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The Watch Porn Series is now 3rd Gen – and Bundle Priced!

It’s getting cold outside. Fall is here, and winter is coming. That means you’re going to want to start cuddling up with your wife and sit on the couch and watch a nice hot porno with her while she strokes your cock and whispers how hot those two lesbians look in your ear. And to help you achieve that dream scenario, we’ve updated all of our Watch Porn subliminal wife training files with our new 3rd generation mastering methods. To make it even better, we’ve bundled all three of them into a nice “Netflix and Chill” training package… if by “Netflix” you mean Xhamster, and if by “Chill” you mean “Fuck like rabbits.”

You can get all three individually, but the Watch Porn Bundle 3.0 will give you the three files listed for just $59.99 (even lower right now while everything’s on sale!). With the bundle you’ll get ALL of the files that come with:

Curious About Porn 3.0 – Curious About Porn has special affirmations designed to do three things: instruct your wife about the fact that watching porn is natural, it’s something everybody does, and that she’d probably enjoy it if she watched it.

Enjoy Watching Porn 3.0 – This file will take any casual viewer of porn and turn her into regular connoisseur.  She’ll wake up feeling like looking up porn, she’ll spend time on her phone, computer, and pretty much everywhere else either searching for x-rated videos, or fantasizing about how hot and horny she’s going to be when she finally gets a chance to pop one in to watch.

Addicted to Porn 3.0 – Addicted to Porn file takes a regular enjoyment of watching porn and transforms it into a more-than-daily habit that is impossible to break. With regular listening, your wife will start watching (or wanting desperately to watch when she can’t) porn every morning when she gets up, every lunch break, every evening, and every time she has sex with you.


There’s only one week left in the “Best Review Ever” contest. Come review some of the products, get a $5 off coupon for each review left, and the chance to win the product of your choice! All reviews need to be written by 10/15, so we can judge and announce winners on 10/19.





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Masturbation Series Updated to 3rd Gen

We have just finished updating all of the masturbation training files to the 3rd generation version. What this means, is that each file has both supersonic and subsonic subliminal messages embedded in them. Each file has four computer-generated women’s voices speaking their affirmations, while three real human women repeat “Yes” over and over, moaning each time they say it. Each file has several women orgasming hard in the background. They all have been cleansed during mastering to remove almost entirely any hissing or popping in their silent versions.

In short, these are the most powerful subliminal training files we’ve ever offered.  You can get each file individually if you want, but buying them in the bundle will save you about $20.

Curious About Masturbation 3/0 – Designed for women who have never masturbated at all. Raised in strict religious families, or other situations where touching themselves was just not taught or tolerated, these women see masturbating as a taboo they probably feel very uncomfortable breaching. We created Curious About Masturbation specifically for women who have never tried to self-pleasure, and are too frightened to even try.

Enjoy Masturbation 3.0 – A subliminal training file that will help take a woman who masturbates infrequently (for whatever reason) and help her find the joy in self-pleasure. She’ll start dreaming about fingering herself in her sleep, she’ll start thinking about touching herself whenever she’s in the shower. All day she’s going to be thinking about playing with herself, and when she does, she’s going to realize just how much she loves bringing herself to orgasm.

Addicted to Masturbation 3.0 – This file takes any woman who enjoys masturbating, and builds in her a compulsion. A drive. An irresistible urge to finger-fuck herself every time she can.

The Masturbation Bundle 3.0 is just $59.99 — but you can get it right now for even lower while everything’s on sale!


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Product Update: Intro to Anal Sex — Now with Boundless Energy!

Our popular Intro to Anal Sex Subliminal Wife Training series has been enhanced with a new bonus affirmation: boundless energy! The main portion of this file is the same: it instills in the wife a curiosity and desire to try anal sex. It arouses her to the point of asking you if you’d be willing to try it, and it encourages her to lock the pleasure she feels directly to the act of being fucked up the ass.

The Boundless energy affirmations convince both you and her that you are full of youthful energy. You’ll sleep more deeply, wake up refreshed, and have a more fulfilling day — especially once your love life becomes extra spicy!

The Intro to Anal Sex series comes in many varieties. You can find them all here.