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Mind Games Have Never Been So Much Fun: Our New Hypnosis Line!

I’m a massive hypno-junkie and I bet a lot of you are too. That’s why I worked on this set of erotic hypnosis subliminal training files that have a dual purpose: To get both you and your wife more interested in trying hypnosis, more aroused by the idea of hypnosis, and more excited about hypnotizing each other more and more. Pick whether you want to be the dominant or the sub by the files you buy! So, here’s the lowdown on our new hypnosis line:


Curious About Hypnosis is the first in our new hypnosis line. It is an introduction to the topic for women who have no interest in hypnotizing or being hypnotized. It’s going to plant a seed in her, a curiosity about the topic she’ll swear came right out of her own brain and libido. Suddenly she’s going to find the whole concept of hypnosis as being… erotic. That’s the point where you can decide if you want to hypnotize her, or you want her to hypnotize you. Move on to one of the next two files. Curious About Hypnosis is available now for $19.99.

Enjoy Hypnosis increases that curiosity and turns your wife’s occasional flirtation with hypnosis into an enjoyable habit that she’s going to want to pursue on a regular basis. She will start to understand just how sexually powerful being hypnotized is, and will begin craving that on a deep, subconscious level.  With continued listens, she will start going into trance faster, deeper, and more wholly than ever before, and love every second of it. Enjoy Hypnosis retails for $19.99.

Initiate Hypnosis is for men who want their wives to take a more active, more dominant role in erotic hypnosis. With this file, she’s going to start think about how exciting it is to hypnotize you, how aroused she gets when she thinks about hypnotizing you, and she’ll start building the courage to get books on the subject so she can learn how to put you under. Initiate Hypnosis goes for $24.99

Addicted to Hypnosis is designed to help turn your wife into a hypnosis-addicted hypno-slut. She’s going to want to be hypnotized by you all the time. She’ll find herself dropping into trance faster and harder than ever before, getting instantly wet the moment you start to induce her. With extended play, this will permanently raise your wife’s desire and need to be hypnotized, truly addicting her to the mental rush of surrendering all control to you. All this can be yours for just $24.99

All of our new files have seven tracks playing at the same time, in addition to the masking “flavor.” Four of the tracks are different women repeating the affirmations for each file. The fifth track is a male voice, “instructing” your wife by telling her she will start doing the actions in the affirmations. The final two tracks are women having loud, satisfying sex. The combination of all these voices and sounds are extraordinarily powerful in infiltrating your wife’s mind and psyche, turning her attentions toward the topics you’ve specifically targeted for her to learn.