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Make it the MOST Wonderful (Subliminal Training) Time of the Year!

Based on a suggestion from a customer, we now have a Christmas-Themed Subliminal Training Bundle! Our two most popular files are available masked behind popular Christmas music. You can now ensure that every time your wife listens to the Twelve Days of Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, or Silver Bells, she’s also being bombarded with affirmations that will drive her insane with lust, put much naughtier things in her head than sugar plums, and keep the heat up in your house no matter how cold it gets outside.

Over 45 minutes of music — 16 different classic Christmas songs — masking the libido-maximizing Horny Right Now, and the sexual-dream-stimulator DreamSlut, this is one of our most ambitious products ever. We think it will end up being one of our most successful too. I know that at our house, the wife wants to play Christmas music all the time. Now I can ensure she gets her high-quality subliminal training… and it’s all happening by her own request!

The Christmas Bundle costs a little bit more than Horny Right Now and DreamSlut do by themselves, because we are reselling a full copy of an actual audio CD, and every time a customer purchases this product, we need to buy a fresh one for them: there is no musical piracy here. You’re buying an actual Holiday playlist… just… modified. 

Christmas Bundle: Horny Right Now & DreamSlut can be yours for $59.99. Hurry! It will leave the store on 1/1/2017!



2 thoughts on “Make it the MOST Wonderful (Subliminal Training) Time of the Year!

  1. Is this a download or a hard cd that is shipped

    1. It is 16 downloads, actually — my webhosting company wouldn’t let me upload the 100-meg zip file of all 16 combined, so I just uploaded them individually.

      The MP3s have no DRM, though, so you should be able to burn your own CD from them if you want.

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