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Our Most Powerful, Life-Changing Program EVER: Curious Bimbo

LOTS of you have asked about this one in the past, and it was high time we tackled it. Holy shit did we tackle it!

There is a certain appeal to a woman who is big-boobed, heavily make-upped, horny as fuck, and dumb as a rock. They call women like that bimbos, and for many men, marrying a bimbo is like trying to catch and ride a unicorn: even if they existed, it just doesn’t happen. Until today. Our new file, Curious Bimbo is the perfect intro into a bimbo lifestyle for your wife, and is the most technologically advanced, powerful product we have ever produced. This thing will knock her intellectualism on its ass and convince her that being sexy, giggly, air-headed, and horny is just… the best thing ever.

With Curious Bimbo, your wife is going to start thinking about dyeing her hair platinum blonde, painting her nails and lips candy red. Oh, she’s going to have a thing about candy. Specifically, thinking about your cock like a big, yummy lollipop. You’ll know it’s working because she’s going to say a word she has never said before in reference to your cock. You’ll know it when you hear it.


She’s going to start giggling more,  be hornier and sluttier than ever. She’ll actually start thinking about getting bigger boobs. She’s going to want to masturbate all the time. She’ll love the fact that she is a horny little slut for you, because she’s a bimbo, and bimbos love being fucked by their husbands!

Now, here’s the best part: it may very well be *impossible* to turn an intelligent woman into a bubble-brained bimbo permanently. So we don’t even try. We go completely around her mind’s defenses by telling her that she wants to PRETEND to be a bimbo to please you sexually. And while that’s running, while her mind is accepting all the things she’s going to pretend to like and role-play to the extreme with you, guess what?

Her mind is still accepting the thousands of affirmations pouring into it every hour.

Look, we didn’t even use computer-generated voices for the female voices on this one. No, we needed real life women giggling and moaning and being just… happy to be bimbos repeating their affirmations over and over, and then we layered it into a SIXTEEN TRACK program. There are so many affirmations and laughs and moans and sex and a strong male voice telling her to “Listen. Learn. Accept. Obey.” It’s mind-blowing how powerful this file is. Take a listen!

Curious Bimbo comes with our traditional Crackling Fire, Roaring Ocean, Silent Subliminal, and Soothing Rainstorm flavors. Every file is named “Curious About Biology” for your privacy and convenience.

AND, as a special bonus. If you want the UNMASKED version of Curious Bimbo (so you can hear all 16 of these tracks in their majestic, sexy-as-fuck glory), you can  have that too (for a nominal fee, of course. This shit doesn’t write/act/record itself!)

20 thoughts on “Our Most Powerful, Life-Changing Program EVER: Curious Bimbo

  1. How about a price option to have script customized to include a specific name? I.e. I dream of Bob, instead of the generic husband

  2. That is a great idea. Adding to list of “things to do.”



  3. Would you recommend starting with this one or starting with another track?

    1. It really depends on your goals. If your wife is already comfortable with being sexy and intimate with you, but you want to add the giggly sexy slut effect, then yeah. If she’s frigid, start with Horny Right Now. If she doesn’t perform specific acts that you want her to (anal, oral, etc.) then head there. I usually recommend starting with Horny Right Now and Dreamslut in combination. These have been proven over and over to set a wife’s sexual drive and appetite into overdrive. Once she starts accepting her newfound love of sex, its easier for her to wander into whatever new fetishes/attitudes your training files point her.

  4. Great to know!

    And, just curious, what do the silent subliminals sound like? White noise?

    1. Silent subliminals are supposed to be exactly that: Silent. If you play them too loudly, though, most speakers will translate their ultrasonic frequencies into annoying hisses and pops. If you play them at the same volume you would normally play background music, they should be effectively “invisible” to the causal listener.

  5. Does this actually dumb your wife down or just causes her to act dumb when she has sex? Also what does it have for breast subliminals. does it say she wants to get a boob job or just wants larger breasts?

    1. I think it’s impossible to actually dumb her down, so this file focuses on getting her to want to role play being ditzy… But you are what you practice, and the more she acts like a silly stupid slut, the more those mannerisms will become her natural habits.

      This particular file just revolve around wanting bigger boobs, but just in a general sense. We will be offering a file soon that is specifically centered on wanting to get a boob job.

  6. Hi how do I pay for and download wife training material I have two orders but can’t work out how to do it. Do you take credit card?

    1. Yeah… It’s weird. We use Amazon Checkout, but the site’s shopping cart only puts the Amazon button at the TOP of the checkout page… and then at the bottom says “Oh, there’s no checkout methods.”

      So look for the AMAZON button at the top of checkout, and you can pay there (and then get the download links).

      Amazon Checkout

  7. Great Work.

    Any possibility to order such subliminals in other langages?

    For wives who are not English-speaking but are willing to try, how could this be worked out?

    1. Unfortunately, currently we only offer the scripts in English. 🙁

  8. How about I send you a translated version and you do the rest?
    You’d be the first one on the web! A world full of trained wives and happier husbands!

  9. I can help with translation if that helps! And will pay for translated submiminals of course.

  10. As a test, I’ve started with “horny right now” and “dream slut 2.0”.
    My wife also doesn’t like painting her nails, so I’ve added the “lipstick and nails” subliminal as well to act as an obvious signal that progress is being made if/when she begins painting her nails.

  11. As a test, I’ve started with “horny right now” and “dream slut 2.0”.
    My wife also doesn’t like painting her nails, so I’ve added the “lipstick and nails” subliminal as well to act as an obvious signal that progress is being made if/when she begins painting her nails.

    All three are played nightly on a 4 hour loop.

  12. Hi I have look for the AMAZON button at the top of checkout. It was there yesterday but not today so are you in the process of fixing it???

    1. No,it’s still there. Good luck in your hunt!

      I just had a customer tell me he can’t download the files because they’re “too big.”

      For what? They’re only 30 mb each!



  13. What are the affirmations?

    1. John — thank you for point that out!

      I have just added some of the affirmations to the product description.

      They’re here too now:

      Yes. I can pretend to be a bimbo for my husband.
      Yes. My husband loves it if I giggle like a ditzy blonde all the time.
      Yes. Bimbos love having sex.
      Yes. I love having sex.
      Yes. I am becoming a bimbo!
      Yes. I am getting horny because I’m becoming a bimbo.
      Yes. Being a bimbo is sexy.
      Yes. I like sex!
      Yay! Sex!
      Yes. I totally want to masturbate right now.
      Yes. Bimbos want to masturbate all the time!
      Yes. Bimbos are silly little sluts.
      Yes. I love thinking about pretending to be a bimbo.
      Yes. I want to dye my hair platinum blonde like a bimbo.
      Yay! Bimbos!

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