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New Product: Advanced Oral Sex With Love of Exercise, Ocean Sounds

The next step in your wife’s oral sex training is here. Advanced Oral Sex with Love of Exercise, Ocean Sounds builds on the foundation set by the Intro to Oral Sex series. This file is intended to be played after at least three weeks of Intro to Oral sex for best results, as it builds on the lessons learned in the first session

Affirmations in this file include

I love sucking cock.
I have always loved sucking cock.
I am thinking about sucking my husband’s cock right now.
I want my husband to come in my mouth.
Every day I want to suck cock more and more.
I am getting horny thinking about giving oral sex.
I love sliding my husband’s cock into my mouth.
I will suck my husband’s cock tonight.

In addition to the over 100 lines of oral sex training affirmations, the special CORE affirmations are in this file. These build trust, arousal and a desire to initiate sex with you in your wife. Also included are affirmations that encourage both the man and woman to love exercising, hit the gym regularly, stick to fitness programs, and work for a better physique.

Regularly $24.99, this file is on sale for the first week of release for only $12.49 until 7/14/2015. Get it today!