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Never Underestimate the Power of Touch

Sorry for not releasing a ton of products this week. I also run a Donald Trump fan site, and business has been GOOD. Apparently that makes me an angry white guy with no college degree who hates women,  muslims, mexicans,  gays and Democrats. That is a lie.

I love women!

(All those other things are ok, too! :p )

Anyhoo… Tonight we are releasing our popular Touch and Be Touched product, now with our multi-voice, multi-track ultrasonics. Touch and Be Touched has a special purpose. Instead of directing your wife to take action on you, by sucking cock, or craving anal play, or wanting to masturbate, this file places her desires on your hands. Specifically, your hands on her body. Men who have wives who don’t like being touched, or who just don’t enjoy being fondled by their husbands will see marked changes as she starts wanting more and more intimacy and personal contact with you.

Affirmations like the following are littered throughout the file, which includes a desire to have breasts, stomach, ass, pussy and every erogenous zone on her body touched by her husband:

Yes. My body is beautiful.
Yes. I am a sexual woman.
Yes. I love my body.
Yes. I deserve pleasure.
Yes. I am starting to enjoy having my husband touch me.
Yes. I love it when my husband touches my pussy.
Yes. I want my husband to touch my pussy right now.
Yes. I enjoy waking up to my pussy being touched.
Yes. I love waking up with my pussy being touched.
Yes. I am easily aroused.
Yes. I am going to shave my pussy.

This is a perfect add-on to any of our other training programs, or can be used most effectively by itself on an all-night training regimen. With the new remastering, we now have four women’s voices repeating the affirmations over and over while two other women moan loudly and a male voice instructs your wife as to her new desires.

You can get Touch and Be Touched for just $19.99.


2 thoughts on “Never Underestimate the Power of Touch

  1. Hi!

    I just bought a few tracks and I had a few quick questions:

    1. What audio option do you find works best? Silent, ocean, rain,etc?

    2. How often and when do you usually play the tracks? What routine has shown you the best results?

    Thanks! K

    1. My wife likes the ocean sounds. Other men say their wives find the waves too raucous, and most of them like the rain.

      For my wife, I play the files on an iHome near the bed with speakers on both sides of the bed. That player goes all day every day, because she spends a lot of time in the bedroom during the day. The current mix I have going right now is HRN, Dreamslut, Addicted to Oral and a new one we are releasing soon: Bi-Curious.

      Based on my own results and the results of a lot of our customers, Horny Right Now and Dreamslut in combination will kickstart the fuck out of your wife’s libido. I think that makes those two the perfect place to start.

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