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Bigger, Better, Hornier than Ever: HORNY RIGHT NOW 3.0

Introducing the newest, best-ever version of Horny Right Now, our best-selling product designed to slowly change your wife into an insatiable sex-craving slut. Now even better with:

  • Improved high-pass filtering (No more awful noise on the silent file!)
  • Two layers of subliminal masking (Double the voices, double the inaudible wavelengths!)
  • Recorded with human women’s voices (Real emotion in the vocal tracks = POWERFUL)
  • Intense new YES track (Over and over, women moaning and saying the word YES)

That, plus all the features Horny Right Now is already known for:

Hundreds of affirmations telling her that she’s horny RIGHT NOW. She needs to fuck RIGHT NOW. She needs to masturbate RIGHT NOW. Her ass craves a cock in it RIGHT NOW. Her fingers are itching to dig themselves into her sopping wet pussy RIGHT NOW. The sounds of women having powerful orgasms in the background. Strong commands informing her that this is how she is, how she has always been, and how she’ll be from now on: a horny, submissive cum-slut. Between that and the overlaying “Yes” affirmations, her subconscious mind will be overwhelmed and overcome by a need to have sex with her husband, as often as she can get it.

We have had scores of great reviews for this in the past. The most recent one came late last month:

Dear SWT,
My wife and I have used hypnosis/training files before voice as well as subliminal..
Been a couple of years now .
So I purchased this one a while ago..didnt tell her..hehehe…been playing the silent on surround sound in the bedroom…She woke up yesterday telling me about a dream she had where she wanted and needed to get off, But couldn’t find the privacy in her dream to act on it…I noticed her touching herself as she told me this dream!!!
She told me she was hornier than she’s been in a long time..I barely got it inside her and she exploded in orgasm!!!
please send me a copy of this script..

Horny Right Now comes with silent, roaring ocean, crackling fire, and soothing rainstorm files, all available via MP3 upon purchase. The files are named “Happiness Right Now” for your privacy and convenience. Regularly $29.99, it’s on sale this weekend for just $24.99. Gentlemen… Start her engines.