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New Product: Intro to Hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis is the best, isn’t it? Slowly inducing your wife into trance, creating arousal, planting triggers, giving suggestions, and transforming her into whatever you can imagine. OMG, it’s amazi… what? You haven’t hypnotized your wife?

Well, my friend. This is the file for you.

Intro to Hypnosis with Weight Loss will start to tickle your wife’s interest in being hypnotized. Specifically, she’s going to start becoming curious about erotic hypnosis. Her imagination is going to start dwelling on being brought under, and reaching orgasm in trance. Curiosity will transform into desire. The longer she listens to the file, the more interested in being hypnotized she’ll become. At the same time, affirmations are telling her how easy it will be to slip into trance, how susceptible to hypnosis she is, how unable to resist her mind will be. She’s going to associate trance with arousal, and any hypnosis you perform on her will be a significantly sensual experience for her.  She will be so primed for hypnosis, even if it’s her first time, you may find she falls more deeply than any other subject you’ve tried it on before.

The script:

I am curious about erotic hypnosis.
It would be very easy to hypnotize me.
I am a good hypnotic subject.
I find it very easy to go into trance.
Falling into trance comes naturally to me.
I have always wanted to be hypnotized.
I am very susceptible to suggestion when hypnotized.
I get aroused when I think about hypnosis.
My pussy gets wet when I am being hypnotized.
Being hypnotized is wonderful.
The word “hypnosis” makes me feel very aroused.
Being hypnotized arouses me.
I want my husband to hypnotize me.
I am going to love being hypnotized.
Hypnosis is very erotic.
My body is open to intense sexual pleasure.
My mind is open to deep sexual pleasure.
I am thinking about erotic hypnosis more and more.
I will ask my husband to hypnotize me.
Hypnosis is real.
Hypnosis is powerful.
Erotic hypnosis makes me horny.
I think about being hypnotized when I mastubate.
When I masturbate, I fantasize about being hypnotized by my husband.
I want to be hypnotized by my husband.
I am 100 percent committed to enjoying erotic hypnosis.


Intro to Hypnosis with Weight Loss is regularly $19.99, on sale for $9.99 through 9/22. You can find it here:

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Product Update: Intro to Anal Sex — Now with Boundless Energy!

Our popular Intro to Anal Sex Subliminal Wife Training series has been enhanced with a new bonus affirmation: boundless energy! The main portion of this file is the same: it instills in the wife a curiosity and desire to try anal sex. It arouses her to the point of asking you if you’d be willing to try it, and it encourages her to lock the pleasure she feels directly to the act of being fucked up the ass.

The Boundless energy affirmations convince both you and her that you are full of youthful energy. You’ll sleep more deeply, wake up refreshed, and have a more fulfilling day — especially once your love life becomes extra spicy!

The Intro to Anal Sex series comes in many varieties. You can find them all here.


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New Product: Intro to Cock Worship with Love to Exercise

Intro to Cock Worship is dedicated to making your wife ridiculously addicted to your cock. Thinking about it, getting aroused by it, taking pleasure in seeing it get hard and totally in love with stroking it to completion. Affirmations include daydreaming about your cock, wanting to stroke it, loving to see it come.

Bonus affirmations for this file help her stay on target with any exercise plans she has — or make some if she doesn’t. The masks for this file are “Ocean Sounds,” “River Rocks,” and “Silent.”

Intro to Cock Worship regularly runs $19.99, but it is on sale for just $9.99 through July 20th.

Intro to Cock Worship with Love to Exercise, Ocean Sounds

Intro to Cock Worship with Love to Exercise, River Rocks


Intro to Cock Worship with Love to Exercise, Silent



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New Product: Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss, SIlent

By popular request: our Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss line has been recorded with no background sounds. It’s now just a silent subliminal. Don’t play it too loud: even if you can’t hear it, it’s there, and it can be very disruptive for people with sensitive hearing!

Like all the other files, Intro to Oral Sex with Weight Loss, Silent is $19.99. Check it out today!


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New Product: Intro to Masturbation With Love of Exercise, Ocean Sounds

Just released the file I started my wife with this week, Intro to Masturbation. This is a file for women who are not comfortable with masturbating at all. It helps a woman become more comfortable with her body, enjoy touching herself, and builds an intense connection between arousal and the need to masturbate to orgasm.

Affirmations for this file include learning to appreciate and love her body; to luxuriate in the feel of her hands crossing her body; an understanding that masturbation is normal, natural and healthy; and an increasing sense of arousal when she thinks about masturbating. The file includes arousal sounds and triggers, with the constant encouragement to touch herself and enjoy a self-driven orgasm.

In addition, this file includes the CORE Trust, Arousal and Initiation affirmations, and bonus affirmations that help create a love of exercise. While your wife is learning to love her body, she’s going to learn to love keeping it fit, getting it toned, and appreciating the sexiness of creating a more healthy, attractive figure.  Everything is masked underneath soothing ocean waves.

Intro to Masturbation with Love of Exercise, Ocean Sounds is $19.99, on sale for just $9.99 until 7/15/2015.