purchase — one for every review they write. If you write 10 reviews, you can get the new Cock Worship Bundle for free! (Oh, and did I mention, I sure hope someone writes reviews for those products!)

And that actually brings up an important point: be honest. These files don’t always work as well as we’d like. Some women respond more strongly to subliminal programming than others do. Some women respond very positively to certain affirmations and very negatively toward others (my wife, as you know, completely absorbed Oral Sex and Masturbation training, but utterly rejected Porn training). It’s ok to leave a 1-star review. Just be honest in your evaluation, and that in and of itself will help us build a better product in the future, because I use all of this feedback when I’m crafting new files.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend everyone, and if you don’t have the Cock Worship Bundle yet, get it while it’s still on sale!


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Giving Thanks (with Contests!)

Wow. Just wow.

I want to take a minute to thank all of the visitors to this site. Many of you read my blog when I was just beginning this adventure of learning how to program my wife with subliminal training. Many of you saw as this site came to life, then started to prosper, then had the payment processing problems, and then last year I kinda dropped off the map for like… 8 months. :/

It has been a rocky ride, and most of that has been my fault, but you know what? You guys have been GREAT. I have a few regular customers who write on a regular basis and we share training stories and ideas. Some of my customers have left just… glowing reviews and those drive me every day to create new, better products for all of you.

This is November, the Thanksgiving month. And I am absolutely thankful for all of you, because without you, well… I’d still be happy as hell with a wife who meets my carnal needs in every way… but I’d feel a lot less fulfilled. You guys made October our BEST month ever, and I want to share the wealth.

So here is the November Thanksgiving feast: THREE CONTESTS!

Easiest Contest Ever: The Coupon Contest!

Congratulations, you win! Use coupon code WINNER10 to take $10 off any product in the catalog — even legacy products (which means, yes, you can have 1 free product if you want. You win!) Coupon is good all month, so if you already own all our files, just wait. More are coming.

Lucky Dog Contest!

Every single person who orders at least one product between now and Thanksgiving (11/24) will be entered in the contest. Winner gets a $100 gift certificate for anything in the store. I will post the winner’s name and how to get the certificate on Thanksgiving. One entry per product ordered, so this contest IS skewed toward my more frequent purchasers. #sorrynotsorry (they pay the bills!).

Best Review Contest!!

Because we’ve been remastering and re-releasing our entire product line, most of our reviews are now on legacy products, so here is HUGE contest: it’s worth REAL MONEY! Every single review left for products between now and the end of the month (11/30) will be entered to win a $100 AMAZON GIFT CARD or VISA GIFT CARD (Winner’s choice). Legal rules say I have to say “No purchase necessary to enter” — but obviously you need to have purchased a product to review it, so, hey, go use that $10 coupon and review one of the legacy products if you need to, you cheap bastards! :p

Anyway… Thank you guys so much.


Happy training!



PS: This was my favorite uploaded product image pic of the month. This encapsulates everything you’d ever want from a hypnotized slut, right?!?